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  1. The story so far: started a new file on DQIV, now on Chapter 5 about ready to face Balzack. DQV is sitting at the end of the game, same for DQVI. I'm so horrible about that, apparently. Or my timing for other stuff is just horrific. I'm taking a break from DQ to play some stuff I got for Christmas (Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition, Kingdom Hearts, etc.) and I occasionally play Diablo II on the side.
  2. Esturk in DWIV. But, probably due to nostalgic reasons. And that my brother could be pretty dramatic about video games. Most other bosses annoyed me or left no impression. Least liked: Balzack in Chapter 5. Heck of a challenge, which is cool, however he tends to piss me off.
  3. That's funny. DQ6 is often criticized because of its non-linearity. From reading your other thread, it sounds like you stopped right before the point where it gets non-linear. Stick with it. I'm sure you will like it. Also, I found DQ Swords to be incredibly addictive. I hope you give it a good chance when your hand heals up. I definitely do like VI a lot and will be sticking to it. Up to the point I had played before it was so linear. And what I've played of DQ Swords is definitely addictive. I didn't want to put it down but I had to so I wouldn't strain my hand further. I don't like the archers though. I can never figure out how to time the swipes.
  4. I haven't actually played a great deal of the games. I've played: Dragon Warrior I (incomplete, don't remember where the hell I got to) Dragon Warrior II (incomplete, barely made progress) Dragon Warrior IV (complete, beaten to oblivion more times than I care to share) Dragon Quest VI (incomplete, farthest I made it was acquiring the floating island and found out I missed Amos. Quite late, so I restarted. Now at Ghent.) Dragon Quest VIII (complete, beaten about five times total) Dragon Quest IX (incomplete, and quite frankly, not loving it) Dragon Warrior Monsters (complete, beaten one or two times) Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker (incomplete, just started) Dragon Quest Swords (incomplete, just got the game Friday) Ha. It wasn't until I made this list that I realised my history with Dragon Quest is kinda sad despite how much I go bonkers over it. Admittedly, a lot of these games I didn't finish because of other circumstances. I would say IV was the best but my opinion is somewhat biased since I have an extensive history and love with and for that game. Plus it's one of only three that I've actually completed. I do love VIII something awful fierce though. VI is pretty good, but the fact that it's so linear is a big negative. I've enjoyed playing most of the other games in the series. I started a file on DQMJ but so far I'm not sure about my first impressions. Swords is looking promising to me. I might've gotten farther if I hadn't messed up my hand at work a couple days before I was gifted it though.
  5. Dragon Warrior IV. It was probably one of the first video games I ever played come to think of it. A friend's mother gave us her son's NES with a bunch of games. That one came with it. My brother played it frequently and once he got a SEGA, I ended up inheriting the NES and utterly fell in love with Dragon Warrior IV. The party's AI irritated me at times in Chapter 5 but I have to say, contrary to opinions above me, I find the NES version superior. Yeah, sure, it's cool to be able to control your party and not have Cristo casting beat on everything 50 times - not realising it doesn't work after the first one or two, but I think the changes really killed a lot of the nostalgia for me. I didn't mind the name changes (that much, though I was really gutted at first) as much as certain things like for example, the casino no longer carried the Metal Babble Shield for 50,000 tokens. I do love the remake, I guess I just kinda wish they would have left some stuff alone. And admittedly, I do change the party tactics so that they do what they want.
  6. Far be it for me to push my beliefs on anyone , but vegetarianism? Noooo! Animals are delicious! Yeah I agree, actually. I didn't do it for the animals. I mean, plants are living things too and we eat those. I doubt I can even do it again ... crab legs are too hard to give up.
  7. Name: Yer mum. Nicknames: Mousie, Mouse. Age: 23. Status: In a relationship. Birthplace: Ohio Residence: Florida. Ethnicity: Anglo-American. Accent: Midwest United States-British mash up. Known Languages: English (Often known to use more British terms and wind up confusing people) and Spanish. Self-educating languages: Danish, Icelandic. Known conditions: Hypoglycemia, majority deafness in one ear, astigmatism, arthritis ... Hobbies: Photoshop, photography, making icons, playing video games, etc. Known addictions: Jaffa Cakes, crab legs. Random facts: Left-handed, obsessed with white mice, rabid collector, attempted vegetarianism and thinking of trying again. Excuse the weirdness, I hardly ever do clear, proper shots.
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