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  1. I only reset when the tokens are over, 'cause even with a single run you can be lucky enough. And about saving... Well, I usually do it when I get at least 10% or 20% more than I started with.
  2. I'll be waiting for your feedback. It can be tedious at times, but it ends up working. I also used in VIII and had the same good result.
  3. Yep, slot machines can be quite quick. The best way is getting about 300 tokens and start with the 1 token machines til you get 3000. Then move to the 10 token ones and move to the red one when you get 30 000 tokens. You can get 300 000 in few hours this way. And you just need to save when you get much more than you had at the begining. I just bought 5 KM swords this way.
  4. Nobody's said a word about DQ monsters battle road victory. If I had to pick a game to be translated I would go for this one, no doubt. It's a playing and battle system we haven't tried yet and visuals are just awesome.
  5. I recently finished xenoblade chronicles and it's been AWESOME, definetely one of the best games I've ever played, with great battle system and plot. Not to mention the scenarios... Right now I'm playing DQVIII and today I recieved Chrono Trigger for the DS (I couldn't avoid ordering it, I've been in love with this one since I first played it from a NTSC cartridge that a friend imported back when it was released in the states), so there's fun for a looong time!
  6. I don't have any manga or anime but I've been having a look at the first strips on your web. I must admit that Psaro's gags are very funny.
  7. Good job Dwaine! Both interesting and funny! That Trode game would be worth many laughts.
  8. I have a twitter account, but have never found anything very interesting over there DQ-related. Although I live in Europe I think that nowadays if a game is released in the USA it is quite likely to the released over here as well. So count with me for support!
  9. The female warrior in IX is pretty cool, but the one in III is definetely my favoutite. I really liked the way it looked in Swords; it was quite of a surprise to see it there.
  10. All the costumes are AWESOME! I would really like to see the female warrior outfit; always thought it is the sexiest female character.
  11. I have already added mine and have started to add all yours. Hope to see you all there!
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