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  1. thats right.......thnx King Hydra should be much more badass than orochi in this game.
  2. apparently we are supposed to have close to 700 monsters......... purple orochi i have seen somewhere before but i cant recall where (thought it was dragon warrior 3)
  3. Not only that, but they tend to keep the best stuff for themselves. Professional, Ace Attorney Investigations 2, Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem...I'm quite ticked at them as-is, so this had BETTER come to the states. yea thats what got me pissed was withholding professional. seeing as how we didnt get professional, we might get this. its ja[pans way of saying srry ya didnt get DQMJ2P so well kiss ur ass and give u this instead
  4. i agree. i mean come on. they already did something for either this game or slime mori mori at mickey ds in japan. they would be nuts to not release this in the US or anywhere else besides japan. but like always, they gotta get the good stuff first...............well prolly see this in 2013, if we make it
  5. balhib is easier to get from eugene than it is to synth one. 3 of the 4 mons it takes to synth a balhib u can scout but them gold golems ya gotta synth. just kick eugenes ass and get the monster from his invincible collection.
  6. (Reaper's Peak) Dhoulmagus and the imp arrived at Reaper's Peak, a quiet little town. it looked as if the town was recently built but Dhoulmagus couldnt be too sure. this place seemed all too familiar to him as he knew where everything was. heros old house at the NW corner of the map, mayors house on the opposite corner, the bar south of the mayors house, and the church in the middle. something seemed............odd about Reapers peak........it was too quiet. dhoulmagus decided to check at the bar, trying to locate this Mystery Man. nothing. mayors house. nothing. approaching the Heros house the door suddenly burst open. a young elfen girl strode out and following her was the Mystery Man. they noticed Dhoulmagus standing there and approached him. "Who are you and what do you want!?" the young elfen girl cried suddenly, tears of what looked like blood started to gather at her eyes. the mystery man was about to unsheath his sword Dhoulmagus pointed a black clawed finger at the mystery man and asked "Are you Psaro the Manslayer?" The Mystery Man paused and looked at the elfen girl, she nodded to him. The Mystery Man took his hand off his sword, stepped forward and held out his hand in the form of a handshake. "I am indeed Psaro. and........you are......?" The Mystery Man, now identified as Psaro asked curiously "Dhoulmagus is my name, but i have come not for formal introductions." dhoulmagus shooked his hand. "i have something to ask of you Psaro. Where can i get the Yggdrasil Flower of Legend?" Psaro looked angry for a moment then said "The Yggdrasil Flower of legend will only bloom for those with a noble cause. without that, you will never see one." Psaro turned and walked away. "Come on, Rose" he motioned to the elfen girn and she quickly followed suit, a tear rolling down her cheek. as soon as it touched the ground, it shattered into a thousand tiny fragments. Dhoulmagus stood there looking at it..................... (Alltrades Abbey) Nokturnus stood in the middle of alltrades abbey, eyes still closed. many people avoided the man that stood before them, as he had a sinister aura. girls were eyeballing Nokturnus, then quickly turned in fear as he opened his pupilless eyes. he walked to the pedestal. Jack Of Alltrades asked how he could be of service. nokturnus looked at him. "WHACK!" Jack of Alltrades fell silently down the red carpeted steps. nokturnus then turned to the entrance of the Abbey and was glowing a mysterious white and purple color. Nokturnus slowly started floating in the air and started to crouch in a fetal position. suddenly, nokturnus yelled and extended his arms and legs. a huge explosion rocked the abbey, sending chairs and tables and people outwards from the abbey. it took a few minutes for the dust to clear, but when it finally did, there was nothing left of the abbey Nokturnus smiled and closed his eyes and thought to himself "heh, now no one can fulfill a new path in their pitiful little lives" nokturnus opened his eyes and started to laugh maniacally, before snapping his fingers and returning to the dark depths of the underworld (Wellspring Falls) Hargon walked around the town, with malroth following suit as they examined every house, every nook and cranny to verify there was no life left in the town. feeling that their job was done, they moved onto the next town, towards Weavers Peak........................
  7. u would have a better chance with these skillsets Zoma Uber Healer Uber Mage Uber Health nokturnus Uber Attack Uber Health Champion Black Dragon Uber Attack Uber Health Dark Knight (for Shadow Slash) more info on "uber" skillsets are listed here http://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqm5ds/skill_upgrades.php
  8. (overworld) The imp flapped its little wings as fast and hard as he could. he flew to alltrades abbey and saw the Mystery Man sitting down having a brew and eating what looked like cream of weartiger...........imp stuck out its tongue, looking disgusted. he waddled over to the Mystery Man and handed him a note, then bowed and walked away. as the imp walked away, Mystery Man stood up sharply and followed the imp out, but did not go towards the direction of Somnia Castle. he instead went towards Reaper's Peak. the imp looked confused but went south to eliver Dhoulmagus' note. the imp approached the gates and snuck in. he found dhoulmagus in one of the chambers and handed him the note. "ah nokturnus has found a Mystery Man he wants me to hunt down." dhoulmagus said surprised. he transformed and took flight with the imp, as the imp was beckoning him with his fork, but they didnt go to alltrades abbey. they proceeded north to Reaper's Peak................. (Underworld) "the notes have been delivered i see......." nokturnus was watching what was going on in the urn. "but where is that blasted imp going? hmm........" nokturnus started to stroke his chin, pondering..............then thought of another course of action. "i will go to Alltrades Abbey myself and destroy it. that place is far too valuable to be left alone........." Nokturnus picked up his sword and snapped. (overworld, Wellspring Falls) the flames of the town continued to crackle, a light drizzle started to fall from the sky. something flew overhead, what looked like a ghostly pirate ship............ hargon an malroth patrolled the town to make sure there wasnt a trace of life in the town. hargon noticed something shiny on the ground. he found a coin with a star in the middle. hargon held the coin up to malroth, whos eyes grew wide with interest. hargon put the coin in one of teh eye sockets. malroth shrieked with delight.............. (Overworld, Alltrades Abbey) Nokturnus appeared in front of the abbey, looking at its golden castle design. nokturnus walked casually into the building and stood in the middle of the building with eyes closed..........................
  9. really? not in metal slime haven or bemusoleum? wait its pro.......hmm ill see if i can find a synth recipe. the one on teh den is not listed...........
  10. i have provided synth charts for Joker 2 pro. woodus added them to the den main page (although i never saw my name in the announcements . was waitin for "Thanks to DJ BlackJack and ss14hero for providing us with some synths for joker2 pro!!!!" but never got it) *whimpers* hunter mechs are easily scouted tho........
  11. (underworld) Nokturnus Paced back an forth waving his sword like a baton.... "DAMN!! what is taking my minions so long?!" nokturnus was pissed. Xiphos and Leonyx looked uneasily towards him, as he stared in the urn, hargon and malroth stood watching the flames from the town. "Well at least malroth and hargon made a move........i didnt know they were capable of destroying a small town......no matter they are powerful allies and hope hargon doesnt meet his demise, id hate to see what that malroth creature does without his control......." nokturnus swirled the substance and it materialized into a massive castle town, talking ot the king was Dhoulmagus. "Damn that jester, this isnt the time to be a social butterfly!!" he swirled one last time and he took a step back, shocked. he had just realized something.............."i know that place........." he stared at the place. people walked in with clothes then waled out a different set of clothes, as if they are taking a new path in life. "Alltrades Abbey.........." (zoom into the urn, materialized into the actual alltrades abbey) a man was walking slowly. he looked human but he had glowing silver eyes, flowing white hair and his sword in his scabber. he wore something like a half plate armour, with spikes on it. he approached Jack of All Trades. few seconds pass and he walks out of the abbey (zoom out of the urn) "hmm very peculiar being, i want to know who he is." nokturnus turned to one malevolynxs minions, an imp, and wrote 2 notes, one to Dhoulmagus and 1 to the Mystery Man. the one to dhoulmagus read: "Dhoulmagus, go to alltrades, there is a mysterious person there(a full description of what he looked like was listed as well), hurry!" the one to the mystery man read: "To Whom It May Concern, meet me at the gates of somnia, midnight sharp, gravely important" nokturnus wanted to confuse the mystery man to think that he received a letter from someone he knew. nokturnus gave the notes to the imp and sent him on his way, waiting for more news and plotting more courses of action...........
  12. whats disappointing it looks like this willbe a jap release for now then next year we will get it. ive noticed a pattern and i dont like it >
  13. "Hold me closer Ed! h-h-h-h-h its gettin' dark." (Hacking cough) "Tell Auntie Em to let Old Yeller out" (hacking cough) "Tell Tiny Tim I won't be comin' home this Christmas" (hacking cough) "Tell Scarlett I Do give a Damn!" - Jim Carrey in The Mask

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      do i give a dam will be my last words thats sure lol

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      that movie was classic bahahahahhaa

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      hahahahaha please tell tiny tim i dont want him to that meat because im a vegetarian lol [ im not really ]

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  14. new giant made. accepting ALL challenges

  15. new giant made. accepting ALL challenges

  16. (In The Underworld) Nokturnus Paces back and forth restlessly, Xiphos sits in the middle of the arena, working on his meditation, and Malevolynx swings his giant swords/ preparing for battle (In WellSpring Falls) Hargon walked to the middle of the town, Malroth Quickly following suit. "Malroth, its time" Hargon patted Malroth Malroth roared and stretched out his 6 arms and flapped his wings ferociously. A Sun-like orb appeared and dropped into the well in the middle of the town. an earthquake rattle the town and split the town in 15 different directions, houses breaking off and falling into the fissures. the well exploded on contact and erupted into a towering pillar of flame. Malroth Shrieked with delight.......... (back at Denzinia) Dhoulmagus approached the bridge leading to the gigantic castle town where 2 guards stood. the guards extended their partisans so they crossed in front of the evil jester. Dhoulmagus bowed, smiled, and looked at the guards. the guards straightened their weaponsand allowed the evil jester access. Dhoulmagus immediately hurried to the kings chamber and explained to the king who he was searching for. the king chose his words carefully, as he was not able to trust Dhoulmagus. the king had no idea who dhoulmagus was, where he came from, what his ties with a cursed sceptre were, as it had just came bursting through the door and shot through a secret room behind the throne minutes before his arrival, who sent him an what his purpose was. Dhoulmagus explained to him, lying "My Name Is Dhoulmagus, i come from a castle town of trode, where i worked as a jester, but left to pursue my own adventure. as for the sceptre ive never seen it before, a curious object as it is, and my purpose is to find a Psaro the Manslayer to gather information on a Yggdrasil flower." the king told him that Psaro visits his castle frequently for information regarding "secrets of evolution" in the kings library and any scholars that might have info, and what items are needed to enhance its powers. "Your Majesty, I Must Tune in for the night" Dhoulmagus said and with a bow, he turned and left, still pondering what might be in store for him....................
  17. i enjoyed wario land 4 vocal songs. i remember playing that on my GBA. even better now i got it on my 3ds lol
  18. Skrillex - Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites
  19. id recommend wellspring falls i hear its nice this time of year (laughs evilly) jk.
  20. that was the goal, the party members are searated but their pals are not....
  21. well they mistake eachother for enemies in a town and almost duke it out, but then realize who eachother are and regroup. just an idea lol.
  22. well i did have a plan, that the whole party was separated by Malevolynx. idk if that was ok with yall but ive hinted at it lol.
  23. Dhoulmagus was flying through the air, a very large castle appeared in the distance. dhoulmagus thought "this should be all too easy". suddenly a sceptre rocketed past him from behind and it seemed like it was heading in the same direction as Dhoulmagus. Dhoulmagus suddenly stopped and was flapping his wings to keep in the air and said "DAMN!!!" in anger. he got a good enough look to see it was the sceptre that possessed him all those years ago before his demise. "That blasted sceptre...........i must resume my mission." Dhoulmagus said and he resumed his flight to his destination, Castle Town of Denzinia. he tucked in his wings, and sped like a bullet towards the gates. he then flipped forward and landed hard on the soft soil, his clawed talons made prints in the soft soil. he then resumed his jester form as he proceeded to cross the bridge to enter Denzinia...........................
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