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  1. I did not know they were still going on. Didn't see any activity here so I assumed they were infrequent. Had I known, I would have shown up Tuesday.
  2. When I went through the Vile Vial tablet dungeon, I picked up 2 chests. The item looked like a few dots, no name. When I check the bag, there is an item with no name that I have. I cannot select it either so I don't know what it is.
  3. I don't know how they got those numbers. I am at level 22 and I cannot beat the forest one. Those purple monkeys hit me for like 80-100 damage and they show up in a lot of battles.
  4. I hope the later casinos give hearts like in the PS1 version. Didn't notice any in Alltrades area. Then we can farm gold and monster hearts faster.
  5. I think that fight with the 2 monsters is a little luck based solely cause of their attacks. The one on the left dazzled me at least twice. Right after the dazzle wore off, he put it right back up. The one on the right can desperate attack for like 60 damage. I was getting hit for way too much, healing for too little, and was dealing almost no damage. The fight would be manageable if he didn't have that dazzle. 2nd time there were no dazzles and maybe 1 desperate attack. I had a saw blade from the casino which is still the best weapon I have for the hero and I just beat the clock tower are
  6. 3ds release for DQ9 would be unlikely since it's already playable on the 3ds. Sony and Microsoft get games like that (PS3 games ported to PS4), but I can't remember too many instances of Nintendo doing that. I think they put the Gamecube version of Mario Tennis on the Wii. I don't think that DQ11 would interfere since it's probably coming. The fact that it's on 2 consoles with lots of JRPGs to me makes it more likely.
  7. I did the midnight release for RE5 too. Fun times. I remember having to explain midnight releases to my parents when Smash Bros Brawl came out so my dad drove me. That one was funny since I called a friend thinking he was awake. Turns out he was in line with one of his friends. Played it until like 6 AM and woke up after 4 hrs and was fine for the rest of the day. For the RE5 one, I went with a friend so I was fine. Since we weren't working at the time we played it until like 3 or 4 AM. Now I'll be lucky to last until 1 AM on the weekends.
  8. Well we have been going there for a while and that's what it was called. I didn't even remember what the new name was. I have the regular XL and never updated the SD card so that's probably why I am running out of space. Since I haven't downloaded much, never seemed prudent to switch and I can imagine it being a problem to transfer data to the new card and its saves. My package did ship yesterday from VA so it should be here tomorrow but I just remembered that UPS has delivered things at different times. Usually it's the afternoon but I have seen deliveries as late as 8PM so I might
  9. Reasons I didn't opt for the downloadable version was due to the size of the game, the price and the fact it's available in physical version. Having downloaded Ace Attorney 6 last week (which I should be able to beat by Friday), I realized I don't have as much space left. A lot is probably demos but I'm sure any other Ace Attorney games if released on there will also be downloadable only. Also couldn't resist price as it was 20% cheaper and I'm still a fan of physical media so if there's an option, I would rather have that. I assume that if the game is physical then it is saved to the car
  10. The only problem I can see with Friday is that I bought the game on amazon and it will be coming to my house. Should have sent it to amazon locker. Couldn't resist the 20% discount.
  11. I checked the website yesterday and didn't see an event either. Guess we can make our own. Someone needs to spread platinum king jewel map if it can exist in this one. The remake does seem to correct some of the issues of the PS1 version (graphics are much better, the sprites seemed so dull on the PS1 version) so it's not surprising it was rated well. I heard the game is much easier this time around which some may not like. I prefer this though to the scenario where if you don't have a certain skill, you can't beat that damn cloud boss and a couple of others. Looks like it was confir
  12. Let me know if you guys are going to meet soon. I know it's been a while since I showed up, good times. It sounded like DQ7 has some stuff that involves Streetpass but not sure. I read about lithographs that sound like grotto maps from DQ9. Even though I thought the PS1 game was disappointing and did not like some of the new changes, I did preorder the game and it should come Friday. Liam - hopefully you have recovered from that injury.
  13. That's it. I actually went there on Friday for the Fire Emblem event. I don't know if it was because of the layout or the increase in number of fans, but the place was mobbed, especially on the 2nd floor. I hung out for like 45 minutes, spoke to Dekablue a little bit, then went home. Seemed like there a huge line to battle each other and since I still haven't beaten it, would have felt too long just to lose badly. Oh and lack of seating does suck. I was standing for like 45 minutes and I probably would not have wanted to stand much longer. Guess they felt there was too much space taken
  14. DS Virtual Console? I did not hear of that. I doubt that would come soon. Nintendo can't even get N64 games to play on the Wii U. I was going to use Club Nintendo coins to buy Mario Party 2 since I love it, but then found out it can only be played in Wii mode so would probably have to pay something for Wii U version, and it's only playable on classic controller which I don't have. That was not well thought out by Nintendo, plus it's been over a year and they still haven't done it? So very unlikely we would see DS Virtual Console soon. Only good thing is that they could program game so quests a
  15. I have to agree on GI Joe. Both of those games were great although 1st one was probably better than Atlantis Factor. If you have someone to play RE5 with, I'd recommend that game. It's not a masterpiece, but it is fun in coop, also no terrible Sheva AI.
  16. Happy birthday!!! Don't know why it didn't show up on the main page.
  17. But it's........ DUFFMAN!!!!!! I'm replaying LA Noire on the PS3. I really liked the game, but the DLC was definitely cut out at the end. There were some things they were talking about in these DLC cases that didn't come up until way later. Like how one of your first partners gets promoted. One of the DLC cases when you are in vice shows it. Too bad I didn't have the DLC at the time I first played it and they don't show that until the very end of the game. Normally I don't like to say that, but in this game it was so apparent they did the whole game, then said OK, which cases can we se
  18. Thanks everyone. Just went to beach and hung out, nothing really special. Mortamor - I remember you now. I thought that was not your name. Guess you changed it at some point. Ryu - Thanks..... you. :| Liam - I didn't know you were on here. If there was not a NY Ranger game on, I might have come by today. I'll keep an eye out for Tuesdays again. Spikan -
  19. Cool stuff!! Did anyone say anything about them? Did anyone actually notice they were from DQ?
  20. Ah, FF10, playing that game right now actually. Despite how this might be a good thing for JRPGs, I am still doubtful this will affect DQ games over here. They make DQ games already and would not need a reason to make more DQ games since Japanese people will buy it. I think the problem we have is that is a little different. This is probably more about making better games overall and focus less on tailoring it to everyone. If it's good, people will buy it. It's not a question of whether or not DQ games are good, it's whether they feel it's profitable to move it over to the West.
  21. I actually had fun being a jerk sometimes in Mario 3D World. Pretty crazy just to get that crown, but really, it surprisingly makes me want to run around like an idiot just to get more points and stop them from getting it. I can see if all my friends did that, would be hard to beat levels. We were all going for score though and we had fun trying to go for the crown.
  22. I tend to like the TAS ones. Sure, without save states and emulators, they are nearly impossible to do through normal means, but seeing Dragonlord put to sleep and defeated with hurt was pretty entertaining to see.
  23. That's what I figured. Great work so far and I look forward to seeing more of it.
  24. I only saw non-world maps (like towns and dungeons) from DQ1 and 2 NES. Are the rest not in the program yet or is my phone just acting weird? Even though I know most areas in DQ games, still a great app to have.
  25. Guess I gotta do some quick updates before it ends. Gotta get all those downloadable puzzles from the Professor Layton games.
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