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  1. My girlfriend got these street passes from people who claim they're from Japan. Are the names suppose to appear in english? needless to say, it broke my heart :T
  2. I've hardly watched any gameplay for any MMO's but from the footage I've seen of DQX, it just looks like a turn based RPG with mobility. So besides the potential for a subscription fee, what's the big turn off?
  3. I wan't to believe, but I'm certain that isn't true. Im actually more willing to believe that only VII will make it. With most people being down on DQX, low WiiU sales, massive amount of text, and server cost, I really doubt Nintendo will take the risk. DQVII on the other hand has the larger install base. Even though it is infamous for having gigantes sized amount of text, the cost would mostly stop there. If they are smart, it will be an E-shop only release.
  4. I doubt Nintendo will bother with either monster remakes, especially when you consider MJ2's performance. Rocket Slime would be a nice release for E-shop, as I can't imagine the localization cost being to high for that title. Still, I am really hoping for DQVII and DQX. Nintendo is really our only hope, but Nintendo of America is very frugal... Remember how much people clamored for Xenoblade, just a mass of hardcore Nintendo fans. Even with all that fan outcry, they still had a limited release of that game. I don't blame them if they don't put it out, the amount of hard core Nintendo fans compared to the small number of us DQ fans, it's rough. In the cusp of Bravely Defaults release, its been tough being a DQ fan, soooo much hype "finally a classic JRPG'...but what about DQ! :T I'll be getting BD, just hope it incentivizes Nintendo to keep giving us JRPG's even though I know DQ will not see BD's numbers
  5. It sucks that we have to grasp at straws here but what else can we do :T Ok so we have these subtitles to go by: Warriors of Eden Rise of the Five Tribes Online The Slumbering Hero and Sworn Guiding Ally I dunno, would they want to highlight the 5 race system in DQX? I'm not getting that from either subtitle. Seeds of Salvation makes me think of DQX and how your soul gets transplanted to another being. It also gives the imagery of large amount of people trying to save the world... But also seeds, apples, edens? I'm not very familiar with DQVII's plot, Besides time the time travel aspect. Which could lend its self well to a legendary line...? Maybe I just don't know enough of either game, but let this be true!
  6. popped up at nintendoeverything. http://youtu.be/-vwmxoll87o
  7. "So thanks for all the feedback – certainly been a lot to get through, but I really appreciate hearing your thoughts and opinions on what we should be focusing on, what you’re passionate about, and also hearing your messages of support and questions. As a first step, whilst I've been out in Tokyo this week, I’ve been sorting the comments, messages and emails into the topics that you’ve been most vocal about. The most common topic is for us to localise and bring some of our games (which have already been available in Japan) to the West, next are requests about Dragon Quest in the West, a Final Fantasy VII remake and then there are some suggestions and requests for more information on our Tomb Raider sequel. That’s not an exhaustive list by any means, there are many different questions, so if your comment’s not one of those, it’s not being ignored – but I will aim to answer the most-asked questions first. That said, in the spirit of openness I have got to flag that localising previously released games is often not possible when the original team members have moved onto other projects. I will look into this but I don’t want to get anybody’s hopes up. Please keep the comments and emails flowing and thanks again for your passion." Another thing that is rather telling about this reply, is the degree of separation theres seems to be. The most vocal response was about the localization of their games and the second was about DQ localization. Shouldn't that be one topic? This is actually what worries me, this along with the glaring omission of DQ in the initial blog post. They don't even consider DQ as part of the company outside of Japan : (
  8. I made this a while back. I hadn't drawn anything since High School but i slaved away for Dragon Quest : ) How 'bout some Yeah!'s for DQ visibility! https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAABAADMUKlXx6nwnw
  9. But some kind of crossover was announced at the DQX event that passed.
  10. Oh yeah, the anime/manga are whack. Which is what i think they are going, some cross over with the DQ manga and Yugioh manga. I just thought it be cool to have a slime yugioh card to play with.
  11. So i can't find any info on this cross over besides what was mentioned on the GAF, any one have any info on this? Be nice to have Dragon Quest monsters as Yugioh cards : )
  12. Huh? Thany is saying 8-4 worked on the localization of DQVI for DS. I often wonder that as well, but considering how infamous the amount of text in DQVII is, then i would have imagined they would talk about such a project with a more exhausting tone.
  13. Does shared servers automatically mean crossplay between WiiU/Wii and PC? From what people are seeing in the Beta or the benchmark, should people worry for the WiiU version?
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