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  1. I made a trailor to Dq9 and i want to post it somewhere. I dont know where to post it so i thought i would post it in here. Please tell me if this is the right place and if you want to see my fan-made trailor. Thanks, Alex
  2. My Favorite is Gallade because of its appearance but i havent played in 5+ years????? and i dont know any of the new pokemon.
  3. So i posted a website a while back. That went nowhere. But i remembered i posted a few videos on youtube. They arent the greatist quality but i had to makedo with the recording materials i posess. Here they are: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kv-QERufxWM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQtytLysSg4 please excuse the other videos. My nephew now operates the youtube account. Also please excuse my spelling.
  4. mewtwo2


    Thanks I guess. I revocated my main character again. (15th time) I also revocated my party members and decided to keep fighting Baramos. I also decided to get GreyGnarl on to lv 99 (currently 56) so i guess i should be busy for a while. Thx, Alex
  5. mewtwo2


    Havent played DQ in a while cause i pretty much beat the game. Can someone tell me what to do to get me back into DQ9.
  6. Where do you steal that stuff 'cause i wanna use your method.
  7. you can kill him as many times as you want.
  8. I was gone for about a bit but now i'm back. Although 99.9% of people reading this dont care...
  9. king zenith i just want to know if you liked my youtubevids. thx!
  10. In dragon quest 9 is there a way to battle old bosses like rhapthorne, baramos, murdaw, and others?
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