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  1. It feels like there's a frequency issue with this series. Like Metroid, the series gets release after release then halts with DWVII, then starts back up with the DQVIII retcon... Then goes back into hiding after DQMJ2. My guess is they were testing it out in the West for over 10 years in the late '80s and again in the early '00s, but I'm usually wrong, so... X3
  2. God... Also, is NoA involved whatsoever? (No one knows, I'd hazard. )
  3. Probably gonna come this decade. Nintendo is freakishly slow with second-party stuff, but hopefully, our voices won't cease, and they'll bring us those twenty unreleased DQ games. XD
  4. Heh, dat rage over Zelda combat... Not that I'd want Zelda combat in a DQ just because my first DQ was Slime 2. <.<; Also, why did Nintendo exclusively publish North American DQ games starting with IX again? :\
  5. ItaSt Portable is missing track 8... Unless it's like a Mozart thing where numbers are left out because Mozart wasn't great at math... Although, the game is Japanese... Er, that's probably completely false, lol. Either way, I've got 56 tracks numbered 1-57 with no 8. Thanks for the boost. ^_^
  6. Do big time Japanese game news groups like Famitsu even cover E3? Unrelated: Does Jump go to Comic-Con each year? :\
  7. Heh, I see. What's DQM3D's set-up?
  8. The two 3DS are both out in Japan, right? Can we get a rip of each soundtrack? I suppose every time there's somethin' missing from the Music section, I'm the one to speak up, but I'm unsure if anyone recognizes that as I'm likely not well known due to being unsociable even on the internet... Sorry, rambling. Thanks for everything DQ you do. :3
  9. Right, it's most prevalent in Legend Quest V, but I seem to recall the Madason boss taking much longer than any of those guys. Here's a few links: Er, I tried looking for the Madason fight... I lost it. :| (Maybe if I payed attention during Kanji practice... XD ) Almost forgot: http://www.woodus.com/den/music/mp3.php?tp=mp3&grp=music&desc=dqmbrvwii&current=10 http://www.woodus.com/den/gallery/graphics/dqmbrvwii/mp3/17%20-%20Dragon%20Quest%20-%20Monster%20Battle%20Road%20Victory%20-%20Demon%20Combat.mp3
  10. Concerning the DQMBV soundtrack, I know that the boss theme from DQV is missing the latter half of the loop. The second crescendo or whatever is more abrupt than the first. I know this 'cause I heard it in a Japanese YouTube video; the track in DQMBV is roughly similar to the track in DQVDS. Thanks.
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