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  1. srry for sounding like a troll. i like to test ppl, but in reality im no troll :)

  2. lol ur birthday is a week and a day after mine.

    like the site woodus, and its good to see ppl older than me love DW/DQ :D

  3. thou hast written on thy profile

    add me as a friend kthnxbai :P

  4. u add me as friend yesh?

    kthnxbai :P

  5. happy birthday dude. ill celebrate in your honor

  6. good to see ppl older than me still playing DQ :P

    its funny cuz DW3 came out a lil before i was born (oct 20 1988, and DW3 is my fav by far)

  7. nice banjo playing skills. :P


  9. forgot to add, monster jam is here in phoenix. grave digger max destruction and madusa are gonna be here. end of jan beginning of march

  10. happy birthday. celebratin with a beer (i know it doesnt say my age but im 22). YEEEE HAAAAWWWWW!!!!!

  11. lol nice changing avi. looks badass

  12. i live in phoenix too. we should trade maps sometime.

  13. lol ur birthday is 8 days after mine.......i noticed in my help thread u had a debt problem. how can i help u?

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