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    Click the little box at the top to select all, scroll to the bottom and hit the go button with delete in the drop-down, problem solved :)


    The majority of those messages contain something related to my fan game. I can't throw away my code snippets!

    Highlight text. Copy. Paste. Word. Wordpad. Delete. Problem solved.






    You can use notepad if you don't have some other processor.


    What game are you talking about?

  2. DQ to me means adventure, interesting characters, great stories and the chance to help a world survive. But more than that DQ gives a sense of fulfillment in that you can conquer fear of the unknown (the characters that is) and have a chance to enhance your own feelings about helping others in your world, even if there is no reward. 

  3. Final Fantasy Advance has a complex job tree if you are wanting a game with that kind of thing. You could also check into Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirit and Breath of Fire 3, really any Breath of Fire they are all good.


    Persona Q is a very good game. I am playing it and can recommend it.

  4. Since the adapter uses an unsigned driver you need to follow these steps to get the adapter to work for Windows. I have Windows 7 and this worked perfectly for me. You can also search for "disabling unsigned drivers in Windows". That should get you where you need to be.



    To have Windows Run Unsigned Drivers, you will need to restart your computer. You need to press the F8 Key during the boot-up process to access Advanced Boot Options page. It's a little tricky to get to this page though. You're computer will probably have some Pre-Windows Loading Screens for your motherboard. Don't hit F8 on those screens (as it will likely take you into the Motherboard settings and not the Advanced Boot Options). There will be a black screen with a white cursor for a second or two before the Windows loading screen. Right before the Windows Loading screen is when you need to press the F8 Key. Cursor down to the line "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement" and press the "Enter" Key. Once that is done you can insert the adapter and use the editor software.


    You can also check this link:  http://www.pokedit.com/support/nds-adapter-plus.php


    As a side note I can in no way guarantee no harm will come to your computer, but again worked fine for me. Good luck.

  5. Quest 362 "Brian's Dyin's Wish" (you need to finish quest 39 first) and discover what happened to the "Pirate Captain" then you will get a treasure map for Baramos's lair. You can check the quest section under Dragon quest IX for all the quests and sub-quests involved for each legacy boss. Good luck.

  6. None of the girls like if you are with other girls especially Chie.


    Which is your favorite Social Link? I think mine was Hermit.


    How do you like Koro? I always thought it was funny him having a knife in his mouth but a very cool character.


    Which is your favorite demon? Mine is Metatron, give him Victory Cry, Null Dark and your are golden.

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