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  1. Remember to give Valentine gifts to your friends.
  2. I believe this might refer to Alltraders Temple where you get advanced vocations. Where you get Paladin, etc. That temple is in the ocean. I am leveled enough to try those yet so I am not sure on this hypothesis.
  3. It is on a treasure map. Two maps actually. One is a metal map and I have done all but Alltrades. Added screen shot.
  4. So far I have not found out how to solo Alltrades Temple. I could use some help on how to get that done. Does not seem to show up in any menu I have found. Thanks!
  5. ID: AGJGKD4466 Level 18 Sailor right now.
  6. According to RPGFan... Square Enix has announced that they will be hosting a special Dragon Quest 30th Anniversary broadcast through Niconico on May 26th at 21:30. The broadcast will feature MC Ayana Tsubaki, Dragon Quest's executive producer Yuu Miyake, and legendary series creator Yuji Horii, and they will be counting down to the May 27th Anniversary of the series together. This coincides with the Japanese release date for Dragon Quest Heroes II: The Twin Kings and the Prophecy's End. Rest assured that if there are any updates on other Dragon Quest titles at this event, we'll keep you po
  7. Hope this works for everyone. SOME SUNDAY MORNING (Link will give you some idea of the melody) (right-click and open in new tab) SOME GRIMY DUNGEON
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