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  1. im comin back with a vengeance in this tourny................Z man, whenever ur ready >:D

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      King Zenith

      Sounds good (except for the back with a vengeance part...). I just need to get my kids off to bed and then it's on like Donkey Kong! ETA about 45 minutes.

    2. DJ BlackJack

      DJ BlackJack

      heh sounds good dude, best of luck :D. and best 2 out of 3 matches, find me on freenode, alias Dakudoreamu (jap translation for Nokturnus :P)


  2. "Keep in touch, report to me when necessary, dont draw unnecessary attention........." Xiphos said and with that, he snapped his fingers and disappeared with a thundering crack. Back at the underworld, Xiphos explained what happened with the Dracolord battle, why Jay assisted, and what his intentions are. Nokturnus laughed. "Phoenix, of course, is in perfect condition.............meanwhile we must find and locate this Psaro the Manslayer, as they call him. we must acquire this Yggdrasil flower in case the possession goes wrong.......speaking of which, where is that blasted sceptre? probably hunting for the next host." Nokturnus just finished his work on the Purple Firespirit looking soul, although it wasnt a soul anymore. it was a man. he had greenish gray skin, 2 nubs protruded from his forehead underneath his jangling jesters hat. he looked as if he should be serving a king. "Ah another ressurection complete. welcome back to the world of the living Dhoulmagus" Nokturnus eyed his ressurection with pride Dhoulmagus said nothing, he looked at his hand palm, then back. he looked at his other hand did the same thing. then he put both hands over his face, felt his face, closed his eyes. he then opened his eyes and stood firm, at attention. the turned to nokturnus and said "Thank you for bringing me back to the world of the living. Where am i?" "You are in the Underworld" nokturnus replied. "Well im alive, thats the main thing. last i remember i was possessed then killed. who was my possesser?" Dhoulmagus curiously asked Nokturnus said nothing. he turned his back on Dhoulmagus. "I Have a Mission for you dhoulmagus. i need you to go to the castle town of Denzinia. There a powerful king resides there. Denzinia is the sister city of Somnia and the closest town to the Town of Yggdrasil. Find information on this Psaro the Manslayer, report to me when finished" Nokturnus ordered. Dhoulmagus smiled. "You have brought me back to life, My Lord. I Will do your bidding." Dhoulmagus suddenly sprouted red and purple wings, the insides looking shiny, like platinum. he flew up, straight THROUGH the "ceiling" of the underworld and proceeded south to Denzinia..................... (Meanwhile at Wellspring Falls) Hargon eyeballed the quiet town, a select few people still wandering about, restless for some reason...........Malroth was eager to shake the rust off since he was killed last. he growled quietly as if showing eagerness to his master. Hargon turned to Malroth and said "Patience. we must keep watch for a bit longer........." Malroth lowered his head, still grinning that same grin........
  3. "I will make the necessary arrangements" Xiphos said. "If im not mistaken they blossom every 1000 years correct? i know me nor nokturnus or anyone can go to the Home of Yggdrasil, but im sure i can find someone who can. i hear tales of a legendary warrior by the name of Psaro, he seems sane, ill have Lord Nokturnus locate him" Xiphos turned away and looked southwest, where rumors have it that the Home of Yggdrasil resides.
  4. The Pale man saw the look of worry on Jay's face. Xiphos didnt understand emotions. he felt that made a being weak. "You know Lord Nokturnus' powers rival the gods themselves, he is the demon god of course. wouldnt you think that if she did die he can bring her back?" Xiphos tried to reassure his minion
  5. The Pale man (Xiphos in disguise) noticed a figure waling towards him. it was Jay, right on schedule. "ah, jay, im glad you could make it, surely u dont recognize my face but i assume u recognize my voice........" it was deep and harsh, with a hint of a snarl. "Explain yourself, Jay. but before you say anything, i assure you Phoenix is well taken care of, Healthy as a horse if you will. Nokturnus has plans to use her to unleash Rhapthorne though..........she will not die, but she will be weakened. Nokturnus kidnapped her for the sole purpose of releasing rhapthorne. because you used benediction to release the bonds, You caused phoenix' kidnapping..........indirectly of course. when Rhapthorne is released he will let phoenix go." The Pale man explained. "but i assume u will still fight for me, correct? i encourage you to not make the same mistake twice." The Pale Man's tone turned dark...................
  6. Dragon Lord is stunned about what has happened. "you..........you........" With a Massive roar, grabbing his head he fell down with a sickening thud. "With his last breath he turned to Jay and said only one word "Traitor!" with that, Dragonlords massive body dissolved into the ground, leaving the sword implaed in his head behind. The sceptre rose on its own after being separated from lily and shot towards the horizon, Glowing a now more intense red than purple and elecricity being a bright blue rather than yellow. (Back at the underworld) Nokturnus stood up sharply and let out a blast of energy from his mouth. "THAT FOOL!!! He never stood a chance!!! aftewr summoning monsters he was just helping them!!!!" nokturnus shouted. Xiphos listened intently. a figure was lying on the ground before them. it was Dracolords ravished deceased body. "No use in healing him or ressurecting him, he has disappointed me for the last time" Nokturnus took his blade, Slashed horizontally, then slashed vertically, opening a portal to the heavens. An unnatural holy white light filled the underworld as nokturnus Grabbed Dracolord dead body and threw it at the portal. Dracolords body careened through the underworld and slammed into the portal, as soon as dracolords body hit the portal, the portal exploded, electricity crackling from it, then imploded. there was nothing left............ Nokturnus said to his second in command, Xiphos "Send a message to jay, find out what he is doing. he wont listen to me but i know he will obey you" Xiphos bowed and proceeded to write. "Meet me in the middle of the field, midnight sharp, dont be late. make sure no one sees you" Xiphos wrote. he took a ribbon and rolled up the parchment, tied it and sent his Envoy to meet jay at the back entrance of Endor. Nokturnus turned to Hargon and Malroth and said "You know what to do. Dracolord has been killed and rhapthorne does not have quite enough energy yet. go to next town and leave it in ruins." Hargon and malroth bowed and disappeared in a could of blue and black smoke. "No Summoning tricks for them." nokturnus said quietly. Xiphos arrived. "It is done, My Lord, ive sent Jay an invitation, i will be leaving shortly and i shall return." Nokturnus nodded. he then went to this throne and looked over at "The Pit", an area in the Underworld where evil departed souls have been sent. Nokturnus devised a plan, to use someone to have rhapthorne brought back. Nokturnus beckoned one of the souls to come to him. This soul looked like a purple firespirit. he had plans for this soul. he began his work....................... (Back at the overworld) Hargon and Malroth arrive at the gates of a small town called Wellspring Falls. Hargon Smiled evilly as he entered the town. Malroth followed suit. suddenly they saw something shoot across the sky and disappear into the horizon.............. (Back outside of endor) a Pale looking man appeared as if out of nowhere and just stood there as if waiting for something, or someone..........................
  7. "FINALLY RHAPTHORNE HAS POSSESSED YET AGAIN!!!!" Dracolord exclaimed, his voice now distored. "the transformation can begin!!!" Suddenly the earth started to quake underneath Dracolords feet as they turned into 3 clawed front toes, and another where his heel was. he dropoed his staff, and he suddenly grew to be about 10 feet tall, his skin turned a darker shade of purple, a yellowish orange belly appeared and a tail sprouted from under his robes, which were now torn to shreds. his jawline altered, becoming elongated and filled with razor sharp teeth. he telipathically spoke to his enemies "you left me no choice, i must reveal my true self. let me explain what happened to lily, an entity has been trapped in that sceptre for ages and needs a host to be released. she wont be released from her free will, rhapthorne himself must release her but by that time, rhapthorne will have all the energy he needs to break his prison from his sceptre. and now you will die, YOU FOOLS!!!" Dracolord scorches his opponents and blows a f-f-frightfully c-c-cold breath, spins around and whips his tail at Reoh, casts an instant death spell to spike, and chomps at Jay............................. (Switches to underworld) Nokturnus sits and watches what the battle has become in his urn.........Malevolynx has just prepared his army when nokturnus said "Wait....." he holds up his hand and stares intently at the battle. "Dracolord made the delivery and now the sceptre has possessed the girl of the sea. what genius!! and hes transformed..........he better know what hes up against......if he fails i will banish him to the gap between dimensions and he shall never return....." nokturnus thinks aloud. he turns to Malevolynx and looks up at the great lion beast and says "Your time hasnt come yet, Rhapthorne must do his job then i have another ally......." He Motions to the door and sees a robed figure, similar to Dracolord, but next to this figure was a hideous beast, with wings, six arms, and a snake for a tail. his mouth was wide open, in a permanent smile. "Meet Hargon and his monster, Malroth. without hargon, malroth would be a mindless beast and would attack us or them, he doesnt know who to fight for without hargon at his side" nokturnus beckoned hargon to come forth. it seems wherever hargon went malroth followed suit. "If Rhapthorne fails, catch them at the next town. send a message, leave the town in ruins" nokturnus ordered. hargon bowed and stood by Malevolynx, as if waiting in line. "Malevolynx if hargon fails make sure the party is separated, do whatever it takes to make that happen" nokturnus said. malevolynx stood back, both fists clenched and let out a deafening roar, as if acknowledging Nokturnus. "every moment passes and it seems that they keep getting stronger........thats what i get for dracolord summoning monsters rather than dealing with them at their weakest state........." Nokturnus thought to himself, his pupilless eyes turning back to the urn................... (Back to the battle)
  8. "Heh you have no idea what you are up against!" Dracolord exclaimed, his eyes now engulfed in a fiery red, similar to that of lava "just a few more moments and it will be complete", Dracolord thought to himself. he looked at the staff, that glowed with an even more intense purple, electricity crackling from the orb on the sceptre.
  9. Dracolord watched as shadows upon shadows and skelegons upon skelegons fought and fought, but failed. "I Have one last trick up my sleeve before the worst is to happen. i hope its enough.....I must summon the biggest baddest dragon of them all, besides myself of course (chuckle)........" Dracolords eyes continued to glow red, this time with much more intensity. he glanced over to the sceptre and it glowed with an intense purple aura, then he turned his attention to the whittling of his army.
  10. wow very nice. im intersted in a box of those if you have any available
  11. Dracolord turned from the staff to the ensuing battle. he noticed Chad eyeing him as if he wanted to say or ask something........... "hmm these fighters are a lot tougher than i expected. heh heh heh. soon i will have no choice but to transform at this rate. but i can tell that they are very weary. they must have no energy left soon." Dracolord muttered to himself "But why in Nokturnus' Red Underworld is chad looking at me? he eyeballed the staff............could it be that he wants more info? i must talk to him somehow............" Dracolord's eyes glowed a mysterious red as he watched the ensuing battle
  12. Dracolord was just about to enter the inn when he heard yelling and he saw a sword with imbued flames. "how dare you attack me when my back is turned!!! Kafrizzle!" Dracolord aims his staff at Reohs good leg. Dracolord waves his staff and summons 10 more skelegons and a swarm of shadows. "Thatll teach you some respect!! Minions! Destroy this vermin!" Dracolord Proceeds to guard the church door. he looks at the sceptre that he set on the weaponsmiths table. it glows an eerie purple and the orb that rests cracles with bright yellow electricity, as if something wants to burst forth from it but to no avail, the electricity disappates and the sceptre now glows with a faint purple glow
  13. Back at the underworld, Malevolynx was preparing his army and Nokturnus was training with Xiphos. Dracolord appeared at the door. "Lord Nokturnus!!" he shouted with worry Nokturnus was distracted and barely dodged an attack from xiphos' 4 arms. "YOU DARE INTERRUPT!?!?" Nokturnus bellowed, making dracolord cower in fear "My lord, these humans and their pets are far too strong even in my humanoid form! they took out a huge chunk of my army. im almost out of options!" Dracolord explained. Nokturnus sighed. "I had hoped this wasnt the case.........another hero after a century arises........." nokturnus turned and stared at the urn. Nokturnus went to his throne and pulled something from the back of it. it was a Sceptre. he tossed it to Dracolord. "Ensure that one of the party members finds this. id recommend when they fall asleep, if that proves difficult, use your possession technique to have someone sell it to them. whosoever equips this sceptre will find............"great power" hahahahaha" Nokturnus laughed. Dracolord was about to disappear when Nokturnus said "i have taken the bodies of the dead and brought them here. they are alive, take them with you when you launch your full scale assault. if you fail, i wont have mercy on you" Nokturnus' voice turned cold. Dracolord nodded slowly and disappeared in a cloud of black and purple smoke, taking his reincarnated army with him. Dracolord was back at the gates of Endor. time to end this. if he couldnt take Endor he could block the path to the next town. he summoned 20 demon riders, 40 shadows, 10 red dragons, 6 abyss divers, 2 great dragons and 2 black dragons (a quarter of his army) and sent them on their way to wait for them midway to the next town. Dracolord went to the weaponshop and laid the sceptre on the table and left for the church where his skelegons and ethereal serpents were waiting......
  14. "Now thats no way to treat a visitor" dracolord said to spike. he raised his hands, closed it then extended his index finger and shook it as if saying "no no no" "Dragons, Deal with these humans and pets, i will report to Lord Nokturnus" The dragons entered the inn and Dracolord disappeared in a cloud of black and purple smoke
  15. Dracolord had a bad feeling about the black dragon..............a Winky came in and informed Dracolord about the black dragon no longer being possessed and might be a possible ally...... "WHACK!!" Dracolord shouted in anger. the winky fell over lifelessly. "I must peer thru the window and report back to Lord Nokturnus.........." Dracolord summoned 3 great dragons, 3 black dragons, 10 skelegons and 2 ethereal serpents. "my mid tier army! skelegons and ethereals guard this church. greats and black dragons, acoompany me to the inn. i must see for myself what these humans are capable of. i will refrain from using my transformation. i know im unstable in that form.................." the ethereals disappeared inside the church while the skelegons guarded the door. Dracolord was Flanked by his 6 dragons as he approached the Inn. "Kafrizz!!" Dracolord burned the door down and saw humans with their pets and the black dragon
  16. So..........today is the day where we are supposed to tell congress to not censor the web...........

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      *Goes to wikipedia* *Sees that page* *View source* *Views information* :P Seriously though, SOPA is horrible.

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      Don't you love excuses to take the day off, I mean protests? Remember when everyone made their Twitter icon green for Iran? Thanks to everyone's efforts, Iran is now a free and democratic society!

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      I guess so...


  17. Back at the underworld, Nokturnus and Xiphos were eating a huge pile of food. sushi, dinosaur tails, rice, anything u could think of. Nokturnus paused and turned to his left, gazing at the urn. suddenly a shout "My Lord!!!" this shout wasnt directed to nokturnus however. Xiphos turned and saw his Envoy has returned. "Ah some news from Jay eh?!" Xiphos paused "My Lord, Jay has wrote us telling there is a powerfull ally amongst the party, he slain 2 green dragons and apparently hes nothing to be reckoned with" nokturnus slammed his fist on the table and shouted "DAMN! Dracolord better report to me soon or i will have his head on my plate. better yet........feed him to our Lion friend" Nokturnus motioned to a statue, or at least thats what Xiphos thought he saw. the statue unsheathed his greatswords, stabbed the ground and let out a roar that deafened the room and shook the underworld itself. "Meet our 3rd in command, Malevolynx" nokturnus smiled Malevolynx left his swords in the ground and walked to the middle of the arena. Nokturnus stood up and said to Malevolynx "if dracolord fails, gather your army and make sure they are separated. if they are by themselves maybe we have a better chance." Malevolynx bowed and went back to his swords and stood there Nokturnus went to his urn and dipped his finger and twirled. it materialized into endor. he zoned in to the church where dracolord stood at the tombstone. "idiot, he has no idea whats coming to him........" Nokturnus muttered. "he might not make it back to report. no matter, if he fails they will have a much larger problem on their hands!" Nokturnus laughs maniacally
  18. Meanwhile Back in the underworld, Xiphos and Nokturnus were still training. "Heh. time to teleport to a differnet arena. with the way our spells are, we would destroy a large portion of the underworld." Nokturnus laughed "Well im not too sure, we could teleport to an illusion." Xiphos suggested "You mean Dream World?!" Nokturnus Exclaimed "Not quite, My Lord. i mean an illusion, a past world or place. or maybe a future world or place. i wonder if my old place exists.........the tower of mirrors would be a perfect arena!!!" Xiphos explained "Not enough. i know the perfect place." Nokturnus Casts zoom This place was very familiar as Nokturnus was summoned here a century ago. Castle Graceskull.................... "This Is Perfect!!" Xiphos Exclaimed. "Who layed destruction on such a full fledged castle such as this?" Nokturnus smiled, hinted that it was him "Wow......Such power!" Xiphos was very impressed "Although.........in my current state, i can probably wreak havoc just like this. "Xiphos Gloated "Lets find out" nokturnus Snapped his fingers and Castle Graceskull materialized to what it used to be, besides the people. "Do your worst Xiphos" Xiphos casts all the most powerful spells he knew "KAFRIZZLE!! KABOOMLE!! KAZAPPLE!! KACRACKLE!!! KAZAMMLE!!! KASHWOOSHLE!!!" The entire castle of Graceskull was left a barren desert. Xiphos turned to Nokturnus for Approval. "The Only difference is i only used kazapple to destroy the town..........." Nokturnus said "But Very good" Nokturnus congratulated his Second in command. xiphos said "lets go back to underworld and wait for news." Nokturnus snapped his fingers and they were back in the underworld arena
  19. (dracolord is in his human form, Dragonlord is his transformed state. srry i didnt clarify) Dracolord noticed some figures approaching. "Drat! they expel my army like its nothing!! but they must have seen that i was only using some of my army.........they did say i must be powerful........i could us ethis to my advantage. little do they know im the weakest one in this state. in my transformed state i can match some of the higher in command........still no match for xiphos, Malevolynx and The Dark Lord himself by any means..........after my observance in the church i must report back, and take my 2 greats with me." Dracolord swiftly turns and heads for the church. he suddenly turns and summons one of the many Black Dragons in his arsenal. "BlackDragon, wait for them in the inn. ambush them." BlackDragon disappeared inside the inn, while Dracolord dresses in Priest attire. Dracolord walks in the church and waits silently, gazing at a tombstone.....
  20. Dracolord went to his 2 dragons "Zing!!" the dragons didnt move. aver several failed attempts of zing dracolord gave up. he was now along with 10 winkys and 2 great dragons. should he unleash his small army? no.......too soon. he just got lucky. dragons werent paying attention and it is just breaking daylight so they didnt see him. surely they would have smelled him.............no matter. a few more moments of spying on these humans and i got all the info i need to report back to lord nokturnus, he thought to himself.
  21. Dracolord sensed a power that was massive. He left the church and went outside to the gates. he looked to the east and west and noticed his 2 dragons dead and shadows were gone. although he did recognize that spell.......... "Crack!" Dracolord casted an opposite spell of the one who casted the fire spell. Dracolord waits in silence for a response in the middle of the town............
  22. once the smoke clears i will return to the chat. my education is more important.

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      the smoke is slowly clearing. Also Lily he means that theres alot of Drama in the chat due to alot of things.

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      DJ, the drama's over.

  23. Dracolord waits in the bushes that marks the gates of endor. along with him he has brought a few monsters from his small army, including 2 Green Dragons, 8 Shadows, 20 Winkys, and 2 great dragons. Dracolord thought to himself "if these humans can take out this miniature army, i will have to report back to Lord Nokturnus. He will not be pleased to find out that Endor is a budding city. I dont know whats more disappointing, the budding city of endor or the fact that i might fail him............it might cost me my life i must win at all costs!!!" Dracolord set up a strategy. winkys would be in town, eyeballing any suspicious activity, and of course to spot the humans and their pets, shadows would watch the front entrance a great dragon on each of the east and west entrances and 2 great dragons covered the back entrance. as for Dracolord, he would be at the Church. he imagined that the humans and their pets would make a record of their adventure.................. "good", dracolord thought "they will need to make a record of their adventure for what is to come!!!!" Dracolord laughs maniacally
  24. Somewhere, in the depths of a lousy cave in a lousy part of the lousy Underworld, A throne sits, vacant. in the spot before the throne and after the first set of doors sits an arena. one of the fiercest training sessions was taking place between Nokturnus and his second in command, Xiphos. Nokturnus was very agile due to his muscular structure and Xiphos was very fast even for a being of his size. yet Nokturnus had to keep training, he was a god after all and after his defeat at the hands of a hero a century ago, he vowed to not make the same mistake twice. although he did get pleasure from killing "that Old Man", he was uneasy, yet keeping his focus. Nokturnus suddenly broke his guard, did a 720 degree flip in the air and landed, sword extended. CLANG!!! Nokturnus hit Xiphos dead on the skull, but to no avail. Xiphos' body was completely metal. Xiphos casted clang at the last second "Heh. i see you have new skills as well." Nokturnus congratulated his second in command. Xiphos' metal body became fleshy and scaly once more. "I have pushed myself past my limits and then some." Xiphos replied "You need to be at your best for whatever is to come. After your defeat by a different hero, i imagined that you would be banished to Hell. But your services are needed." Nokturnus said, while turning to an urn. this urn was filled with a mysterious silvery blue substance. "I sense a power.................its nothing. a few humans with their pets." Nokturnus dipped his finger in the substance and twirled his finger. the substance materialized into a town. "Endor................" Nokturnus quietly went to his throne and calmly sat down. Xiphos asked curiously "What do we do about this, My Lord?" "we do nothing at this point. i sense a power but its hard to tell what will become of these humans." Nokturnus said A mysterious figure with a staff appeared. "You have summoned me, My Lord?" the figure asked timidly "Ah Dracolord! ive been expecting you. You are late of course" Nokturnus' voice turned dark "my apologies, Your Majesty." "Nevermind that. i have seen a town. i need you to go to Endor. u will see humans with pets, monitor them and report back, do nothing else, understood?" Nokturnus gave the order "Understood, My Liege" The figure, now known as Dracolord, bowed and left. "Now Xiphos, where were we?" Nokturnus sharply rose from his throne, his double bladed sword in his right hand and left hand extended, palm facing Xiphos. "Enough of swordplay, time to shake the rust off with some spells" Xiphos threw his weapons at the ground so the blades stuck. Xiphos extended both hands and said "As you wish..............."
  25. ill most likely describe the setting, who is present and who is talking but the term "I" means taht im referring to nokturnus. like so Dracolord asked "what is our first plan of action, My Lord?" "We strategize. then we wait for them in the next area. bear in mind that we still need to delve into some areas. i have a feeling a powerful ally will be of use to us." I replied.
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