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  1. Who the hell watches a Tarantino movie for historical accuracy? Exactly my point. That's why I think it's crap that Spike Lee is pissed off.
  2. I haven't seen it yet. But I don't think any historical film by Tarantino is to be taken serious. Remember the death of hitler in Inglorious basterds?
  3. That's some pretty good spriting as it looks to me. I'd try to get that collar a bit thicker and try to look at the dq iv hero to get the hair and headband a little better. The hair doesn't really fall like it does in the artwork.
  4. I miss the trending and music sections! I don't even know how to get all the latest popular videos anymore. This new "popular" section has videos from up to 5 years ago. It's all over the place. I hate it. All I have left is subscriptions.
  5. TRL

    Wii U trailer

    Came out today. Randomly came across it. Looks pretty sweet. http://gematsu.com/2012/12/dragon-quest-x-wii-u-trailer
  6. That had to be pretty hard the perspective on that desk and mirror. I see the plush there. Nice touch.
  7. Seems like a different experience now. Kinda feels like a monster game.
  8. On DA it's also about being seen enough. Commenting and faving on other people's work to get seen. Also posting a constant stream of content helps. You really have to get involved. I noticed in my work that the real popular topics like ssj's from dbz do much better than the more creative work too. You basically have to build up a fanbase doing fanart before you can hope to get some responses on original work. Or you just have to be really really good.
  9. I think it would be great if everyone got out there and voted 3rd party for one election, just to shake up the D and R. Show 'em we don't need 'em. Maybe they'll get back to some semblance of normal people after that. Yeah exactly. If you think about it that way, any vote counts. Because they always look at the numbers. And if they see they're losing votes to a third party, they'll definitely try to change up some policies to cater to those voters to try to win them back. There may never come a third party, but those votes do influence the 2 others.
  10. I don't think so. If you're not voting, you're not doing anything at all to change things. Voting is the bare minimum. I do love how the audience applauded him saying the public is stupid. Does that magically exclude them?
  11. Hitler and Stalin were dictators, that wasn't democracy anymore. I see freedom as the ability to do whatever I want (which I can). Regulations have to be there to prevent chaos. Yes dictators can create genocide, but well so can civil war where you're just doing it to eachother. I do believe the united states have had something like that. And there lies the danger of politically divided countries. If murder rates are so low in your region, why do you carry guns? In any case murder and crime rates are higher in general in the US than in most of European countries. Our human poverty indexes are generally lower because of social security and health care systems. Also education is funded. Diminishing poverty and increasing education levels will surely lower crime, I don't see how just "freedom" does the same. As it stands scandinavia has model societies for the world. They are among the richest in the world and also happen to be the most progressive, social and ecological in the world. Even we in western Europe could learn from them. So you see it isn't all that black and white. You don't have to be capitalist to be a wealthy country. But I know it's a deep rooted belief of the states, which is passed on from generation to generation. So yeah it's hard to change that. And yes in small communities like yours, government isn't able to affect your lives significantly anyway. It may work for you, but not necessarily for the rest of your country.
  12. Well I don't think you can blame a global economic crisis on one man. It mainly was wall street's doing anyway not even Bush's fault. Also there had to be government spending (which increased the deficit) for instance to save the auto industry you're in. Jobs have been growing steadily under Obama. That being said, I'm european, so I will never understand why a lot of americans are so against government. A land where it's every man for itself can't be pleasant to live. It brings chances of survival back to the primitive darwinian ones. Only the strong survive. Which might be the reason your nation is also so bend on gun owning. I for one think humanity is bigger than that. Bigger than animalistic urges for survival. Compassion, tolerance and collaboration are words I'd gladly repeat from Obama's speech. Also some republicans preaching to make abortion illegal claiming it's murder while they gladly see a poor man die because he can't afford health care is peculiar to me.
  13. Yeah Romney was pretty awful. Flip flopping all over the place. Spreading lies in Ohio about the car industry even after they were rebuttaled by the actual companies. Then there's the mockery he made of himself in England I think it was, almost creating a political incident.
  14. If the republicans don't want to lose Congress in 2014 they'll have to consider going for more centered policies. Also Obama doesn't have to worry about being reelected again. So I think you can be hopeful more things will happen, good or bad.
  15. I really couldn't decide between the two mexican ones so I voted for neither to be neutral, but does leave me with only 2 casted votes.
  16. I consider Dwaine and Cesar my bros, but on a very manly level where I don't really talk much to them, but like where in real live we would share these grumpy nods toward eachother in recognition. Haha I'm weird like that. But in all I don't come here enough to really have gotten to know people.
  17. Damn! I ment Malroth ofcourse.That's what you get from posting after coming back from a night out. Sorry bros!
  18. It will be difficult to surpass Nocturnus devouring it's own tail.
  19. You know I was watching this documentary on the Aztecs today and now the mexican flag is alot more meaningful for me. Apparently there was a Aztec legend that foretold that they should settle a great city where an eagle touched down on a cactus. And so they did and that city became Tenochtitlan, a city twice the size of London and Paris at the time. Great stuff. You live in an interesting country Cesar. The original indigenous culture is much more woven into the fabric of Mexico than for instance is the case for the USA who just crammed all the indians in small lands around oklahoma.
  20. Ok now you must be joking. Or maybe I did end up in the middle ages afterall.
  21. I must say this contest is pretty hard. Like it's not easy to link a country and definitely it's flag to dragon quest safe for some that have lions or eagles on them. Butan has a dragon on it's flag though!
  22. Ofcourse that goes without saying! Thanks for the pics
  23. Ah I see 2 ideas in one. Chronodia yeah really looks similar. A lot of thought went into this Cesar! Can you show me a pic of that boss? Haven't played any monster game besides joker. Darn it, I thought I had been original!
  24. I actually thought the Marauder could fit perfectly into Dragon Quest, it could have literally fooled me that it was an actual monster designed by toriyama, I had that much less so for the masked master. Cesar, I read your explanation now for the orb of light (I know enough spanish to understand it contextually). I never played caravan hearts so I couldn't have known that. You know for Azazel, I first had the name "Mother of Dragons" in mind, for her to be the ultimate dragon. If I had more time I would have drawn all kinds of Dragon monsters from past games flying around her. They would be very tiny in comparison to her. I think that could have intensified the impact of this boss monster. I really envisioned a colossal beast like Bjorn. And another note: Every single final boss in every main DQ game has horns in some form. So I had to include horns! But these are horns never seen before in any DQ monster. I did some research.
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