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  1. Michi

    I was wondering if you were still interested in buying some of my DQ stuff. I posted in the thread!

  2. How are you liking V so far? I sadly have a long list of 20+ games I'm "playing", but some have been on the backburner for months/don't really count. The more recent/current ones are: (within the past week or two) Dragon Quest IX - I have been playing this since it came out. You can see I have obviously set it down a few times. I also focused too much on quests and leveling and am not even done the story and am 60 hours in XD Dragon Quest VI - Couple hours in now! Obsessively party chating is making this go really slow, just like V. <3 Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker - Just poking at this one, since it's not a priority, but it's cute and I enjoy it. Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey - Also been working on this one since it's release. I really enjoy it, but I seem to keep putting it down. And when Pokemon B/W comes out, everything else will likely be ignored for a while.
  3. Hey, I Dragon Quest game is a Dragon Quest game. Don't feel too bad, I started with VIII and was quite a late fan to the series. XD
  4. It took me a few tries. I just had to level a bit, I think.
  5. Aw man, I love my little Slime plush. I named him Slimebert.

  6. Really? At least when I first started playing Kenshin I found the controls pretty accuracte. Better than Swords at least. Since it works by reflection try playing in a dark room at night. After recalibraiting, I think you will find it to work better. Yeah, I find that Swords is a little off, but I prefer classic gaming to DS stylus/motion control anyhoo. It's still lots of fun! They should remake that game for the Wii too There's a difference between being silly and being offensive. It's okay to joke around, but demanding people not talk about anything but what you want them to talk about isn't very nice. We're not being stiff, just trying to let you know that you're being a bit annoying.
  7. Are you planning on tackling the final T'n'T board? Already beat it! It was pretty insane. But I find T'n'T really fun, even if the last board is hell. XD Sooo many times I got so close to the ending, just to fall into a trap door... or, a few times, I just DIED because I ran out of MP to heal myself, and the enemies are quite strong in that one. I think it took me a few hours of trying? Isn't it great? The last T'n'T board is unlocked after you beat Estark. You can find it very early on in the bonus dungeon. If you reach the door before you beat Estark though, it will just say that the door is locked (or something like that, it may have been sealed by a mysterious force). As for the bonus recruits: Oh, it's that easy to get Rebjorn? XDDD I guess I could go get him right now! I've really been meaning to replay it, though.... hmmmm.
  8. Would it be crazy to want to use a Jailcat/Candycat/etc the whole game? Haha! Oh my god, thank you! I found the opening on youtube and it wasn't half as nice of quality. Totally downloaded and am going to make gifs of the jailcats. <3 You did get angry, or at least it sounded like it, and that's enough to upset someone. There are etiquette rules on any forum, and this one is no exception. http://www.woodus.com/forums/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=boardrules It pretty much says it right here. You shouldn't treat people like that--we're here to talk about Dragon Quest and enjoy ourselves. I would cut it with the attitude.
  9. Oh, I see. No, unfortunately there is no harder version of Bjørn to fight. You acquire the baby version (Rebjørn) by other means. That would be awesome to fight a souped-up Bjørn though. Oh! How weird, I thought I heard there was. Thanks for clearing that up. I guess I can be proud to say that I beat Estark and that's that! Sometime I might attempt getting all of the recruitable monsters, but I'm not too concerned about maxing a game in that kind of way. A bit too tedius for that kind of completion, haha. Bjorn was a really cool fight! Tough too. And the baby monster looks really cute.
  10. That is a bit too much to ask for/get angry about. Pretty silly... people can say what they want. I too would love to play this game, and hope DQ Translations picks it up sometime. Their work on DQV looks GREAT even though I haven't played it yet, but I have a great burning/playing on PS2 process all ready for when I can! But yeah, not a huge fan of Mystery Dungeon games, but there are a couple great ones, and this looks really fun! And it has Jailcats. JAAAILCAAAATS!
  11. I thought there was another secret boss that was a more powerful version of the monster you fight at the lighthouse that was sealed away? I know there is a baby monster you get of this boss, so.
  12. I was pretty sad about that too and equally sad when Pankraz from V died. These two also stand out to me as the saddest. V takes the cake for me period though, because it's not just Pankraz' death, but then the Hero and Henry being sold into slavery and just imagining how horrible that is, then his wife and children getting taken away from him, and then missing YEARS of his childrens' lives while being petrified. ;__; that part really, really got to me... watching the seasons pass and years go by... imagining how horribly sad, lonely and worried he was..
  13. Jailcats. Jailcats. Jailcats.

  14. This is kind of embarrassing, but I started with VIII. A friend of mine online sent me his copy and demanded I play it. Of course, I knew what Slimes were before playing it, but that was about it! I slowly turned into a bigger fan after that, and now the series holds a special place in my heart. Then again, I'm a sucker for video games, a lots of other series hold similar places--MOTHER, Pokemon, Megaten, FF, and certain standalone games like Cave Story. I hope to one day beat every incarnation of DQ that's available in english one way or another. I'm not even halfway there yet, so it's gonna be a looong treck XD
  15. I actually quite like the graphics, but I'm glad you hold DQV so highly. And Estark isn't that bad. I beat him with just over 50 hours on my game. The stuff you get in the last area/last TnT board really help out. I never attempted beating the other secret boss, though. I really hope you get to play it! It's so good Of all the games I've played (I, II, IV, V, VI, VIII, IX), V is my favourite, followed by VIII! I think V takes the cake for story and characters over all the games. I love everything about it, though.
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