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  1. woot! numen has now been drafted into my force. next endeavor will be to aquire the tank.

  2. YAY! #91 and won all five today in ultra scout. Team Nill ftw!!

    1. kalethe quest mister
    2. Cesar Hernandez-Meraz

      Cesar Hernandez-Meraz

      So you got the dhroll today? That's the one I am still missing of the 5-victory monsters.

    3. Ifooboo


      I've got the Dhroll today, it's like my third one, attempting Barbarus 3 times already, but I'm #76 in Super, so I'm hoping I'm not going any lower.

  3. stupid mks die how much mp does kazing use?

    1. DJ BlackJack

      DJ BlackJack

      i think 25 or 30. could be more.........not sure.

  4. my friggin computer is being dum and not displaying half of the images or logos on the internet and offline any suggestions to fix this it is annoying

    1. Ifooboo


      Happens to me too sometimes, how much space do you have left in your computer? Believe it or not, I only have 2 GB left in my laptop and its working fine.

    2. Hexios


      oh i have

      more than that

  5. Rhapthorne or leopold..which one do i want more...

    1. Hexios


      yeah but i bet he isnt used as often either


    2. Ifooboo


      Rhapthorne is good, Leopold is even better if it wasn't for Foot Dragger...

  6. Fracking citadel 2 shotted my team...AGAIN

    1. Warez


      Yeah you need a good team to beat it. It also has around 4000 life. If you can beat that you will get into top 100 for sure though.

    2. Hexios


      so i noticed i just need an awesome healer and ill be fine(high def)


    3. 123321


      What is making it 2HKO you anyway?

  7. for some unexplicable reason i feel confident that we may get an international release of DQMJ2 pro in the future

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    2. Griffen78
    3. RyuKisargi


      I speak the truth, although hard it may be for some to bear. :P

    4. Jamiras


      won't happen

  8. 3 weeks till DQMJ2 wooo!

    1. Griffen78


      I know I'm excited! I'll be in school for a week and a half before then though...


  9. just went to gamespot forums to find some breeding combos the search was unsuccessful ,but Good god are there alot of hackers and pirates lol

    1. Griffen78


      yup, tis a shame. some of them are downloading the rom and then complaing about there not being any AR codes yet...so they can cheat through their pirated game....

    2. Havoccultist


      The GameFAQs/Gamespot community truly is a terrible one. There are some real cool guys in there but it ain't worth searching through 100 tons of crap to reach a piece of gold.



    3. RyuKisargi


      Piracy is something that will never be avoided. There's people out there who can't buy the game to high import costs, among other things. For example, we'd never see SaGa 2 in English if it wasn't for piracy. Same for Maple Story DS, Tales of Innocence, and other titles.

  10. tried to use the IRC chat it doesnt work for me for some odd reason i just get a balnk frame.

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    2. Griffen78


      if your using a 3ds it won't work...and I think you need flash

    3. Havoccultist


      same, not working on my laptop

    4. Woodus


      According to the Mibbit page "A Javascript-enabled browser/device is all that is required."

  11. Finish DQ IV today Psaro was easier than expected beat him at level 28-35

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