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  1. Sweet, thanks for the heads up! I called my local Gamestop here in Central New York and theyre having a midnight release too. Grabbing my preorder tonight then! I'm just going to pretend everyone in line is there for DQVII.
  2. I got the Slime Race game for Christmas last year, and have played it a couple times with friends. It's very simple to understand... essentially you're betting on what places the Slimes end up as. Each Slime has it's own move set in the cards, with some Slimes having definite advantages that make them more likely to win. However, you only make a small profit if you wager on those Slimes and they win. The gamble is to try and bet on the lower performing Slimes and use your cunning when playing your cards to get those Slimes in the lead. It's all pretty self explanitory, except for one part... t
  3. This is great... The wide variety of comments in this thread are a perfect representation of what DQVI is to me. It's the only main series DQ game I haven't beaten. I started it once as a translated SNES rom years ago, but lots of life events got in the way and I only got about 5 hours in or so. Late last year, I wanted to rectify this and finally beat the game, so I started playing the DS version. I have to say... most of the time, I was VERY confused on what to do next in the story. Once the game world really opens up to you, you have so much freedom to do what you want... almost TO
  4. I'm kinda in the same boat as eal... the only system that this game could have come out on in the US where I wouldn't be able to play it was the PS4. Anyway, I DO own a Vita, however... So how does the PS4/Vita streaming connection work? Is it only certain PS3/4 games that are able to be streamed to play using the Vita? Or is it not really 'streaming', but more of 'cross-play' where the game just works on both systems? Does DQ Heroes have this option?
  5. This.... is incredible news! I'm actually going to try this now, as it's true, the IP block and CC restrictions were the main roadblocks for me. This is probably answered elsewhere, but do you need to give a credit card for the initial free period included with the game? As for what this means for a domestic release, couldn't this be seen as a way to help with developing versions outside of Japan? We all know they're looking for entry into Asia, so this probably assists them with that (developing things using the JPN servers initially until dedicated country-specific servers are set up).
  6. I think the issue isn't that it's been a year since the game was released in Japan... it's been a year and there's not even an ANNOUNCEMENT. Why don't they just say "It's not coming out in the West" and save us all the grief of waiting and holding out hope? BTW, I was just thinking.... SqEnix says they plan on supporting the game for 10 years... What happens after that? What happens when the servers eventually shut down? No game company is invincible in today's economic climate... Will DQX end up being the only game in the series that no one can physically play in 25 years? On topic..
  7. For a lot of us in our 30's, it's no surprise that the original Dragon Warrior on the NES was our proper introduction to the series... But my experience had a little twist. I rented the game from my "ma & pa" Video rental store. I played the crap out of it for a day, and then my mom would dutifully send it back to avoid late fees. This meant, I would have to wait until the following week or so when we rented movies again to rent Dragon Warrior... and then I'd have to pray that no one else rented it and erased my save! Lucky for me, it seemed like no one in my area was a huge Dragon War
  8. Hmm... I've often thought about my favorite DQ and it sometimes can fluxuate. It's never really a simple choice is it? You have to factor in nostalgia... the attachment you have to certain characters and storylines... your favorite bosses... the best challenge... It's very difficult! I will say that the game in the series that I thought had the best storyline, the best characters, and the most interesting boss was DQV. It's just such a well paced game! I never felt like things were dragging on, or were rushed, and I really wanted to keep playing to further the story, and see how things wou
  9. I've used the resources here and lurked on the forums far too long, and decided to jump onboard finally. I'm an old-school DQ fan, dating way back to the free Nintendo Power DW giveaway. I survived the 9 year DQ Drought by playing half-finished rom translations and replaying the originals with new challenges (like "never buy anything" or "only equip weapons/armor you find from enemy drops")... anything to satisfy that DQ fix. Well, DQ fans are in a bit of a bind at the moment, of course, with no new domestic games on the horizon... And wouldn't you know it, about a month ago I started to g
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