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    Writing, Animation (I want to learn how to make flash movies), Video Games, Reading, Speaking, and being as nerdy as humanly possible.

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  1. epic profile movie/gif

  2. Ah, Examinations. How enjoyable.

  3. (Luigi voice)Hiya!

  4. YAY! BOOK THEMED TOPIC! Recently read: By Stephen King The Shining The Green Mile The Tommyknockers Everythings Eventual (Best. Short Stories. Ever.) By Chris D'Lacey The Fire Within Icefire Fire Star The Fire Eternal Dark Fire Fire World By Random Authors Incarceron Heroes of the Valley For School As You Like It (Shakespeare) Ordinary People As you may have guessed, I read a lot. This is my list since January (or a little later). I enjoy horror and fantasy, and I REALLY like short stories. I actually write short stories for my school paper. My Reccomendations If you want to read a book that will creep you out, please read the Shining. It is amazing. If you want to get introduced into the horror genre, read Everythings Eventual. There are some pretty creepy stories in there, and they take 20 minutes each. If you enjoy fantasy, read Chris D'Lacey's dragon series.
  5. Wow, I got stuck at the same part. I was thinking of trying to push through it, but then I was like, wait a second, I still haven't beaten DQ IX! Hmmmmmmm... Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest... DRAGON QUEST!!! And I haven't played a Final Fantasy game since...
  6. I really like it, but that might be because I never had the SNES version. But I HATE EDWARD THE LOSER BARD He is SO BAD!
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