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  1. I always liked Trode so that will be my vote. If we are still voting that is
  2. I'm on my second play-through. First was chaos now trying for lawful. The game takes patience but once you fuse the right combo of Demons you are practically unstoppable. I really like all the SMT games, but not as much as DQ
  3. I shot an arrow in the air and it landed everywhere! Not a skill exclusive to Rangers but I do like Rangers. Always have at least one.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vK4_cltbFvc
  5. Finished 4 Heroes of Light and am now playing Devil Survivor 2.
  6. I guess I look a bit like the paleontologist Robert Bakker, and if you want to look that up go ahead.
  7. I'm working on 4 Heroes of Light - the Final Fantasy game. I can tell you it is much better in multiplayer mode.
  8. Be sure to let us know when you finish. I'd love to play this one. I really like the SaGa games.
  9. Etrian Odyssey II and III were really good. If you have a 3DS this game would be worth getting. You can check out the lastest video here: http://www.rpgfan.com/news/2012/1230.html
  10. That's only in Japan I suppose? I'd love to get that even though I already have a 3DS.
  11. The first one? Of course all the Wild ARMs games were awesome in my opinion. Currently playing FFXIII-2 and having a pretty good time of it. Next will probably be Disgaea 3 for the PSP Vita then I'll be on to Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time.
  12. I agree, sucks you in and never lets you go. Gotta love that.
  13. I thought it was a shame the Slime Knights went away. I still have a slime they sent me for referring a friend.
  14. I have not seen any news on that yet but it would be nice. Anyway 500 monsters will keep us busy until there is news of DLC.
  15. Right. Age is an illness that so far as no known cure. And while it primarly affects the body it can affect the mind as well; but only if you relent. You are correct good sir
  16. Very old 6' 195# US citizen that really loves games and might retire in 7 years. I'm Aquarius and have no pictures of myself nor do I need any - I recognize myself when I see myself in the mirror. Remember kids age is a condition not a state of mind.
  17. Welcome to the forum! Look for me after 10 PM most any night and I'll battle.
  18. Although I was in the tournament I did not think to get a picture, so if anyone is up for a battle let me know. My team wiil be a Dhuran - Overkilling Machine - Wight King - All level 75 or better. FC: 3482-5840-6164 Don't be shy
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