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  1. murdaw is def overlooked. so is spitnik and imp. take advantage of that gigagash or kaboomle. they both have bangmeister and crafty banger. not to mention spitnik is healed by bang
  2. we need to post 3ds FC here so we can have as many opponents as possible. i enjoy battling other people or teaming up in LVD battles. if anyone wants to add me, besides the ones that already have, send me a PM. id gladly train with u
  3. (Underworld) Nokturnus wobbled a bit then sat in his throne. he shook his head, trying to regain his sense. i think that will be the last time i put my essence into another being like that, nokturnus thought. he raised his hand and the urn raised itself and floated towards him. it then sat by his throne. Xiphos paced about restlessly. Malevolynx walked in the room, 7 drackals held by the tails, in malevolynx grasp. malevolynx roared with delight at the fact of having such a feast. nokturnus noticed one was still alive. he motioned for malevolynx to set the live drackal down. nokturnus had plans for this one.................................. (Weavers Peak) The figure walked towards baramos. the purple light faded and the figure dropped to the ground, white as snow. baramos then grabbed his head in agony, like something was trying to take over his mind and body. baramos screamed in pain then relaxed and his voice turned dark. "Ah Zoma, it has been ages." baramos grinned, the sceptre flew from the fallen figures hand to baramos' hand. "At long last my transformation is almost complete. those fools at wellspring falls surely did help." baramos/rhapthorne raised his hand flexed his fingers and looked at zoma. "i will help but it is not my duty to do so. ive been watching the party and i can tell you u dont even stand a chance. i stand a far better chance than u do." baramos/rrhapthorne then turned to the Skeleton XY, who continued to pace around the couple. "XY, bring in this foolish girl." The Skeleton XY proceeded out the door to retrieve the young girls body, as Zoma stood in fear, yet awe..................................... (North of Wellspring Falls) A Figure was flying. he noticed that there was a tunnel. curious he landed and proceeded to check out the cave. it was boiling hot, reminded him of home and where he used to reside.................he then noticed how far he was from Wellspring Falls. he decided to set up camp near this Grotto, or whatever........................................ (Dream World) Dhoulmagus and the imp arrived at Wellspring Falls.........................only to find out it didnt exist!!! there was an error in someones calculations.....Dhoulmagus motioned to the imp and proceeded to fly to Alltrades abbey.......................
  4. And you're a Canucklehead, so? I am from the States originally. I am originally from Seattle, WA. awesome. im from there originally too love the Emerald City
  5. ok so someone received the power of flight card in their magazine. apparently they didnt have the game so they gave it to me. HUZZAH!! another KI U AR Card XD still waitin on those 4 from clubnintendo tho.
  6. the bulbapedia thing is what i saw. the one i remember vividly was a couple years back, a video about a live action Zelda movie had me going.................................
  7. present: Half african american (mom) and british/Shoshone Native american (Dad) past: Irish, German, African american, and a touch of russian (moms side, yea the other races were a bit diluted bahahahaha.) and british, romanian, and native american (dads side)
  8. sweet. well we can either do winged wonders or u can see my other..............monsters
  9. still waitin for that rematch buddy...........................
  10. Nokturnus (Most powerful villian) DQVI/DQIX Samus Aran (Before Other M) Metroid Series Mike Jones (most underrated) StarTropics and StarTropics 2: Zoda's Revenge Giovanni (Best Villian of pokemon. chairman of Team Rocket and 8th Gym Leader) R/B/Y
  11. No wonder you have so much knowledge! You have what I consider to be one of the most important jobs imaginable, teaching science to youth. I salute you. I myself work as a Network Monitor for an ISP. I also get to record those automated messages you may hear if you call in when your internet goes down. My sweet succulent voice Why thanks, I think so. Being at a private school, we have a couple tours from prospective parents come through a week. My typical line that hooks them usually is this: "I know they're not going to remember the rock cycle or every bone in the body or much of anything that I teach them in a couple years, but if they can just take away from here how to do scientific inquiry and remember that it can be fun, and that inspires them to take another Science class, and then another, and then another. Well, then I've done my job." A little corny, but that's what I hope. Sounds like a lot of people in the tech industry here. I bet you all had a good science and/or tech teacher or two along the way! I never took you so much for biased upon size, but I mean if those are the clients you prefer to take on... Had to go back and reread this. Totally read this as "I am Hero of the IT Department for the University of Toronto" the first time! uh p[latty my friend, u forgot another IT nerd. if ur wondering who. hes talking to u XD
  12. *gasps* better not ya sick pricks!! thats the beauty of technology these days tho. u can basically hack into anything. everything has a CPU in it now. cars, trucks, SUV's, aircraft, etc, etc.
  13. ayyyyyyy happy birthdayyyyyyyy celebrayyyyyyyte responsibly XD
  14. Student at ITT Technical Institute in Phoenix AZ Computer Technician/Network Support
  15. the quests are still available i do believe on the DLC
  16. cleric isnt affected that much, just dont go past omniheal because that monster will spam gigagash like no tomorrow
  17. (Island Temple) Xiphos concentrated all his might into the spell, concentrating it even more. bulding up power, then condensing it. a white light shown on the Hawkhart Ace, and started to move. "It Is Done. just remember u abandoned ur party. who will u turn to now?" Xiphos then opened up a portal and flew through it, going back to the underworld..................................
  18. uh id say fight fire with fire. although magmalice, among others, are healed by frizz. if u can get a monster who is healed by frizz and is damn decent then by all means. although if u feel comfortable. get something with metal body. uber health uber healer and soemthing else, id suggest uber helpful. just personal preference tho
  19. (Island) Xiphos' eyes narrowed even more. 2 of his 4 arms unsheathed swords, the other 2 had a white light light and a orange/red light. xiphos then said calmly "i did say that i can remove it. i did place it. it was supposed to wear off after the battle. stand aside and i will awaken your precious Phoenix. after that, ur services are no longer required." Xiphos walked around Jay menacingly, wings flared. he strolled inside the temple, 2 swords still unsheathed, as he couldnt be too careful. he always knew Jay was so hostile. no matter, that will be his downfall, he thought. he walked to where the Hawkhart Ace was laying down. breathing was a bit ragged. like it was dying........... Xiphos could either do 1 of 3 things. attempt to break the curse, risking killing her, keep her alive until a Yggdrasil flower is retrieved, or let her die and be reborn as a different incarnus.................but how could he break the news? Xiphos was boiling with anger. he then calmed himself. the island started to shake, more and more violently with each passing second. Xiphos stuck his 2 free hands over the hawkhart ace and performed the most powerful magic he could. he casts a mixture of Kazing, Megaheal, and a touch of benediction. although this was some of the darkest magic Xiphos knew, it still works the same as if someone was using its white magic counterpart. Xiphos waits in silence as Jay is standing behind him, hand out, palm facing upwards, ice crystals gathering in his hand.............................................
  20. (Island) Xiphos' eyes narrowed. "Dhoumagus has failed to retrieve the flower. his report stated only a good person with a good heart would be able to retrieve it." Xiphos turned and looked at the sea. he then turned back to Jay. "well now theres 2 options. let me in the temple and i will do my best to break the curse. after all i did set it. i didnt realize it would be that strong. the point was to keep her alive. well.........the second option is to go to the castle town of Denzinia, about 30 miles from the town of Yggdrasil. surely they would provide assistance as well.............." Xiphos walked closer to jay and explained. "well there are your 2 options........." Xiphos started to walk towards the temple, ground shaking with each step...................
  21. (Overworld) Xiphos zoomed closer to the sea, where a tiny speck of an islad started to appear. a temple in the center. "ah he must be here" xiphos smiled. he landed on teh island with an island shaking boom. he saw jay come out of the temple, who proceeded to drop some kind of wing. "so the curse didnt break after all, eh? i can fix that. i presume the party is weary? they will have one Underworld of a time with what waits at Weavers peak" Xiphos said with a smile as he looked at his friend. he proceeded to walk to jay, who stood at the open temple door........................ (Weavers Peak Cliffs) The figure turned away from his love and zoomed. his destination was to that power he felt. he didnt know what awaited him there but surely whoever waited there would have some answers to his questions.................. (weavers peak) Baramos was frightened so he raised his arms in preparation. Zoma proceeded to tell the Skeleton XY to guard the couple and walked outside in front of baramos. zoma then proceeded to ask what the figure wanted, who then raised the sceptre. the ground shook underneath the figure and the purple aura glowed even more intense.................. (Dream World) Dhoulmagus and his imp felt a power from the hole they just zoomed through. they looked back as they were flying, looking uneasy. they must proceed to fulfill their mission. they headed to wellspring falls, to see if it existed....................
  22. uh all i found was a crunchberry, 87 cents, a packet of ramen noodle flavoring, a couple dust bunnies, and computer wires -.-
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