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  1. After looking around online for a Japanese 3ds, the cheapest that I've found was on Amazon used, for 175$. And of the two games I found, Dragon Quest Monsters Terrys Wonderland is 37 used, and the other game 50. My question is for you residents of the site who are currently in Japan. Are the online stores charging more as these items must be imported to get? Or are the prices about the same for what you can purchase them for if you were directly in Japan? I don't have a 3ds and the games I've seen I don't mind purchasing, I can use a walkthrough if I don't understand something so I'm not bothered about the language part or not having quick access to a game when I want it. I'm just trying to figure out if before spending over 250 to play two games is worth it, or if I can find a cheaper purchase and sway me to buy the system and 2 games with much less hesitation. Thanks for any and all help concerning this matter.
  2. In Dragon Warrior monsters 2, my favorite creatures were the bosses as they were the most feared creature of their game. And like then, now I'd like to collect them in card form
  3. Its been years since I've been in Highschool and now I'm going to college classes for the first time in god knows how long come Monday. This will be intresting haha.
  4. You kidding me? its ALL about that scorpion haha Mortamor isent that difficult, simply kill off the left hand first so the other peices won't be revived.
  5. DQ, Mortal Kombat, AND a witch? I'm in love rofl lol welcome
  6. This so much, I just obtained 7 and saw 4 was coming, but never happened. ;_; soooo sad. iono I legit like everything dragon quest throws at me. Sure, there are parts were you go "crap, this is gonna suck" but I never detested any of them.
  7. I'll be perfectly honest, the only time I ever felt the need to grind in 3 was right before the Piramid. Other then that, you never needed to grind anywhere else in the game IMO. Even though I'm bias and have an undying love for III, I still respect your opinion, as its the other side of the spectrum. Though I loved 7 almost as much as 3, that really was a grindy game
  8. Whats the progress on the game looking like?
  9. I wish you the best of luck in this project, and look forward to its completion
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