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  1. We accept anyone as long as they like DQ and like to have fun. Welcome to the forums friend.
  2. VII for sure - everybody is everything - I love it.
  3. I got thee game last week and have managed to play some. I do like it a lot. I really enjoy fusing daemons to make really powerful allies.
  4. Here is my update then. Peggy Sue = DQVI Mercury = DQ VI Dante = Devil May Cry Marona = Phantom Brave
  5. I guess I look a bit like the paleontologist Robert Bakker, and if you want to look that up go ahead.
  6. If perhaps in 10 years you still have a working DS and a sealed DQ game it might be worth money to a collector. Now if you had a sealed DS and a sealed DQ game that would be worth something in 10 to 20 yerars. For now it is probably worth keeping the game that long to make a few bucks.
  7. Ok, thought you meant 4 altogether. Here are the rest. Jessica = DQVIII Mercury = DQ VI Dante = Devil May Cry Marona = Phantom Brave
  8. How about these? DQ VIII = Yangus DQ IX = Stella Disgaea: Hour of Darkness = Laharl Final Fantasy X = Auron
  9. Aready have mine. To bad too that is a pretty good price.
  10. Maybe I'll try it. I have a Vita so I guess I'll buy it for that.
  11. I work in production operations and quality control for an ISP.
  12. I like DQ8 Hero. Here are a couple of images.
  13. Congratulations on the great designs.
  14. I played Arc the Lad (1-3) and Breath of Fire IV. Between those two I'd say play all the Arc the Lad including Twilight of Spirits. I tried Legend of Mana (multiplayer mode) but did not find it all that interesting.
  15. You know we are there (almost), I mean people can already control computers with their brain waves.
  16. I like option "B". I like best character in a DQ game and best dungeon in a DQ game.
  17. Talking to her after you get the title ends the quest. I would try taking off the title and talk to her. Or you could go to the quest list and remove the quest then start it again. Since you have the title that might be the best way.
  18. I'm working on 4 Heroes of Light - the Final Fantasy game. I can tell you it is much better in multiplayer mode.
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