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  1. So I just figured out how to do this... *facepalm*

  2. i finally got sagittar

  3. To those of you who have a 3DS...is it as hard to get on the internet as the normal DS...or is it easy to use like the Wii?

  4. Actually playing Shin Megami Tensei Devils Survivor 2!!

    1. CoarseDragon


      What do you think about the game so far? I like SMT games but am not to sure about that one.

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  5. Just saw "The Secret World of Arrietty". Gotta say, it was really good. Anyone who likes a light hearted animated story, especially fans of Disney's old works, really should see it if you can.

  6. Let's Play Dragon Quest Episode 9

  7. Now my bro. is also hooked on Skyrim...

  8. All begins and ends with Nu, this is the undeniable at least for the Present

  9. Watcjin' Paranormal Activity with mah homies...

    1. CoarseDragon


      I have paranoid activity all the time. Oh, sorry wonr activity.

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  10. Lol check out the hilarious King of the Hill pic in my page!

  11. Time to make some good giants for le tourney.

  12. roommate is pissin me off, shoulda had a motel by now. now i gotta wait till monday and spend a week in Glendale Arizona. at least i got an interview with gamestop today at 3. wish me luck peoples........

    1. CoarseDragon


      Remember to tout your gaming knowledge and business savy.

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