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  1. I'll take one if anyone has an extra. Likewise if I get an email, I'll share them.
  2. That is such a cool little game! I'd be willing to make some sprites if you could get some closer pictures of the game pieces, board, and cards.
  3. I don't have a reel with just my work on it with me, but here is a link to the game running. All of the player character's movements you can see were done by me. http://youtu.be/EPj_c3bp73U?t=1m18s Unfortunately, I have no skill when it comes to modeling something in 3D. I can draw concepts of characters, rig them, and animate them, but I'm terrible at modeling, and sculpting.
  4. I'd be interested in this. I actually went to college for game design/animation, and my senior project was making a game where I did most of the animations for the player character, and all the animations for 2 of the enemies.
  5. I was on Starmen.net during what was essentially the Mother/EarthBound series “Dark Age†as well, and I honestly thing the only way they got as much attention as they did and didn’t get so catastrophically bummed out when they got little to no news was they got creative. They didn’t just send emails, and say “Where is Mother 3, or EarthBound on the VC?†at the end of every survey. They sent pictures, videos, songs, stories, and snail mail letters to everyone they possible could that was in a position of power at Nintendo. They made that compilation book of all the artwork people made, and all those signatures they got people to sign. They even made their own players guide for Mother 3. Did any of that wind up getting the games released here? No. Did people get upset, and think all hope was lost? Of course. But people were able to have fun with their passion for the games, various publications and sites took notice of what they were doing and wanted, and I’m sure at the very least it was a bit of a morale booster to see the creator of the series they loved posting a thank you picture with the compilation book they made after he got it. I don’t know, but maybe we could try doing something like Starmen.net did. Yes I know all the times different people said “Fan outcries like these have no effect on what games get localized, or released.†I just think it would be neat to have some fun with our request, and it would be a lot more impressive and show our passion more than a simpleâ€#BringOverDragonQuestVII&X.†Also, unlike how the situation was with EarthBound, the last Dragon Quest game to come here sold ok. And junk port or not they did just released DQ8 again, so they must think there is some kind of value in the series coming here.
  6. Ok, I must be getting old. It took me a bit longer than it should have to figure out what you were referencing... Thank you though!
  7. Ok, and what color theme do you want their clothes? Like blue for the hero, green for the archer, etc. Doing this helps me see what colors would match with the character's accessories.
  8. The charas don't hold any equipment on them (at least you don't see it, anyway) and as for designs on the clothes, the hero does have a crest. It's looks like a shield with 2 swords behind it in an x fashion. Kinda like this. http://www.featurepics.com/FI/Thumb300/20101022/Sword-Shield-1683836.jpg As for the priest, he has a similar looking crest to the one shown here http://www.allcraftsonline.com/images/39269.jpg The priest doesn't have a hood either Ok. Just let me know what you want done with the character's heads, and what color schemes you want them to have, and I'll get started on the sprites.
  9. Sorry for this taking so long, Semolous. I only have about an hour a day to work on this. Here are sketches of the over world sprites for the heroes and priest characters. For the heroes, I left their heads blank since I didn’t know what kind of hairstyles, or headgear you want them to have. I also need to know if there is anything you want in their hands, or if there are any designs or symbols you want on their costumes.(Like a crest on the hero’s chest plate.) If you can let me know that, any changes you want done to them, and any color themes you want them to have I can start to make the actual sprites. With the hero I figured he would set out in a suit of armor since with his experience as a battler he would leave as prepared as possible. With the ranger/archer since you said she was the daughter of the mayor and a skilled archer, she would dress in fashionable yet functional clothes. With the thief I went with a classic thief design with wraps to cover any of his exposed skin. I designed the clothing on the mage to have a sky/cloud theme. I also gave her a tattered looking cowl that would flow in the wind. I figured she’d wear something warm enough for cold high altitudes, yet nothing that would catch the wind like a parachute. The priest was designed around the priest sprite you showed me. I figured he would have his head covered, and would wear a traditional looking priest/monk robe. The hood design isn't final, I just threw it on so his head was covered. I left the front of his clothes blank incase if there was some evil symbol, or something you want to add. I also designed his face to have a calm/smug/threatening and confident look. Let me know if you have any comments, questions, concerns, or changes.
  10. Ok. The last thing that would help is if you have any back story on the characters. What are their homelands like? Any personality or physical quirks you know of? Are all the characters 16, or do any older or younger characters join? This goes for the villains too. Anything and everything is helpful. Also, nice work on the demo video! Were the monster battle sprites from one of the DS remakes? Do you know where those resources are located, Slime Master? I've never done anything with RPG Maker or any similar program before, so I'd be helpful to see how something is supposed to look.
  11. Ok. The way I make sprites is I draw them first, then import into paint and make the sprite itself. I'll send you a picture of the drawing for you to ok before I make the sprite. Sound good? And do you know the actual image size you need them to be?
  12. How do you want the overworld characters to look, and do you have pictures of the battle sprites from Ace RTP? Sorry about all the questions, I just want to know exactly what you're looking for.
  13. So what would you want a spriter to make?
  14. I haven't done much spriting in a while, but I'd be willing to give it a shot. When I get the chance, I'll throw a sample of something up here. You might want to consider getting a few spriters and sound guys together. Depending on the scale of your game, and whatever your personal preference is. Speaking of, could you share some more information about your game? Like NES vs. SNES graphics, locations, characters. I understand if the ideas are still rough and running through your head, but any and all info helps.
  15. Some fantastic stories and entries guys! Hope I'll be able to throw mine together before the deadline. I'm especially interested with your entry, King Zenith. I studied animation in college, so I'm really curious how you made those.
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