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  1. My fav game is DQMJ2 and my butt kicking team is a Beetlebully with a good old Atlas.
  2. So i made this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZpDnK27tvY&feature=youtu.be
  3. Why the $#!& square enix wants to stop you from translating a game that is probably never going to release in america? I mean seriously, we already lost all hope of this releasing in america when they announced DQM terry wonderland because we were more excited about this one. So why removing our chance to play this game if it will probably never releases for uses? I just finished DQMJ2 and i was just waiting for this patch to be done, which means i will have to keep my ass on a chair for a $#!&ing whole year until they announce a new DQ at E3, fantastic...........
  4. Hey guys, i got a problem. Recently, i just finished DQMJ2 and i still feel a need for a new DQ game and i don't feel like waiting for DQX or DQMJ3 (Terry wonderland) since they haven't even been announced in america, so here's my question: Is there a place where i can find a translated version (It can be in french) of DQMJ2 pro? (Please, i want it to be a completed one if possible)
  5. Well, i haven't tried sfm that much since it slow down even at the point of crashing my laptop. I mostly run tf2 on mac, but there's not sfm on it. But if it release....we'll see...............
  6. Hi, i want to introduce you guys a new series i started called Bill'n'Gill. Its mostly a web series made with a game called Garry's mod (A sand box which you can do pretty much everything) starring 2 sanguinis who does silly things in the world of half-life/Team fortress 2. After many pilote episodes, i finally worked on the first episode of the first season: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ecs-eZ3yBmE Enjoy, and tell me what you think. I also take suggestion for other episodes since they haven't being planned yet (Except episode 2 for now)
  7. Well looks like we haven't eard of any DQ title for this year
  8. Well maybe its not going to be concidered as a mmo in usa, maybe they'll make use beleive that its a rpg in our country, like the time they hided that Rocket slime was actually a sequel. And also, i don't know if you remember, but at first DQ9 was supposed to be an action rpg, and guess what we got at the end?
  9. I don't think there is going to be one if Square-enix really wants people to play it since Dq isn't that much popular in america/europe... But wait, are you saying that you actually want that fee? It's clear you've never played a real MMORPG. There are no MMORPGs currently out that do not have some kind of way to generate income. (( Yes, obviously there might be one or two really crappy ones that run off some dude's basement. )) I'm going to have to be blunt when I say this. You and a slice of the forum-goers here are too damn optimistic. DQX will cost money per month, or we won't get a full MMORPG. DQX will cost likely 5-10$ a month, the same as FFXI, Square-Enix's other console-based MMORPG. Sure, Dragon Quest may not be as popular, but that doesn't mean it won't cost money. If it means getting a full MMORPG experience? Yes, I want that fee. In today's MMORPG markets there's only two real kinds of MMOs, Freemium (( MMOs with either a free-tier account that's extremely limited, or a horribly balancing cash shop. )) and Premium (( You have to pay to play. )). A dumbed-down Friend-code-y Dragon Quest X will kill the franchise here. So yes. I want to pay for it. Would you expect World of Warcraft to be free if it were ported to a console? Star Wars : The Old Republic? No. They are the same. They have to have money incoming to justify keeping servers up, to provide a further service for the player, the keeping of a staff for doing events and punishing rulebreakers. Otherwise, we'd get a really shitty dumbed-down port of DQX that would feel like 1/4 of the game. Well, they could do like runescape. Even if it doesn't have any fee, its really good. We just need to pay for extra content and places. Guild wars, once you bought it, everything is unlocked. And i think that DQX should take exemple on wizard 101. If we remove the special money, you can get alot of good stuff with regular money. And about paying, they could just do a regular storyline for free and add extra quest if we pay for. But if we don't pay for extra quests or dungeon, farming could be long and people would want to pay for. See what i mean? A monthly fee isn't that much necessary. Even without it, mmos can be amazing!
  10. I don't think there is going to be one if Square-enix really wants people to play it since Dq isn't that much popular in america/europe... But wait, are you saying that you actually want that fee?
  11. Yeah, even if its not DQX or DQM 1 3d, it would be fun to have Rocket Slime back.
  12. Glory to miyamoto! (And Yuji horii and Toriyama)
  13. Hold on, i realized that DQ6 on ds released in 2010 right? If yes, they really were DQ games for every years ._. so i was kinda wrong...
  14. But who knows? Maybe they aren't going to be any DQ games (I know, sadly) this year. Because if some of you don't remember, DQMJ 2 release 2 years after DQ9. So maybe we'll have to wait e3 2013 to ear about a dq game? (I hope not so much, just a theory)
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