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  1. Although I was in the tournament I did not think to get a picture, so if anyone is up for a battle let me know. My team wiil be a Dhuran - Overkilling Machine - Wight King - All level 75 or better. FC: 3482-5840-6164 Don't be shy
  2. Cool. It's nice to see that people can play and love DQ7, without already loving the series. Some have said that the game is not very friendly to new-comers to the series. Prior to DW7 I had played many other JRPGs (actually a passion of mine) so I found the game to be very fun and entertaining. As someone who has beaten Drakken and Hoshigami I did not find DW7 to be very difficult at all it just took a long time to master all the classes; and I am looking forward to doing the same thing in DQ6.
  3. Hi everyone , My first game was Dragon Warrior VII. Since then I have played Dragon Warrior IV, Dragon Quest V, Dragon Quest VIII and Dragon Quest IX. I am really looking forward to getting Dragon Quest VI.
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