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  1. Been searching the ol google for these answers and haven't had luck Does the game have grottos (like 9 did)? Is the alchemy system like 9s or more like 8s? I was able to learn that there isn't a job system, I was kind of hoping that the game would be more like an incredibly beautiful improved version of 9 (9 was my favorite of the series so far), but it seems more akin to 8 (which was also very good). It's just that for me 9 had MASSIVE appeal with the whole leveling system, and delving into grottos trying to get better and better maps for better treasures/ingrediants to alchemi
  2. I love my 3ds XL, but this would make me love it a lot more
  3. cool is that something I can get only after beating the game or can I get it early on?
  4. I just started playing and have managed to synthesize some monsters I really like, but they have low skillsets atm. Is there a monster that can be scouted that is neutral and when synthesized creates the exact same type of monster as its partner? (allowing me to effectivley and continually upgrade said monster?)
  5. Dragon Quest IV (DS version), then VIII, V (DS), VI (DS) and IX at same time, and working on VII atm!
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