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  1. I was hoping they've been working on it in advance they announced it in December and it's not due to air until October so they've must have been working on it for at least 10 months. But year, Covid has mostly likely caused some disruptions. Interesting to see they seem to be rebooting it from the start, I don't know for certain but the original one didn't get a proper ending did it?
  2. Eh, they are usually pretty decent when they don't have to pump out a weekly show in a quick rate. They seemed to keep a similar style to the original anime based on that trailer. I'll be watching the Japanese dub so long as it's available. If FUNImation dub I don't want to hear Chris Sabat voice every male character. 😛
  3. Aw, it's a mobile game. 😑 Edit: and an arcade game. Edit 2: Never mind, they just showed Infinity Strash. I really should watch the whole stream before reacting.
  4. Checkout https://m.twitch.tv/japanesequest/profile (also on YouTube), he's been going through DQXI so that would probably be helpful.
  5. I had that issue, I had to use a different card. Guessing it doesn't like the type of 3D Secure that cards uses or something.
  6. Well at least it wasn't just me then. 😁 Did it get canceled or something and thus rushed, seemed like a lot of build up with no pay off?
  7. Aw, shame it's not a wider area (no IP block would be better). Er, sorry for the thread hijack.
  8. There's no IP block anymore? Is that just for America?
  9. I want it, but why is it £343? I know media is more expensive in Japan, but yeesh.
  10. Amazon UK got it in stock so just ordered from there. They don't always package the books well well and they arrive damaged, but this arrived OK. I'm confused by the ending, it felt rushed and I don't understand what happened.
  11. Did volume 5 get delayed or a low print count? Forbidden Planet still hasn't got stock and neither does Amazon (UK).
  12. Heck yeah! Super excited. Hoping it gets official subs and leads to the original getting subbed. Edit: Oh, they even put the English title in the video, interesting.
  13. Got round to playing DQI now and I noticed it immediately. Is it present in the other 2 games?
  14. I got my copy today, he appears before the gate to Gallopolis where the demo ended.
  15. Volume 4 was really good. I like how they incorporated the main line games' stories. How many volumes are there?
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