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  1. It might be pure nostalgia because 8 was my first DQ and one of my first games but I've always really loved the Black Citadel. It nailed everything for me, atmosphere, design, and music. It set a pretty good tone for me for what a villain's lair final dungeon should be. I remember loving a lot 6's dungeon's as well though, I just haven't played it in forever and forget most of them.
  2. I've lurked ever since DQ9's release, I joined in 2011 a bit before Joker 2's release and was super active for a few years but now I check in and out every few months when there's some new info.
  3. I'm going back to finish the 3DS version of DQ7 lately and I really can't tell if the slow pacing is my favorite or least favorite thing about the game

    1. Shun 'Kanamee

      Shun 'Kanamee

      Same thing, I love that feature, but staying at level 17 20 hours into the game feels tiring

  4. The party looks like they're doing a photo shoot for an album cover but everyone looks like they're each posing with a different genre in mind.
  5. I didn't really like Martina's design when I saw her in the trailer but finally getting a good look at it it's grown on me a lot, I hope she actually gets to use a naginata in-game. I figured this is the route they'd take with the combat system when the first screenshots were shown, the PS4 screens looked a little more action based. That really does kind of stump me, I'd like to try the PS4 gameplay and I feel like I'd prefer it but I've always liked my RPGs on handhelds just because it's more comfortable that way.
  6. I'd really like the ability to customize the hero or even just make small changes to them like hairstyle or clothing coloration. A lot of recent games have spoiled me on customization, I like having the ability to personalize my character a little bit. More interaction with the world and characters in it seems to be the way a lot of games are going these days, I feel like DQ could implement a lot of those features really well with all of the interesting worlds they put together.
  7. Everyone says Gemon was easy for them but he was always a pain in the ass for me, he didn't give me so much trouble this time around but in the original I remember him giving me much more trouble than Empyrea
  8. I made it to the end of the new postgame dungeon to one hell of a super boss. The reward is a bracer that gives permanent Oomph status, which is cool if not useless at this point.
  9. Managed to collect every mini medal after probably 3 hours of backtracking looking for the last 2 I needed, the last reward is a new costume for Red that really helps with her crappy health situation. Now I'm just a couple of bosses away from finishing the postgame Memories Lane dungeon and I think that's this game pretty much wrapped up.
  10. You'll like her a lot, her final dagger ability mixed with Morrie's tension building and oomph makes for some of the quickest and highest damage available in the game.
  11. Its a common complaint I think but .y only real issue is how much the music overpowers the voice acting in most cutscenes
  12. I wish they added stronger new monsters, I didn't really even notice any of the new arrivals because I just made the run for the old overpowered infamous monsters that are available early
  13. I sped through the game, I've done pretty much everything I can think of except a couple of picture quests I'm still working on. I'm on Dhoulmagus' 1st form in Memories Lan, I've come close but he's goving me a hell of a time.
  14. I was trying to be active on here again but I was kind of hit by a car, been bed ridden for about a month. DQ8 remake came out just in time to keep me sane though, I've loved re-experiencing one of my favorite games of all time, I love all of the changes

    1. Bururian


      Glad to hear you're doing better. Dragon Quest heals all!

    2. Imutone


      Holy hell. Glad to hear that you are digging the remake while recovering.

  15. There were some screenshots a few months ago. Can't base a lot off of them but it definitely looked turn based but maybe like you could still move around kind of like DQX.
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