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  1. Im currently playing World of Warcraft, still and DQVIII. I think this weekend im gonna unplugged my computer and force myself to stop with Addicting Blizz games . So far tho, im in love with DQ VIII
  2. Hey woodus....its been awhile since i was last here, makes me sad. i was wondering if you would be as so kind to change my name to Elranzer. thanks in advance mate.
  3. Im currently palying World of Warcraft and Dragon Warrior I ( NES)
  4. hmmm since you haev to change his, would you mind changing mine to DW348? alot of memebers seem to call me by that, plus its less to type
  5. Could you change mine to DragonWarrior348?
  6. GRRRRR, Roto is used too! i guess i'll stick with the one i got for now, thanks
  7. could you change mine to "Erdrick"? that is the correct spelling, right
  8. my would have to be either dragon warrior 1 or 3. there both great games.
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