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  1. Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody's going to die. Come watch TV.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. ignasia


      ...the courting rituals of animals, etc.


      Life is fleeting, but one can then make of it what is here, now, in the present. So enjoy it, make the most of it, find pleasure in simply being here.

    3. Stepchan


      Sartre's quote was used on Gravity Falls.

    4. TheKingOfTheDragovians


      Human life is to short to devot to reproduction, but to long to devot to learning, in the helix of time. Perhaps this is why humans succumb to desire. Despite the fact that life is complete with the sun the land and poetry.

  2. Here, dogs of the Chronicle! Let the world feast on my soul! Bah... To hell with your "spiritual awakenings"

    1. ignasia


      ...I can't place it. Did you make it up, or is it from some book series?

    2. Solutus


      Radiant historia :)

    3. ignasia
  3. A warm welcome is never late. Howdy, Bururian! I'm really glad denizens haven't forget about me.
  4. Happy Day of the Programmer, everyone!

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    2. ignasia


      ...all electronics, rip out all electrical wiring, burn down all factories before they come for you!

    3. ignasia


      That reminds me of this campy 70's sci-fi horror movie...Halloween Part 3.


      Or Westworld ;)

    4. Solutus


      Well, on 24th we're organizing a local Techfest. Who knows, we might take over the world! Or, you know, implement wi-fi module for a vending machine.

      Both are cool.

  5. My... my Carvan Heart save is gone :(

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    2. Solutus


      Excellent idea, going to do that now.

    3. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      It was raptured to appease Malroth. I blame Hargon.

    4. Solutus


      Well, it didn't help. I guess will come back to Caravan Hearts in te future, but right now I just need a break.

  6. Then how about submitting an image along with the FAQ? You can pretty easily create diagrams in draw.io. Here's an example of Sage tree.
  7. Have you considered writing a formatted FAQ? You can insert images in those.
  8. Hm, you're right. I checked it in Notepad++ and it looks completely different and cool, even though it uses Courier New as well. I thought the fact that they join in the graph, and the arrow implied it's an equation. I mean, you don't have a plus sign between Slime and Lizardman, or a dozen other combinations. Seems inconsistent to me. Or perhaps I don't understand something.
  9. God, I love these graphs! I like the second one more. More readable and arrows give it a nice feel of progression. But I'd remove the pluses from EvilMech and FloraJay, they're unnecessary. If I may, "-=<" and ">=-" look absolutely hideous, though that might be due to the font and my own tastes. No offence.
  10. I haven't heard the original yet, but it sounds very pleasant. The second link appears to be broken, though. Really good job on synchronizing all the tracks, it always gives me much trouble... What gear are you using for recording?
  11. "Guv, please give us some Uncle Fred, and enough grub and stuff to keep us going today"

    1. Stepchan


      I don't have Uncle Fred, but I do have Uncle Grampa.



  12. Thank you kindly, Sir Woodus. It's a great honor!
  13. Thanks for feedback Cesar! Uh, that's right, I forgot to add link to the Overworld cover from Dragon Warrior. Here it is: https://soundcloud.com/user-650483043/overworld
  14. Next, metal arrangement of Heavenly Flight. Reimagined as boss battle theme against Empyrea, whom Zoma turned into zombie. Hence the name, Rotten Bird. https://soundcloud.com/user-650483043/rotten-bird
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