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  1. Hi sorry to respond so late, the difference between online and local is already the fact that all fans from around the world are in one place to share their favorite license or online it's much more visual with the commentator behind a screen, so the effect is quite different. Then there are also the different activities which also differ, since in Online it will be almost only conference for X hours and some online tournaments while on the local one can discover games that we do not necessarily have at either or other. After that, it is true that as far as possible, even if we are proposing either locally, we will try to bring the event to life online.
  2. In view of the rather worrying health situation until summer 2021, would you be in favor of a postponement to fall 2021 or keep in May but online ?
  3. Thank you for your great proposal, it is true that I had not thought of a potential stand held by Play Asia among others. Likewise, seeing Bandai Japan for the Dragon Quest VR can be interesting (I have the contact of Bandai Namco France to see if I can have the contact of Japan). For the Ludia's Bar we had indeed planned, even if it is not the official bar, to offer an inn to quench your thirst in the colors of the saga. I will see to recover a maximum of your ideas which interests me greatly, thank you again. If you have other ideas feel free to share them here. The poll has been closed since the end of June, but ideas can still be continued here.
  4. Launch of an investigation for a potential organization of a Dragon Quest International Fan Fest which would be launched if soon in 2021 on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the saga. Your opinion matters a lot. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/12cVIwARKE4JRGd7RFw4ouPEJirqpvuM9JmJET4iA628/ Investigate international in order to be able to have a general opinion of all the West. We will come back to a report in a few days.
  5. We sold online over 653 tickets just a huge figure, since we expected originally to a hundred people. I'm not George committees not, I Fabien call.
  6. Yes to my regret I learned that day of the convention was canceled due to problems that might caused the room by security measure with the many internationals who would come from far away to be disappointed in the end due to the real scope of the agreement or it was submerged. But we are currently looking for another room for more people and we will welcome the Dragon Quest Western community in the best conditions. No date can be given currently.
  7. Just little information, as many complained about the exorbitant price, we decided to make a big sacrifice for fans by offering the ticket CHF 40 / € / $ 11 p.m. until next Wednesday at the latest. Unfortunately we can not fall the most, here we find ourselves already losing, but I prefer to take risks and meet up to that fans of murder and that the concert did not take place.
  8. Ticket shop online for the concert : http://www.swissgamerszone.ch/shop/fr/convention/36-pass-concert-samedi-28-mais-convention-dq2016.html
  9. Today I wanted to you announce the news, Dragon Quest concert orchestrated by the Distant World exclusive preview and West during the convention. If successful, the possibility that band goes around the world. They are behind the Final Fantasy concerts, Zelda, Pokemon, Tim Burton, Disney, .... The concert will be held Saturday, May 28 from 19:00 (doors open) and start of the concert at 20:00. Tickets will be on sale in the coming days will be independent of the Convention. 1:30 show with the music of the saga but exclusively for us, a music derived from Dragon Quest XI in preview. Distant World working with Square Enix for years and mainly with the composer of the Final Fantasy saga. Worked with Dragon Quest, Koichi Sugiyama will be a first for them.
  10. The contacts I find them on Twitter via the official websites as Kanahei or Shoko example went through his French club fan who had come to the 15th Impact Japan some years ago. The manager of Kanahei I also gave the address and telephone of the responsible marketing of Square Enix Japan, which is slightly makes things easier, and more with the help of Nintendo, everything seems to be going well for the moment, I meet fingers that it lasts. We put everything in place to make this convention is successful and the expectations of fans came from all over the world (according to ticket sales statistics). I actually had a quite exceptional proposal yesterday I bit you say nothing for the moment that will be unique in the West but that should go through the rest of Europe and the USA of current year. Square Enix Japan also afirmer me they would use a global announcement at the convention, remains whether this is reality and what it will be.
  11. Kanahei, the man behind the pink bunny and the Dragon Quest universe in stars will have a little surprise for the Dragon Quest convention as his manager. It is therefore the ad of the day.
  12. English version Big announcement this Wednesday, Shoko Nakagawa, the actress Alena doubling in the Heroes series and plays the role of the princess in Dragon Quest Live Tour Spectacular, we will present the video with a message especially for the fans. Unfortunately the day of the convention it will not be present due to intensive training for his role in the musical linked to the saga that will begin this summer. So happy fans Alena? French version Grande annonce en se mercredi, Shoko Nakagawa, l'actrice qui double Alena dans la série Heroes et joue le rôle de la princesse dans le Dragon Quest Spectacular Live Tour, nous fera la présence en vidéo avec un message spécialement pour les fans. Malheureusement le jour de la convention elle ne pourra pas être présente pour cause d'entrainement intensif pour son rôle lors de la comédie musicale lié à la saga qui débutera cette été. Alors heureux les fans d'Alena ?
  13. I go to an appointment with Nintendo, there will be streams for conferences, normally broadcast on Twitch.
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