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  1. That had to be pretty hard the perspective on that desk and mirror. I see the plush there. Nice touch.
  2. Hahaha xD Btw with all these great artists entering the contests all the time, I'm surprised this art section isn't more active.
  3. You can't tell which are his? I think his style is pretty apparent. Problem is, Cesar also recognizes my style.
  4. That new trailer looked pretty awesome. Loved the cinematics I hope this game sets a precedent of an MMO with actual fun fighting gameplay mechanics. I absolutely hate the point and click gameplay of the general mmorpg.
  5. Yeah that encyclopedia sounds nice. Finally some Dragon Quest 7 monster artwork. Too bad it will become out of date so quickly with all these new games releasing soon.
  6. Hehe DQ visits namek. Man those wii avatars look awful ingame. I hate that they did that.
  7. Do you guys really have a lot of tea-time over there? Here in America we always stop what we're doing at 2 PM for a thick hamburger. DEBAUCHERY!!! If you are asking we are all British in europe.. Then no. Great thread guys! Man Cezar your pics spark much amusement!
  8. Hide your kids, hide your wife, you know a european! Well I wouldn't know what to tell you about it, so you will just have to ask. One thing that is nice about Europe though is that we have a lot of history here. And basically all of the americas are our offspring. I wonder what North and South america would have been like without the colonisation. But yeah here in belgium we have alot of cities of which the centers are pretty much still the same as they were 500 years ago. So you could really feel like you're walking around in the middle ages, with tower bridges, city walls, epic chur
  9. There's actual nothing European about the dragon quest games except for aesthetics. Rpg's just tend to feature knights and dragons a lot. I do like that they have a sort of religion in the dragon quest world that worships a godess, I like to think it's mother nature. So I don't think there actually is a one specific anti-god in these games like you have satan vs god in christianity. Just demons that are like just a race besides humans.
  10. I like the style of these faces. And them making the Loser sign.
  11. Hilarious video. But no, that's no Sugiyama. Really? I was sure I recognized it from somewhere in some other videos too. Well I'm no expert on the music, just sounded familiar, especially the happy sound like in Dragon Quest 8. Kassem is my new hero btw! His style reminds me of Sacha Cohen, but a bit less obscene.
  12. I recently discovered KassemG on youtube. The guy's pretty funny and I noticed he uses Dragon Quest music for some of his early videos. At least I think so and I thought that was pretty cool. Here's an example. http://www.youtube.com/user/KassemG?blend=1&ob=5#p/u/174/qY6hwNA6kY8
  13. Subbed and very good quality compared to those 13 english episodes I watched before I had these. Still got to finish the story though. I don't always feel like watching, because I have to concentrate pretty hard to keep up with the french.
  14. I have access to all the 42 episodes high quality in Japanese, translated in french. I think you won't find any other then that. I understand french pretty well, but I bet most of you don't. Since most french speaking people don't know english that well I wouldn't count on a english translation all that soon either, so the only solution is to go and find you some bilingual Canadian buddies. ;p I hope one hint to the puzzle, might be alright: "gensoteam"
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