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  1. Hey, everyone. This place just gets better and better. I'm restarting DWVII soon, so expect to see me around again soon. It's great to see Wonderslime and kinsan are still around, not to mention everyone else who was around back in the day. -Esturk
  2. I'm not using a personalized avatar, but Woodus was nice enough to make an Esturk avatar for me.
  3. [brings self from exile] Hi, all. Contrary to popular belief... I did not die. My memory card did. Two more months and then I will play. So, how's it going around these parts? It's been... a while.
  4. Yeah... only 1000 more posts to go before this gets back to its original position on this board... get crackin', boys!
  5. Yeah, so... umm... What IS the best game in the DW series? Speaking of which... DW4... have we got a release date yet?
  6. I am so excited that DWIV is being rereleased for Playstation... I cannot wait to play that game!
  7. Hi, all. After quite the sojourn to central Florida, I'm back... and my baby is gone! That's quite alright. It's time to start anew... and I'm really going to go out on a limb here: The best game in the DW series is Dragon Warrior VII. It is the most innovative, the largest, and the most challenging of all of the games. While it may never be as nostalgic for me as Dragon Warrior IV is, it will remain the best until Enix hopefully tops it with DWVIII. Only time will tell. Anyone else have thoughts?
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