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  1. (Weavers Peak Base) Psaro continued to munch on his apple. "So Starkers is his name..........thnx for that piece of info. does anyone know what he looks like? perhaps a sketch could help me find Starkers, and eventually, Estark." Psaro took out some Parchment and a Leaf with a hollow stem. he offered it to the party. Psaro noticed Kazuma looking at him suspiciously. he then turned and looked at Reoh and Dai. Psaro then continued "I did see a girl with a sceptre but as to what has happened up at the peak is unknown. all i know is its going to rain." he pointed up at the dark billowing purple cluds, which proceeded to drop fat droplets of rain and eerie purple and yellow lighting burst forth from the clouds......................
  2. that sucks cuz it looks like yangus is gonna beat nokturnus >: (
  3. (Weaver's Peak Base) Psaro turned to Reoh and smiled, his eyes returning back to their amber color. he patted Reoh on the shoulder, while listening to Dai. "So. Estark wasn't the cause of this............and u are correct, Reoh. he WAS supposed to be asleep. Apparently he awoke then took slumber elsewhere, which is currently unknown..........and to make matters worse, someone else is looking for him. Do u know if he has any relatives, Reoh?" psaro munched on his apple, taking in all the information he could gather. "and thats funny, i didnt sense anything at Weavers peak. I dropped Rose off there. surely i would have noticed something......." Psaro shrugged, as he didnt care about the powerful threats that awaited his old friend and the band of warriors at the top. Psaro must have been powerful to not notice anything........................... (Weaver's Peak) Baramos/Rhapthorne waved his sceptre in the air, dark clouds billowed over Weavers peak and it started to rain, hard. with lightning strikes at every turn. the portal to the Dream World was blocked by the Clouds and lightning struck houses and the bar. the 2 buildings that were left untouched were the Mayors house and the house where they found the couple and where anna, the skeleton XY, Zoma and Baramos/Rhapthorne resided.................................
  4. (Underworld) Noturnus was focused, his eyes closed. he saw the party but an unknown person stood before them. he looked very powerful, perhaps to match the Demon God himself. eyes still closed, focused, he watched.................... (Weaver's Peak Base) Psaro noticed the humans. his eyes still glowed red with anger. he looked around, noticed a couple Elven people dead, then turned back to the humans. Calming himself, Psaro asked "Who did this? im looking for a certain being but his whereabouts are unknown. perhaps if you tell me, it can give me a lead." Psaro then took out apples for everyone and handed each of them one. he went to the wagon and offered the Mermaid one as well. he then took out some sketches of a monster. the most notable features were 2 giant greatswords and 3 eyes. "I forget his name but this is the being im looking for..........." he handed the sketches to the party to be passed around. he then noticed an old comrade amongst the party.............................................
  5. (Overworld) Psaro was walking towards Wellspring fals. he was shocked to find the town in ruins. he looked around and then ran back the other way................
  6. happy belated birthday wheres dwaine when u need him?
  7. (Grotto) Psaro waves goodbye to a new human friend. he walked to the smokey town of wellspring falls hoping to find more people, a warm smile on his face. he looked into his bag and found some more apples, which he took 2 of. he stopped ate an apple and planted the core. he then poured a clear green liquid on the planted core. he waited 5 minutes and a tree grew, blossomed with apples. he plucked every single one except for one. he knew that if he took the last apple, the tree would die. he put all the apples into his bag and munched ont he other one as he waled to Wellspring falls...............
  8. (Grotto) Psaro seemed intrigued as to why this human whom he just met would want to join him. then again psaro must do this for his beloved................psaro turned to jay and said "Sorry, this is business i must attend to by myself. here. research this for me and maybe ill see you down the road" psaro then gave Jay a drawing. it was a very large drawing. the most notable features were 3 eyes and 2 very large swords. "contact me immediately if u have info on him. mainly his whereabouts. i should warn u his son is searching for him as well............." psaro then gave jay a very large round crystal. "in case u fail, these will save you from death" Psaro then took out 3 vials of a clear green substance and 5 leaves and handed them to Jay.....................
  9. yes i checked it. i can answer a few of your questions. anakin was conceived through the force. remember in teh 3rd movie? palpatine said "u can use the midi chlorians to create......life and even prevent others from dying." after all anakin had the highest known count, even higher than master yoda's. maybe that can help you answer your question. trust me im just as big of a star wars fan, if not a bigger star wars fan
  10. (Grotto) Psaro munched on the 3rd apple as he listened to Jay. Jay reminded him of the humans that helped him back when.........................he thought to himself. Nokturnus? where have i heard that name before? it sounds vaguely familiar............ psaro then heard him asked if he was THE psaro the Malnslayer and if he had an Yggdrasil flower. Psaro scowled and asked Jay "is that the only reason u are talking to me? if so, i can get my info elsewhere. the yggdrasil flower only shows up when the world is in great peril. a hero of light must appear." Psaro then continued "Nokturnus does sound familiar to me somehow, but he is not who i thought it was nor searching for..........................." Psaro then rolled up his sleeve and there was an indentation from some kind of amulet. Psaro finished with "im searching for a great evil, i found him once before but i fear that a relative of his is also looking for him. i need to get this piece back. do you have any info?"
  11. (Grotto) The Mysteryman stood in silence, chewing on the apple, as he looked at this human named Jay. he turned sharply and started walking towards Wellspring Falls. he stopped 20 feet from Jay and turned around, his eyes now changed from hazel to a tinge of red. "my name is Psaro The ManSlayer. i am seeking out information as to what is going on and who is doing this. i suspect its 1 of 2 people and im trying to figure it out. do u have any information, Jay the human from Isle O' Smiles?" Psaro then walked towards Jay and took out 3 apples and handed 2 to Jay.
  12. (Outside the Grotto) the Mysteryman, with his long flowing silvery white hair, continued to munch his apple, staring at Jay with his amber colored eyes. he took another bite, swallowed and said "You First, Human." The Mystery man rested his hand on his sword, just in case this human turned out to be a threat. He continued to munch on the apple until nothing but the core remained. he tossed the core aside and proceeded to munch on another apple, waiting...................... (Underworld) Noturnus opened his eyes. he stood up to greet one of his most prized minions. The imp was back from his journey adn had some news. the imp bowed and handed nokturnus the roll of parchment. the note read "ABBEY EXISTS!!!!!!" Nokturnus crumpled the note, which disintegrated into his hand. he then beckoned the imp towards him, which the Imp obeyed. Nokturnus put his gauntleted hand on the imps head, which caused the Imp to learn a newfound spell. with that nokturnus sat down in his throne and the imp took his leave to reunite with his master, Dhoulmagus....................... Nokturnus motioned to Xiphos who stopped pacing and obeyed. Nokturnus proceeded to tell him that it appears Jay has encountered a Mysteryman, the same Mysteryman who theyve been looking for...............Xiphos pondered for a moment. he then strongly regretted cutting Jay from the force, but it was necessary. Every waking moment, jay seems to grow stronger and stronger..........................
  13. (North of Wellspring Falls) 2 figures appeared out of nowhere in front of the grotto. The Mystery man was munching on a few apples, straight from the homeland of the Elves. he stood up and waited for them to notice him........................ (Dream World) Dhoulmagus and the Imp flew to Alltrades Abbey, well to a place they THOUGHT was Alltrades Abbey. this castle looked BUSY! people were waling in and out like clockwork, its golden walls gleaming with a strange hue. Alltrades abbey existed in the Dream World.................Dhoulmagus and the Imp were stunned at this finding, they had to go back and report immediately. Dhoulmagus took out some parchment, wrote only 2 words and sent the imp to deliver the message................................. (Underworld) Nokturnus was starting to feel better. colors seemed brighter, sounds were more vivid, and yet, it seems as if he can sense things now. nokturnus closed his eyes and focused on the outside world. he saw Wellspring falls and the party, the grotto and a mystery man waiting outside of it, and.......................Weaver's Peak. what is that hole above it? Nokturnus thought. he opened his eyes and said "Everything is going the way i want it to." nokturnus leaned back in his throne and breathed a sigh of relief. "Soon...........................soon. " (Weaver's Peak) The Imp spiraled out of the hole in the ceiling. he fluttered his tiny wings to slow the impact but to no avail, he landed on the ground with a sickening thud. he lay there for a couple minutes before picking himself up with the fork. he went to the house where Zoma, Skele XY and Baramos/Rhapthorne were. he noticed baramos and zoma and was chattering so fast baramos/rhapthorne was starting to get annoyed. "SILENCE!! I will zoom u there." Baramos/Rhathorne held the sceptre over the imp as the imp was jabbing baramos/rhapthorne with his fork. a black light surrounded the imp and the imp floted in the air. the imp got smaller and smaller really quickly, until the imp imploded in midair with a sickening, sucking pop.....................................
  14. but little did they know they have a surprise waiting for them at weavers peak. lol.
  15. i wish u luck on getting neme or we can go to destructor526's state
  16. i post when theres enough info to post lol. but notice how much i got going on lol
  17. the definition of insanity, the true definition, is doing something over and over and over again, getting the same result, but expecting a different result each time, even though u know the result will still be the same. thats insanity
  18. darn im kinda out of ideas lol. Akuma (Street fighter) Hwoarang (Tekken) Ganondorf (Zelda Series) Majora's Mask (Zelda Series) Leonyx (Joker 2) Rigor Mortex (Joker 2) Orochi (DW3) Great/King Hydra (DW3 Bonus)
  19. nah trust me. dude just has that natural badass attitude. but whatever floats peoples boats these days. internet and IRL are 2 separate scenarios i agree with Dwaine with the pic.
  20. ok. Vegeta (DBZ Best Anti Hero) Nimzo (chunkiest monster) Psaro (final boss due to sad story) Zoma (Grand Overseer of Baramos)
  21. cant make any promises but i can help ya with ur questions. whether itd be Poke DQ or Kid Icarus uprising related. hell anything else like networking/it stuff
  22. welcome prestidigitator. kind of a long name XD enjoy your stay my friend. summon me only if need be
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