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  1. DQ9 was only one I've seen any promotion for here in Spain. There were ads both on TV and shops. I could hardly believe it, but I regained some faith in the franchise.
  2. I only reset when the tokens are over, 'cause even with a single run you can be lucky enough. And about saving... Well, I usually do it when I get at least 10% or 20% more than I started with.
  3. We may end up unveiling the long hidden secret... McDonalds' crew members are descendants of the zenithians.
  4. I'll be waiting for your feedback. It can be tedious at times, but it ends up working. I also used in VIII and had the same good result.
  5. Yep, slot machines can be quite quick. The best way is getting about 300 tokens and start with the 1 token machines til you get 3000. Then move to the 10 token ones and move to the red one when you get 30 000 tokens. You can get 300 000 in few hours this way. And you just need to save when you get much more than you had at the begining. I just bought 5 KM swords this way.
  6. I have never used any other mode than manual control. I cannot stand the lack of control when fighting in DQ. Even if fights get tougher, this is the way I like DQ to be. I would prefer an even more difficult mode after beating the game. The feeling of the first battles in the original games when no magic is available, only herbs can cure you and the hero is alone is simply great.
  7. I had been looking for it after DQIX and had never found it for a reasonable price, at least in Europe. I could not find it in stores either, not even second-hand (I did see all the others, but not DQV). Do you know if the re-print was for all localizations?
  8. We all know how hard it can be to find DQV for the DS on stores these days. And on the internet the prices are.. well... too high? My buona fortuna has led me to a link of the italian version of DQV DS at the spanish Amazon and it was only 10€!!! Shipping and all is just 13€ and the game has english text as well... did my day!
  9. I saw your point and although I've played through many of the available NES and SNES DQ roms , I've never seen a single one keeping the original spell names. Using those words would be a bit puzzling at the begining but would make a very hardcore experience. I would definetely like to replay any of the classics to use and learn them.
  10. Nobody's said a word about DQ monsters battle road victory. If I had to pick a game to be translated I would go for this one, no doubt. It's a playing and battle system we haven't tried yet and visuals are just awesome.
  11. Have you played Star Ocean?
  12. I recently finished xenoblade chronicles and it's been AWESOME, definetely one of the best games I've ever played, with great battle system and plot. Not to mention the scenarios... Right now I'm playing DQVIII and today I recieved Chrono Trigger for the DS (I couldn't avoid ordering it, I've been in love with this one since I first played it from a NTSC cartridge that a friend imported back when it was released in the states), so there's fun for a looong time!
  13. I choosed to focus on sword and courage because the girl that explains the different features of skills tells you that a true hero has courage and wields a sword... Seemed quite easy to me after that. However, I still don't know what the result will be, although I have some guesses.
  14. I'd say we have quite similar tastes. I'm building up all personalities, then sword and spear ('til thunder thurst) for the hero, axes for yangus, staff and whip for jessica and sword for angelo.
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