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  1. I've said it before, but I really like the new cover art. Didn't know it joined up like that. I've got 3 volumes of the bunkoban, undecided if I should continue with those releases for go for the new one. But the new ones being more complete makes me want to go for those. Thanks for posting these, Mimas.
  2. Second Bluray set is up on Amazon Japan: https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/三条陸/dp/B08SD4SFYH/ Amazon edition comes with a tapestry. Still can't order it.
  3. I was hoping that as well, the current one is... fine, I just don't feel like it fits in with the show and the music doesn't really go well with the animation. It's getting some mixed review on Amazon, seems the Japanese aren't huge fans of the faster pace. I'd be interesting in seeing some manga pics (if you haven't done so already and I've missed it). The blu-ray is still out on the 29th, right? Amazon Japan still won't ship to the UK and Amiami and CDJapan even don't have it listed.
  4. This needs clarification, the DQTranslation doesn't provide the ISO, you need to create the ISO of the game from your own copy, using something like DVD Decrypter, which you then apply the patch to. Have you done this? Second, is your copy the original release or the Ultimate Hits release? The patch might not work with the 'Ultimate' edition. At this this point, I recommend you download a PS2 emulator and verify that the unpatched ISO works and then test the patched version before you write it to DVD. You will need to find a PS2 BIOS to run the emulator if I remember correctly. You w
  5. Popp's a real jerk in this episode. Glad Maam channelled the viewer in her response. What's the difference with those new manga releases, aside from the cover? I like the new covers but I already have some of the older releases. EDIT: Oh, Amiami says they are coloured?
  6. Noticed today the version without the Amazon bonus is available to preorder if the shipping address is Japanese, as soon as you change it UK it becomes unavailable. It normally says it can't ship to your address, but lets you add the item to the basket. Dunno if that might mean it will be made available soon?
  7. Tried the demo on the Series S and I've had 3 crashes - is it the demo or my console faulty?
  8. Amazon lets you pay the import fees upfront, which is handy in the UK as the tax duty threshold is really low and then the shipping company adds an extra fee. Hoping they make it available soon, but you still can't import DQXIS. Amazon are really weird sometimes, you couldn't import DQX V.5 but you could order the All-in-One package. If they don't, then I'll have to go elsewhere. I'd rather they translated the attacks, personally. Using Megante struck me as weird but I guess they wanted to avoid using the word "Kamikaze"... for ratings purposes..?
  9. Amazon Japan has a listing of the Blu-ray release. https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B08LKDNZK3/, currently won't ship outside of Japan though.
  10. The entire scene was different, curious to know if it was to avoid that or because they seemed to be speeding up the pace.
  11. https://twitter.com/DQ_DAI_anime/status/1302549110164058112 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vxm_QdQA9zI Opening song preview, which Twitter has translated as "Macaroni Pencils" .
  12. It didn't arrive until yesterday due to me changing the delivery address and DHL ignoring my date request. Binged disks 2 & 3 yesterday. Glad I finally got to see how the fight with Crocodine concluded.
  13. Dang that was fast. Looks mine mine should arrive tomorrow.
  14. Seems like a very good chance if they bothered to make English descriptions. Wasn't that the same with Your Story?
  15. Can you make the subtitle files available separately, I'd rather use my own rips? The box is a lot smaller than I thought when they showed it on stream the other week. For some reason I thought it was going to huge.
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