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  1. New key visual, spoiler'd just in case. Also getting a new opening song in October (can't remember the exact date, can't find where I read it originally EDIT: It was 2nd October). Guessing the series is ramping up to the end? Still quite a way off though, I'm guessing? Wasn't expecting them to start the current fight so soon and all at once at that. Hoping the other characters gets some wins and it's not just the Day and Hyunckel show.
  2. Is this just a new version of the same old manga? Same story? Yep, looks to be the same as the new Japanese release.
  3. The soundtrack is available on iTunes and Apple Music. https://music.apple.com/gb/album/ドラゴンクエスト-ダイの大冒険-original-sound-track-vol-1/1557897126
  4. If you have a router that supports it, you can set up a VPN on the router. It will put all your network traffic through the VPN though. You can also setup a Raspberry Pi to act as a wireless access point as well if you have some technical skills.
  5. They really increased the animation budget for this week’s episode.
  6. Ever want to smell like the leader of the undead legion? Now you can.
  7. They moved past the original anime contents? Yup. The original only went to up to
  8. Finally at the new content. No new intro song, but some new animation. New ending is pretty good, I like it.
  9. Donk is a terrible spell name... The listing is weird, it shows it's in stock for me but they won't ship to my country. If you sign out/use incognito it shows as unavailable. For some reason it's very hard to import.
  10. Ah, the classic anime trope beach bath house, uh, department store shopping episode. Fits Dragon Quest very well though. Nice nod to Dragon Quest XI as well. I like Leona's personality, she's kinda fun.
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