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  1. Since the website is currently down for DWR Trilogy, I've taken the liberty of uploading the most recent version to Mediafire. This replaces any previous versions you may have gotten from there. https://www.mediafire.com/file/6eg7w9n0dfsuks0/Dragon-Warrior-Reborn-Trilogy.zip/file Or you can download it from the attachment here. Dragon-Warrior-Reborn-Trilogy.zip
  2. They're in a text file in the main game directory. Should be either instructions.txt or readme.txt.
  3. Are you customizing the keyboard configuration? There's a bug in DWRConfig.exe that displays a number when you assign a key to menu, and that winds up making menu impossible to bring up (unless you restore the config to default by deleting \DWRData\DWRCfg.dat).
  4. Nakhash, how are things going with DWR Trilogy re-release?
  5. For what it's worth, the directory structure of DQ11 for PC *DOES* have a DLC directory (named "Dlc" inside the Dragon Quest XI folder). The only things in it are preorder bonus items, but those do show up in the game. So, the idea that Square Enix might release the DQ11S additional content at least for PC if not PS4 as well somewhere down the line AFTER the Switch version has had its chance to sell has merit. The 'undecided' comment could be a way to not undercut Switch sales of the game. I don't expect any DLC announcements for the PC/PS4 versions until at least several months after the Switch version is released worldwide.
  6. Sounds like you used BitTorrent to download the mod. I got a message from my ISP about illegal download of DQ11 when I tried to download DQ11 using BitTorrent (I didn't fully download it due to lack of space on my hard drive at the time, and deleted the incomplete file before I even got the notice). BitTorrent is being tracked by IP holders. There is encrypted BitTorrent, but not all torrent downloaders support encryption. With encrypted torrents, the IP holder has to download the file in question themselves to figure out what it is. Of course, if they do that, they can easily snag the IPs of everyone downloading said file. I would recommend not using BitTorrent to download files. Unless you use a VPN that doesn't log your activity.
  7. I believe I have the last version that was up on Nakhash's website before it went down. Also, web.archive.org allows you to view that website from before it went down. Some useful info is findable that way. Yikes, I just realized the website is back now (but without a download at present). Since the website asks not to distribute the game outside of the website, I won't post a public link in this thread. If anyone wants to try the last version from just before the website went down, message me. Also, I don't know if you've fixed these bugs, so I'll mention them. -Reconfiguring the keyboard controls doesn't work quite right. Not all the custom keybindings work and the game is unplayable as a result if you try to reconfigure the keybindings. Deleting the cfg file brings it back to default. -Raan's Dagger (best weapon for Rogue in DWR1) is wonky in that selecting a linked Thievery spell doesn't close the selection menu like it does with the Magical Boomerang. I found that equipping the Magical Boomerang, selecting a spell for it, then switching to Raan's Dagger and selecting the same spell, then hitting Cancel to close the menu will usually (but not always!) enable the linked spell on attack AFTER the next fight. It works for several fights and then acts up, removing the effect. I've only found this to work with PayBack and BackStab. It's possible it might work with other Thievery spells but those could cause glitchiness (depending on the spell, it could give a positive status effect to the enemy!). I also noticed the linked spell's damage display is always 255, yet I highly suspect the actual damage is different from variations in how quickly enemies on the last floor of the Dragon Lord's castle go down. It seems missing and to a lesser extent defeating an enemy can cause the linked spell to stop working with Attack. I didn't try using Raan's Dagger linked spell with Mug. -Snow Ring (DWR1) when equipped doesn't change your ice resistance like the item description says.
  8. Yeah, and the game WAS at dragonwarriorreborn.org for a while. Now that website has disappeared. Good thing I have the game uploaded to Mediafire, because it's a shame the official website went away. It's the last version of the game. I noticed some DWR1 items don't actually give the resistances they say they do, but the Dragon Lord is still beatable around level 40 with a full party even with that oversight. http://www.mediafire.com/download/mms8m5fk164h84z/Dragon_Warrior_Reborn_Trilogy.exe
  9. For those of you who missed out on Dragon Warrior Reborn Trilogy before its website disappeared, I've uploaded it to Mediafire. http://www.mediafire.com/download/mms8m5fk164h84z/Dragon_Warrior_Reborn_Trilogy.exe Note that changing the controls DOES NOT work (menu button goes nonfunctional and you have to delete the cfg file to reset the controls to default) but there is a laptop-friendly set of controls in the included readme. If you absolutely must define your own set of controls, you'll need to use AutoHotKey or something like that. DWR Trilogy...the first one is a remake of Dragon Warrior, with 4 other characters to recruit (though you can only recruit 3 of them, and no you can't kick them out of the party later - they are Rogue, Wizard, Paladin, and Ronin). The second and third are reimaginings of Dragon Warrior 2 and 3, with completely different maps, way different stories (you can still expect the likes of Malroth and Zoma at the end, though they have new spells - as does the Dragon Lord!), and new characters (and classes to change into in the case of DWR3). DWR 2 also has three different endings, which depend on who you chose to recruit (hint: the Merchant allows you to do more things in DWR2, and if you beat DWR1 then start a new DWR2 game, you'll get an item which allows you to class change the Cleric into a Sage). You also get a few goodies in DWR3 if you beat DWR2 first before starting a new DWR3 game. So yeah, I recommend you play them 1, 2, then 3. DWR1 even has a bonus dungeon which you can access after defeating the Dragon Lord and before going back to the King. You have to show a certain shrine NPC the Ball of Light and then he'll let you access the bonus dungeon. FYI this game is harder in some ways than the originals. There's no Radiant spell in DWR1, so in dungeons you can't see but a small circle around you. DWR2 and DWR3 both keep the DW1-style lighting in dungeons but there is a Radiant spell in both games somewhere. No torches either. Also, it's pretty much required to bring back the Princess in DWR1 before going to fight the Dragon Lord, since you get the replacement for Magic Keys - the Royal Key - by bringing her back to the castle. Without the Royal Key, you won't even be able to get necessary items to access Charlock Castle. And I just realized that unless you use the Internet Wayback Machine to see www.dragonwarriorreborn.com before it disappeared, you'll probably be stumped as to how to get past the first level of Charlock Castle. So I'll tell you: use Erdrick's Token when next to and facing the blue and white star (like from a House of Healing) in the back of that level. It will turn the star into a staircase and you'll be able to access the rest of that dungeon! You'll need to grind a lot to beat the Dragon Lord...I recommend all your characters be level 40 before fighting him if on Hard difficulty (he's pretty tough, and I found the first form to be harder than the second due to some strong spells!).
  10. The menu won't work if you try to set your own keys instead of using the default keys. There's a laptop-friendly set of default keys for those of us who lack numlock - check the instructions/readme in the game's folder. This problem is still true as of the 7/21/13 update, in case you're reading this Nakhash.
  11. You need to either use the default keys (inside instructions.txt which comes with the game) or use something like AutoHotKey (mentioned above) to reassign those default keys. The part of the dwrconfig.exe that is for key config is bugged, so trying to set keys (or joystick/gamepad buttons for that matter) with it will result in the menu being inoperable. You need to overwrite the config file with the one from the self-extracting .exe that it came in. I haven't figured out which file it is, so I just hit Yes to All when asked about replacing the existing files. Your save games are unaffected by doing this.
  12. http://www.dragonwarriorreborn.com/ Yes, that's the site, and it's back up. Seems to be under reconstruction, but you can download it.
  13. This is a persistent bug in dwrconfig.exe that never got fixed. I told the game's creator about it but it was never addressed. I wound up having to use a program called AutoHotKey ( http://www.autohotkey.com/ ) with the default (unchanged) keyboard config. You'll have to overwrite the config file with the default one from the compressed .exe. Once you get AutoHotKey installed, make a new script file in the DWR Trilogy folder. If you're like me and have no numlock option on your computer, you'll definitely need to use it. Paste this into the blank script (get rid of everything that may/may not be in the script file by default first): 7::Numpad7 8::Numpad8 9::Numpad9 u::Numpad4 i::Numpad5 o::Numpad6 j::Numpad1 k::Numpad2 l::Numpad3 You can change the letters/numbers on the left to suit your own purposes/preferred keyboard layout too, this is just what I use. Also, to play in windowed mode, run DWRConfig.exe and press 5. It only works, strangely enough, if the window is NOT in focus. It's not in focus when you run it, so don't click on it, just press 5.
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