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  1. I wouldn't mind it being online if there was no fee. However, I won't be able to play it anyway because I don't have my Wii anymore and my parents won't let me get a Wii U.
  2. Granted, but the plant proceeds to kill you and take over the world. I wish my flash didn't suck right now.
  3. Not just that part, the ENTIRE CUTSCENE was this for me, especially when the hero and Prince Harry are enslaved for ten years almost immedietly afterwards. Everything else you said definantly qualifies, although not as sad as that one part we mentioned earlier.
  4. I'm playing Golden Sun Dark Dawn. I'm about 17 hours in.
  5. Granted, but the computer soon blows up. I wish I wasn't so sensitive. D:
  6. Yeah. Just go to the gallery and select "dq(s(for games not in the NES))nes art" for more chibis.

  7. That sage icon you use is so cute! Are there more icons like them but with other Dragon Quest III girls?

  8. Granted, but it only lasts for thirty seconds in your time. I wish I had hypnotization powers.
  9. Granted, but you can't control where you go. I wish I had Maxwell's (from Scribblenauts) notebook.
  10. Granted but now your leg hurts. I wish the English version of Dragon Quest IV DS had party chat.
  11. The sale will be going all month. It'd be stupid not to. And I didn't get a guest! Are you sure there's a new one?
  12. Granted, but Harry Potter kills you. I wish I didn't make this wish.
  13. If you don't like the Graphics, you should check out the PS2 version. Screenshots. I saw that; I just didn't think about it when I wrote that mini-review. It's like N64 graphics!
  14. Granted, but you get arrested for copying others' work. I wish I was in Dragon Quest 8.
  15. DQ5 is my favorite game in the series. Everything about this game was great (except graphics, but I don't care): Gameplay (I'm an impatient person, so I want things to get done ASAP. The pace of the battles and traveling were perfect for someone like me), storyline (I was like, when among other things), music (*hums ship theme*) and post-game content (on the final boss, but Estark looks almost impossible. Something to grind for when I beat the last boss!) Overall I'd give this game a 9/10, because the plot and post-game content are so short, and some plot points felt random and out-of-place to me (*coughZoomingalecough*). Other than that, the game was excellent.
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