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  1. Why the $#!& square enix wants to stop you from translating a game that is probably never going to release in america? I mean seriously, we already lost all hope of this releasing in america when they announced DQM terry wonderland because we were more excited about this one. So why removing our chance to play this game if it will probably never releases for uses? I just finished DQMJ2 and i was just waiting for this patch to be done, which means i will have to keep my ass on a chair for a $#!&ing whole year until they announce a new DQ at E3, fantastic...........
  2. Well, atleast the only DW game i played and loved was DWM 2. I don't know if it count....But however, it was fun. (I should go further into it)
  3. Worked on some monsters art for my game

  4. FranckyFox2468


    Screenshots and artwork of my DQ fan game
  5. Could people read atleast my posts?

    1. Quart20858
    2. FranckyFox2468


      Thank you mate, should post a Screenshot of my game soon

    3. Quart20858
  6. s'been one month i have dqmj 2 and i already have 2 S rank monsters ._.

    1. Warez


      Hey everyone has its own tempo and ideas of what the game should be about. Main point is that you have fun!

  7. FranckyFox2468


    yup ._.
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