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  1. Arn


    I always typoed it Ninetails that I don't even bother on correcting myself anymore. Edited it anyway. Also since Mega Launcher imcrease the attack of ALL pulse moves, I'm pretty sure someone else will learn it. Now, if only Hydreigon learns it...
  2. Arn


    It's debatable, while the STAB is nice the Pulse moves aren't supposed to do damage and we also need to know what stats boost Blastie will get. Even with Drought, Charizard will probably be stuck on lower tiers, Ninetail have a better use of it and you can teach him on DW. As for Saur, it was the best change of the three, Saur already have good base defs and covering weakness now will make him more suitable for setting up stuff.
  3. Arn

    Mighty No. 9

    What? You have no idea how costly developing a game can be right? Just look at the team working on this $#!& for crying out loud. I've saw waaaaaaaaay worse things being pleaded.
  4. Arn


    There's a lot of other factors besides EV to check is a Poce is hacked or not. Each Poce, trainer and save file have a data structure and the app is probably going to check it, also the hidden ID each trainer have. There's a lot of other ways to check it too, like where the Poce was captured and from what game, etc, It's kinda complex $#!&.
  5. It's so much hate indeed. Also for a localiztion standpoint we can't complain much can we? We literally got all the main games from the franchise plus the nice spin-offs ones and remakes. Try being a "Tales of" fan, we missed a lot of Tales games and some of them are the best entries like DestinyR and Rebirth.
  6. Mononoke Hime(Princess Mononoke and Kaze no Tani no Naushika(Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind) are my 2 favorite works of him, but I just love all of his works can't deny that.
  7. Arn

    Mighty No. 9

    That because you are not MM fan or you are at least into much on the fandom. Just look what Crapcom did on the past 3 years realed to MM and you will know. 3 games cancelled, bullshit character on Tekken vs SF and making damn social games that no1 play.
  8. Actually it's probable a built-in PSX emulator to run the game, with some code changes to accomodate the system it's running on. Most of those collection games are emulated and not run with the actual hardware. Almost all the sonic collections are like this, with the DS specifically. It was developed by the same guy who made the genesis emulator for the DS, since Sega hired him to do it. That's why some games got bugged or suffer slowdowns.
  9. Arn

    Mighty No. 9

    No, it's only Inafune way of upsetting Crapcom and pleasing us Megaman fans.
  10. My beloved Tales forum is gone, after 10 long years. Even thought I started participating 3 years ago it was one of the greatest communities I've participate.
  11. Tales studio died 2 years ago bro. XD I'm a major Tales fan, it's my second favorite jRPG series you guys could totally play it(best battle system in all existend jRPG)
  12. Arn


    The metagame is already affected beyond control anyway. Also pulse moves really don't need damage, we expect them to give the godamn status effect they are expected to. I really hope the stats boost from the megas don't broke an already broken and unfair metagame.
  13. Arn


    What they did with my Blastoise?
  14. Arn

    Seed ****

    Ok, so I just realized that map seeds can manipulate the entire ******* game, can someone explain this to me with more detail? EDIT: I know what a random seed is and how it works, I want to know what I can manipulate in game with them.
  15. Arn

    Mighty No. 9

    http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mightyno9/mighty-no-9 Doesn't need any word, does it?
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