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  1. For me so far I'd say either V for the more personal story and monster recruitment or III (gbc) for addictive grinding, class changing and challenge. Granted I've only played/completed those, IX and DWM2. Feel to suggest another one. I'm leaning towards IV for being a classic, VI for being moody, VII for being huge and VIII for being pretty.
  2. There's something particularly endearing about hero number five. He looks like he's on his own quest instead of saving the world.
  3. DQV struck me as one of the greatest games I'd ever played. From the sense of adventure in the beginning to your family's epic return at the end. Incomplete sentences. The monster recruitment did a lot for me, I finished the game with my family safe at home at the cost of some party chat bits. The characters are great overall, I'll marry Deborah again on subsequent playthroughs.
  4. Showing off with the sig, thanks again KZ.
  5. I just cursed so @#$&ing hard at my tablet for being the worst possible @#$&ing thing to type on. Christ I was so close to gnawing off my fingers and beating the @#$&ing thing into a bloody pile of glass with my stumplets. Edit: Phew, I'm good.
  6. Oh, sure, but these were the days when I was but a wee lad and only cared about running from one side of the screen to the other. RPG is my broad favorite genre now but even playing mario rpg:lotss for the first time my reaction is something like "what the hell? I push a to punch the turtle."
  7. Completely thought this would be a ds thread. Both ps2 and ds were amazing systems, though. And in response to the post directly above mine, I rather enjoyed the genesis and sonic the hedgehog. Until I obtained a snes and never touched that crap again.
  8. ^ Yes, I firmly believe ff6 is the best in the series and is in desperate need of a 3ds remake. That aside, this ffiv remake is quite solid and the augment system is a nice touch even if it is a bit limited; you'll need a plan to get your final five characters decked out in three playthroughs. The graphics are a slightly dated now even for a ds game but the soundtrack is great classic final fantasy. And then there's this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?nomobile=1&v=n01JYXwxkeo
  9. The girlfriend and I just finshed Elfen Lied for the third time. It's still harrowing but nice.
  10. Yeah, I know many people hate tattoos and people wih them. Just wanted to leave his here.
  11. So I work my way up the ranks in search of a map with five or more s rank chests amd then hit a wall. After getting several maps in the 90-96 level range and then many more with ruby/sapphire/emerald/diamond names I'm suddenly only getting maps with fancy names and levels between 50 and 70. And they rarely have even two s rank chests. I'm currently a level 99 paladin with five revocations. Run through a map called sapphire abyss of bane lv. 92 and get a map called sapphire world of joy lv. 57. Wut? This is new to me having read all about grotto mechanics.
  12. By postgame I had paladin (ex minstrel)/gladiator (ex warrior)/sage (ex mage)/gladiator (ex thief) and it's always performed well strong. My lineup is the same now only everyone is max level with all skill tree stat bonuses and a bunch of seeds. I also took the time to level and seed my paladin and sage in a second class, third gladiator and priest respectively, for when I decide to level the legacy bosses to 99. Never really needed much healing capacity before postgame, my warrior babe pretty much carved the way for us.
  13. I'm glad my team is now strong enough that I can dress them however I like, though I've definitely always been guilty of dressing my gladiator/warrior and sage/priest ladies on the skimpy side.
  14. I'm going to say paladin because I enjoy being nigh invincible. Farm and feed a paladin some strength and deftness seeds and the class is virtually broken. Most of the time I run around with two gladiators and a sage to form a nasty squad that all but the dumbest high level grotto enemies run from. Or sometimes they do the freeze and vibrate animation that I like to think of as them soiling themselves.
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