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  1. I'm back biotaches!!!!

  2. Chaos man, have a Merry Christmas.

  3. Put in about 95 hours into Pokemon Pearl. I've been having a lot of fun with the day care center and GTS. I've also been playing a lot of Metroid Prime: Hunters lately. Anyone know how you're supposed to get the pokemon from Gold and Silver for the National Pokedex?
  4. You're actually going for the natdex? What a champ. I'm 74 hours into it and I'm just working on building an elite team. An elite team that doesn't involve any legendary pokemon I might add. Legendaries are for sissies. I need someone to trade with so I can get a Rhyperior....
  5. Completed Pokemon Pearl in 60 hours and 32 minutes. Final Team Lvl 60 Empoleon Lvl 56 Luxray Lvl 56 Garchomp Lvl 57 Lucario Lvl 56 Palkia Lvl 56 Staraptor I had a hard time picking my final team. I had something like 12 Pokemon over level 50. My pokedex is severely lacking though. When I finished I only had 80 out of the 150 in Sinnoh. I just got my national pokedex which I don't think I'll be filling... That would be far too ridiculous.
  6. If you confirm it please let me know. I'll have to invest in a G6 lite if this is the case.
  7. Finally gave up on trying to get started on Legend of Dragoon. I'm playing DWIII GBC because that's easy to carry around. I'm seriously wishing there was a portable version of DQIV right now though.
  8. A week later I still am in the same place... Haven't been able to get near my PS2. Don't you just wish you could just quit life and game sometimes? I need a vacation.
  9. After a week of not getting to play Legend of Dragoon I finally got to play again. I only played for a short time however because some foo jacked a dragoon spirit. I hate it when games do that type of thing to you. Oh well, I'll hunt him down and open up a can of wooparse. I pity the foo! I do not have a lot of time to game these days. It is quite sad.
  10. 241 Hours.... Not only are you the undisputed post champion, but you are a gaming BEAST. I'm kind of disappointed you didn't break 300 hours though. I thought you would.
  11. I just finished the first disc of Legend of Dragoon. I absolutely love it so far. It is a linear game, and so far the equipment selection has been pretty weak, but other than that I have no real complaints. I love the battle system, and while to story isn't amazing it has a certain charm that I like. It is definitely a game I plan on actually finishing, which seems to be very rare these days.
  12. I got my copy of Legend of Dragoon in the mail and managed to play for two hours. I gotta say I like the battle system. It actually takes some skill to get the timing right on the attacks. I can't make any sort of judgment on the game yet, but after two hours I really wanna sit down and play the game, and that's more than most games have been doing for me lately.
  13. Ages and Seasons are great games. I enjoyed Seasons a tad more than Ages, but that's just me. I don't have Minish Cap, so you'll have to fill me in on if it's any good. I finally gave up on Kingdom Hearts. After fifteen hours of game play I felt like it was a chore to play and I wasn't getting any enjoyment out of it. I feel like it is one of the more overly hyped games out there. Since I didn't have anything better to play I decided to start a new file on Dragon Quest VIII. With all of the garbage games I've played lately it is a breath of fresh air. I don't think I truly appreciated how
  14. I decided to give Kingdom Hearts another go because I forgot why I hated it so much the first time. So far I'm unimpressed and I doubt I'll finish it. I just made it to Deep Jungle, and if it doesn't get more interesting soon I doubt I'll keep playing. I really don't see why people are in love with it. I wouldn't even own if I hadn't gotten it for free. Bleh.
  15. HA! You win the game. I forgot I had even put that on there. :D

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