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  1. Dragon Quest Europe Convention 30th Anniversary: Full information On 28 and 29 May, will take the Dragon Quest 30th anniversary convention in Biel, in the heart of Switzerland in the premises of the gaming center of Swiss Gamers Zone at 23 rue de Zürich. This event will be set up in collaboration with Square Enix and Nintendo Switzerland or two companies a lot of things we reserves. Games area: - The demo of Dragon Quest VII will be available on Nintendo 3DS Pre-E3 preview - Dragon Quest Heroes 2 playable for the first time in Europe on PS4 - Dragon Quest Monsters Joker playable
  2. The price for International is 18 $ approximately. Unfortunately, I just do no less, even though I would like, because the price is too high for my taste, I'll see if I do little to decrease.
  3. Unique in Europe Dragon Quest Paradise is the only dedicated to the Dragon Quest saga shop in the West, we are located in Geneva, Switzerland. We offer all the products of the saga, it is fluff, cosplays, figurines, supplies, jewels, toys, board games, video games and much more. E-Commerce site is available to the entire Western community, be it the US, Morocco, Europe, Australia, ... we deliver worldwide. Our strength is to have almost identical prices in Japan, so no extra fee. To access the site is here: http://dragonquest-paradise.com Currently being translated into English, we try
  4. I have a little problem running the game, in fact after starting the VPN SoftEther Client Manager and have found a functional server in Japan, I run DQ X, then I click on the yellow button, then he asked me what part I want to start, so my part or I'm online mode and I have the following message: What is manipulation I forgot to do to access the online mode please?
  5. Quick question, what method should I do to gain access to Online mode via a VPN? I tried a FlyVPN and SoftEther VPN Client Manager (tutorial that you did) and I always have a message telling me that I do not just connect when I'm in the game when choosing his part. If you have the solution that would be great, thank you in advance.
  6. I'm looking for the strategy guide Dragon Quest: Shonen Yangus to Fushigi no Dungeon V-Jump Books in online stores is available at Amazon.jp and Playasia, you would know or I just find it please ?
  7. Alright garithos, your badge has been added. Congratulations! thank you very much King Zenith
  8. My site of Dragon Quest : http://royaume-de-ten.com/fcdq/fanclubdq/index2.asp
  9. The French version of Mecano's name is Bob Latiraille according to French DQMJ 2 demo I saw a Nintendo VIP Room in Paris this Week. I also had information of a person at Nintendo like what the Pro version would come out nice and well for next year and in principle by the summer @ Souimet: If you're interested, I can help to make the site to the DQMJinfo of DQMJ 2-2 Pro, if the other person wants to do of course;)
  10. For my part, Dragon Quest just 1 year and some months older than me
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