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  1. No new information on this game, in 4 years I take it...
  2. I did it at about level 5, with herbs in my inventory and bee-lined healie. You can actually complete this chapter without Healie, which makes a scene later in the game not make any sense, as the game asumes you will take him and doesn't plan around you ignoring him. XD
  3. I mentioned this in the Steam group but I'll just mention it here too. I don't mind footing the bill for the Minecraft server for around 3 months, The only condition I had was that I'd have to have at least 5 people (2 are already accounted for not including myself) who'll be active on the server. What happens after those 3 months? We'll discuss that once and if it happens. well I suppose the bandwidth is hard to float the bill for. i'd be active, but of cousre I wouldn't want the hard work to 'go away' after 3 months. Maybe if the server has to shut down after that, you could offer us to at least download the map and if possible, start it up again sometime ^_^
  4. Parry at the age of 8 would be outclassed. But maybe when he reached the age of 16, he might win. I have some Slime vs Goblin Locke vs Yangus Hero Vocation vs Paladin Class Aquarion vs Odin I actually think Locke and Odin may win there. Yangus is strong, but not at the level of Locke. And Aquarion has never been showed as a character in Dragon Quest Carver versus Yangus would be a more fair match-up. (Carver from DQ 6 which I think is the most forgettable DQ so giving a friendly reminder ^-^ ) How about Celes versus Female Heroine from DQ IV? (maybe Terra is a better match?) Gabo versus (either Lock or Gau). I think gau it's one-sided, Gabo isn't nearly as versatile, so that's why I suggest Locke instead. Umaro versus the Cyclopse (recruitable monster in FF 5) Rosa versus Cristo Rydia versus (both) sisters of moonbroke (nara and mara or their equivalent names). It would have to be versus both, because Rydia summons and uses black magic. General Leo Versus Ragnar (though I think Leo wins with his 4 attacks per turn default) If we do not allow reclic to be equipped, many fights might be close.
  5. For this monster recruit 'LP' it doesn't really matter what wife I chose. The latest episode is me obtaining the water ring. If anyone has any real arguments for a wife, let me know. I was just going to go with Bianca because she is the wife that doesn't require any thinking.
  6. Think we could still be 'on' for that Dragon Quest minecraft server? If so I'd love to see all of us (i.e. the guys on this forum) there, building iconic landmarks from all the DQ games.
  7. I hope you like it, I did a bit of comical editing to make it more enjoyable ^_^
  8. You guys might like this most recent upload ^-^ Oh you guys want two episodes per day instead of one? Just asking, as I could post one in the morning and one in the evening.
  9. I think because this would take more effort than merely photoshopping a different color aura around the same chest sprite.
  10. I don't know who those peeps are but if you do, pass the word along. Oh we should reserve skins for the server. Let me reserve Taloon (Dragon Warrior IV) skin. That's my passion, anyway, so it fits.
  11. And the high-quality 'paper' that goes into printing posters. and the ink... that ink is a rip off. it's a monopoly and yet we don't complain and make them lower the price.. what's wrong with america?
  12. hmm yeah we could build the towns at random distances and play it out like that. Of course in survival map you need resourcing ^_^ I've been known to set up server economies that are balanced and fair. I ran the "Minecraft Awesome SErver' economy for a few years. Well I borrowed the idea from the first economy and kept it alive, always tweaking it after every update. It got a lot of support and over time a lot of business. ^-^ and since I love that aspect of minecraft, I'd love to be a merchant in this server, helping people by selling my inventory. If you want to make a single mod for it, I would love a 'tavern coin' that I could create and use as currency. else we have to use a credit ssytem which isn't as complicated as you think it is. I could perhaps even get a few peeps from the old server to join, as they too loved to help run the store. Just a thought.
  13. No, we're referring to the areas where the metal babble (Sorry still use that name, just can't say 'metabble' it sounds too weird) can be recruited for "Morrie's Monsterous Pit!" xD Hmm maybe there 'were' only two locations? I know they are listed in the strategy guide map, but I don't have mine accessible to me, to verify.
  14. Make sure to note if the NM is a day or night monster. That matters in some cases. Also there are three spots where the metal babble exists so keep that in mind.
  15. That's YOUR video? I thought it was cool! Yeah that is my video. that Minecraft 001: Dragon Warrior/Quest IV video. It got a few thousand views, nothing major. But it is one of my most viewed videos. I could make far better minecraft towns now if I chose. Oh i was thinking we could know the size of the maps in minecraft blocks by doing the following. Play DQ3. Count how many outside steps it takes to pass a full 24 hour day. Then look up the average walking speed of a person, and calculate how far it is to walk one 'tile' of overworld map in DQ games. Sure that ratio might be different in IV, but IV or III will both work for this. Then we can know the distance of one tile, and convert it to meters (as minecraft blocks are 1m x 1m x 1m). Then we could make a creative map and build the overworld map of 3, 4, 5, etc. ^-^ Perhaps it's easiest to start with 1, as we know that map is 128 x 128. I'd join a server like that. Not sure about re-creating the hills and mountains - that would really be a $#!&@ unless we have mods that can terriform large areas. but the towns, forests, and porper dsitances between then could be created.
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