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  1. Amazon UK got it in stock so just ordered from there. They don't always package the books well well and they arrive damaged, but this arrived OK. I'm confused by the ending, it felt rushed and I don't understand what happened.
  2. Did volume 5 get delayed or a low print count? Forbidden Planet still hasn't got stock and neither does Amazon (UK).
  3. Heck yeah! Super excited. Hoping it gets official subs and leads to the original getting subbed. Edit: Oh, they even put the English title in the video, interesting.
  4. Got round to playing DQI now and I noticed it immediately. Is it present in the other 2 games?
  5. I got my copy today, he appears before the gate to Gallopolis where the demo ended.
  6. Volume 4 was really good. I like how they incorporated the main line games' stories. How many volumes are there?
  7. Considering the Nintendo UK website mentioned Nintendo Switch Game Card for Dragon Quest Builders 2, I'd assume Europe's getting a physical release. Just saw the boxart on the website so guess that confirms it. Was worried because a few retailers (Amazon & Game) weren't listing the Switch version.
  8. Wait, is Europe getting a physical Switch release, Nintendo UK were kinda vague about it?
  9. Just finished the game today - what an ending. Feeling totally lost now it's done and I've been playing it so long.
  10. Kinda... Wasn't paying attention when I first saw it on TV and I thought, "I recognize that voice, is that Yangus?". I always feel feel bad for recognizing Ricky Grover's voice before his face.
  11. Anyone order from the UK Square Enix store? They charged me at the end of December and they haven't shipped the order yet. I've opened a support ticket but they've not replied. Anyone else in the same position?
  12. Pretty sure that Shueisha has the rights to Dai so wouldn't have had to talk with Yuji Horii. They would have to talk to Sugiyama if they wanted to use the music from the anime however (not sure they are using any anime music at all in the game). Either way I'll be picking this up now, wasn't going to originally but can't say no now Dai is in. Hopefully his inclusion opens up the door for the anime/manga to be localised into English.
  13. I get screen tearing setting the FPS above 30 and using 1080p supersampled from 1440p (I set the percentage to 200%). Using a GTX 1070 on a gsync monitor. Is there a way to fix it?
  14. Game runs great on a GTX970 1080p@60, all max settings. Ran into a small bug which switching the confirm button, jump etc was still on the A button but confirm was on B. A restart fixed it though. Using gsync though so it might be masking any issues.
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