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  1. I should really find those pictures of when I cosplayed as the Hero from Dragon Quest 3. It's funny because the hardest part about cosplaying him was having enough hair gel to keep my hair that spiky XD
  2. I think it's funny how all the countermeasures Square Enix seems to have taken to ensure that Metal Slimes aren't overused/overpowered has in a way made them even more deadly. "Oh, people like Metal Slimes because of the huge defense. We'll boost all the defense skillsets then." Well that's nice and all, but what's to prevent people from placing two defense sets on a LMKS and giving it 2.5k defense? "People like Metal Slimes because of the metal body trait. We'll make it a special trait for having a monster reach +100." Again, that's nice, but now we can make that LMKS with 2.5k defense have Super Hard Metal Body. Your monsters with the Metal Killer trait don't really help, because you'll still be hitting a 2.5k defense monster with Hard Metal Body due to your ability. It just seems to me that making Metal Monsters godly in this installment will be far easier and more effective than in most previous installments.
  3. So many slime monsters based off of live-action super sentai shows O.o Orange Slanin is by far the best looking one imo. Have to have a team with her, the Slider Kids, and Shogum ;D
  4. If I were to use any of the Slanin monsters I'd slap an Uber Defense Boost on them and some physically dominating skillsets. And a question, is Brown Slanin the one based off of Mottle Slime?
  5. You know what this thread needs? Stats of the slanin monsters. You know, those slime-like ninja monsters?
  6. Baramos zombie (Baramos Gonus)'s breeding requitements are: Baramos + Zombie-family monster. Oh wow, that's quite easy to obtain. Thank you for that
  7. Trode getting worse does seem to be rather off considering his rank seems to be steadily increasing with each monsters game. I don't know many that would use him anyways, but it really doesn't seem fair to his character when monsters like Bishop Ladja are going through constant buff mode. On another note, do we know what the synthesization requirements for Baramos Gomus are? I assume Baramos is one of them but I'm curious as to how difficult to obtain the other is.
  8. Thanks! I remember now, Pruslas was the one that got a sneak attack on the party because he told you to turn around and look for a treasure chest. I wouldn't mind seeing his stats, I just HAVE to remake the poster from the movie "Precious" but replace the girl with Pruslas and change the name accordingly ;D
  9. I have a question? Night Clubber, Balzack, and Pruslas, all have the same exact body shape. Yet they are different monsters. I know Balzack was a boss, and Night Clubber was a recolor of it from the same game, but what are the origins of Pruslas?
  10. I don't understand why people overlook the potential utility of a skill like Last Word. In most cases, you'd think attacking last would be a bad thing. But the fact of the matter is, almost all teams have healers nowadays. Especially with physically attacking monsters, if you do a ton of damage and the very next action to come out is an Omniheal from a health professional, all that legendary damage becomes mitigated. Teams will always either go with a fast healer, or a slow healer. By giving a huge damage dealing monster like Dragon Machine the skill Last Word, you're guaranteeing that at the end of the turn the enemy still has some damage on some monster somewhere; then it's just up to your faster damage dealers to clean it all up at the beginning of next turn. Speaking of Dragon Machine, I saw a video of a guy with a purely anti-metal team. He had Overkilling Machine + Dragon Machine + Uberkilling Machine. He went on wifi and.... Fought a Gem Slime and Darkonium Slime. It was lol worthy.
  11. Just for some fun, who wants to think of some fun team ideas? I've got a few already. They have to be Themed though Before and After: Bjorn + Rebjorn, Estark + Starkers, Baramos Gomus + Baramos Master + Servant: King Godwyn (Skeletal) + Corvus, Mortamor form 2 + Murdaw, Rapthorne 2 + Dhoulmagus Lefties Day Off: Mortamor's Right Hand + Mortamor (3) + Muddy Hand Slime Rangers!: Ultraslime + Girl Slime Slider + Nemeslime Find the Hidden Ninja: Mottle Slime + TheNinjaThingBasedOffMottleSlime + King Mottle Slime
  12. Shinryu... That is so amazing... I almost don't want to believe you. Because now my team can be ridiculously overpowered. Guaranteed 3 action Murdaw + Resistance up Esterk + Light Metal Body Rebjorn I'm... I'm in love <3
  13. Hmm... I kinda like that things setup. I mean, it's kinda squishy. Okay, VERY squishy. I'd give it Uber Defense boost to put its defense in the 1300s but then health is an issue. Regardless with Wisdom like that and the power it gets from Zam O.o That thing is gonna be the signature "lolfaceroll" monster against physically-based teams. But Evil Beast Mather seems to have the better overall utility as compared to the super freaky baboon. I guess who each of us chooses as a support will be the big factor in the match between Evil Beasts but meh I like my chances
  14. So, my friend and I had a bet. He said that Evil Beast Hihyudorado (the final boss monster from Professional) will be more overpowered than Evil Beast Mather in this game. I took the bet. As soon as the game gets localized, we're each making a team using one of those monsters. But before I get too in over my head, does anyone know Hihyudorado (the freaky-awesome baboon versions) stats?
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