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  1. How's everyone doing with this? I tried a few years ago, and let it fall by the wayside until this past July. At that point, my wife gifted me with the Terry's Wonderland 3DS, and I've been hell-bent ever since.


    I've currently got the Hiragana down, have 30 of the 46 characters for the Katakana, and have been working on some words, too. I'm pleased with the progress.


    It has occurred to me that once I've got this down, there'll be no stopping me; I'm going to go back and import EVERYTHING Dragon Quest in its' Japanese form. Starting with the PS2, so I can play the DQ VIII spin-off about Yangus, and the sexiest-looking rendition of Dragon Quest V, which is my personal favorite (the story is just too great).


    I'm waaaaay past DQ going into a new dark age in the States; it will no longer matter, baby!

  2. I've finally done it. I've finally acquired the legendary trio of Dragon Quest plushes. After two years of searching, a Saber (along with Bianca and the Hero) plush came up on Yahoo! Japan several weeks ago. They're all very happy in their new home. This was my white whale.



    I'll take better pictures once I've got them in display cases. Considering that I've only found one picture of them in the wild since I began looking two years ago, I believe the world needs that.


    Phantasy Star. Final Fantasy x is also accepted.

    I'm not sure i agree on Final Fantasy X, didnt he say solely female MC? To me Tidus seemed as much a main character as Yuna in that game.

    Lmao! I didn't even consider Yuna. I just figured he was talking about Tidus. #weinerkidprotagonist

  4. You don't stick around here enough!




    Was that directed at me? If so, it's funny that I haven't responded to this already, because it looks like it's supporting what you said, but honestly, I'm always around here (daily basis, at least); I just tend to lurk for the most part. In this particular case, I forgot to respond, and then the thread sunk a bit. :D


    But (again, if the post was directed at me), thanks for the sentiment. That's much nicer to hear than, "Your one post in several months is one too many! Go away!", so I'll take it. :)

  5. By the way, if anyone knows where to find this set; currently it's like my most wanted DQ set:



    Dragon Quest Abel HG Sofubi Series set.



    Those are actually on eBay right now. I'd never seen them before:






    There are others that look equally rare, but they're not in the same packaging that your picture shows.

  6. Name: Yer mum.

    Nicknames: Mousie, Mouse.

    Age: 23.

    Status: In a relationship.

    Birthplace: Ohio

    Residence: Florida.

    Ethnicity: Anglo-American.

    Accent: Midwest United States-British mash up.

    Known Languages: English (Often known to use more British terms and wind up confusing people) and Spanish.

    Self-educating languages: Danish, Icelandic.

    Known conditions: Hypoglycemia, majority deafness in one ear, astigmatism, arthritis ...

    Hobbies: Photoshop, photography, making icons, playing video games, etc.

    Known addictions: Jaffa Cakes, crab legs.

    Random facts: Left-handed, obsessed with white mice, rabid collector, attempted vegetarianism and thinking of trying again.


    Far be it for me to push my beliefs on anyone :), but vegetarianism? Noooo! Animals are delicious!

  7. Wow, I'm kinda surprised this topic hasn't come up years ago.




    Birthdate - Sept 24, 1982 (age 28 currently)

    Birth Place - Minnesota, USA

    Height - 6'3"

    Weight 195lbs

    Eyes - Blue

    Hair - blond naturally, but I like to mix it up a lot


    Some of you that have been around a long time have seen a pic or two of me up on here, but here's one just for the topic. It's a couple years old, but oh well.




    WHOA! Your hair! I had a guy in DQ IX that had hair like it. Except it was silver.


    And seriously, I'm jealous. If I could grow hair, I don't know that that's what I'd do with it, but it is pretty sweet.

  8. Man. I love how open and honest this forum is! Good people.


    My name is Larry.

    I have a wonderful wife, Jessica.

    I'm a Software Engineer in Michigan.

    I'm folically-impaired (bald), but I embrace it.

    I obviously enjoy video games (primarily RPGs - Dragon Quest is easily my favorite series).

    I'm also a huge fan of the Detroit Tigers (and baseball in general).

    And TV (Big Bang Theory, Community, How I Met Your Mother, Parks & Recreation, so forth).

    I LOOOOOOVE Disney.

    And friends.

    I'm agnostic.

    I like rock and/or roll music.

    I like to collect the bejesus out of things (baseball cards, video games, Dragon Quest and video game collectibles, Disney stuff, action figures, DVDs).

    I'm trying to learn Japanese. Slowly. :)


    We got to meet Yuji Horii! Here I am with him!


    I'm the one on the left. :|

  9. I haven't played VI, but of everything else, V is the most sad to me. Particularly when the hero and his wife are turned to statues and separated. I was absolutely heartbroken watching the years pass, knowing that Nera (or Bianca, I suppose) could be absolutely anywhere in the world. I've wondered if the poor hero was actually conscious during that time or now. I don't believe the game ever addressed that, though.

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