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  1. (Island Temple) Xiphos concentrated all his might into the spell, concentrating it even more. bulding up power, then condensing it. a white light shown on the Hawkhart Ace, and started to move. "It Is Done. just remember u abandoned ur party. who will u turn to now?" Xiphos then opened up a portal and flew through it, going back to the underworld..................................
  2. (Island) Xiphos' eyes narrowed even more. 2 of his 4 arms unsheathed swords, the other 2 had a white light light and a orange/red light. xiphos then said calmly "i did say that i can remove it. i did place it. it was supposed to wear off after the battle. stand aside and i will awaken your precious Phoenix. after that, ur services are no longer required." Xiphos walked around Jay menacingly, wings flared. he strolled inside the temple, 2 swords still unsheathed, as he couldnt be too careful. he always knew Jay was so hostile. no matter, that will be his downfall, he thought. he walked to where the Hawkhart Ace was laying down. breathing was a bit ragged. like it was dying........... Xiphos could either do 1 of 3 things. attempt to break the curse, risking killing her, keep her alive until a Yggdrasil flower is retrieved, or let her die and be reborn as a different incarnus.................but how could he break the news? Xiphos was boiling with anger. he then calmed himself. the island started to shake, more and more violently with each passing second. Xiphos stuck his 2 free hands over the hawkhart ace and performed the most powerful magic he could. he casts a mixture of Kazing, Megaheal, and a touch of benediction. although this was some of the darkest magic Xiphos knew, it still works the same as if someone was using its white magic counterpart. Xiphos waits in silence as Jay is standing behind him, hand out, palm facing upwards, ice crystals gathering in his hand.............................................
  3. (Island) Xiphos' eyes narrowed. "Dhoumagus has failed to retrieve the flower. his report stated only a good person with a good heart would be able to retrieve it." Xiphos turned and looked at the sea. he then turned back to Jay. "well now theres 2 options. let me in the temple and i will do my best to break the curse. after all i did set it. i didnt realize it would be that strong. the point was to keep her alive. well.........the second option is to go to the castle town of Denzinia, about 30 miles from the town of Yggdrasil. surely they would provide assistance as well.............." Xiphos walked closer to jay and explained. "well there are your 2 options........." Xiphos started to walk towards the temple, ground shaking with each step...................
  4. (Overworld) Xiphos zoomed closer to the sea, where a tiny speck of an islad started to appear. a temple in the center. "ah he must be here" xiphos smiled. he landed on teh island with an island shaking boom. he saw jay come out of the temple, who proceeded to drop some kind of wing. "so the curse didnt break after all, eh? i can fix that. i presume the party is weary? they will have one Underworld of a time with what waits at Weavers peak" Xiphos said with a smile as he looked at his friend. he proceeded to walk to jay, who stood at the open temple door........................ (Weavers Peak Cliffs) The figure turned away from his love and zoomed. his destination was to that power he felt. he didnt know what awaited him there but surely whoever waited there would have some answers to his questions.................. (weavers peak) Baramos was frightened so he raised his arms in preparation. Zoma proceeded to tell the Skeleton XY to guard the couple and walked outside in front of baramos. zoma then proceeded to ask what the figure wanted, who then raised the sceptre. the ground shook underneath the figure and the purple aura glowed even more intense.................. (Dream World) Dhoulmagus and his imp felt a power from the hole they just zoomed through. they looked back as they were flying, looking uneasy. they must proceed to fulfill their mission. they headed to wellspring falls, to see if it existed....................
  5. uh all i found was a crunchberry, 87 cents, a packet of ramen noodle flavoring, a couple dust bunnies, and computer wires -.-
  6. and starkers and psaro would be hunting him down. starkers to awaken him and Psaro to re-retrieve teh Secret of Evolution. even tho psaro is a neutral party technically and starkers just wants his father back. estark has revenge for both parties tho. the main party because of his son being defeated at one point and nokturnus and his army for his banishment to the dream world, where he currently resides as to where is currently unknown tho
  7. perhaps. i was gonna save some bosses for dream world as well. so far we got nimzo, orgodemir, rhapthorne, and a few others. but maybe the neutral forces u might have to fight as well. dont worry, i might have to as well.
  8. yea its basically what ring man said. i can transfer some of my essence to my creations (only instance was with the loss leader so far) but if they die it affects me greatly (similar to lord voldemort from harry potter when ) but yes, xiphos knows his rank within the army, quite pleased with his place, but also has to know what jay is doing and where he is. he was like a mentor to him per se. thats why he watches out for him. nokturnus knows this as it was explained to him a few years ago. Malevolynx was from a different dimension (the joker 2 professional universe. a scouter synthesized him and then he went rogue. used unnatural powers to teleport from his realm to the current realm) so if im to create others whether they be nokturnus' army or giving hint to new characters or hell, even dropping a new region or something, look closely and take notes. i know this RP takes place in the DQ IV V and VI universe but over the course of 100 years, theres bound to be new regions. i know wellspring and Denzinia are (well in the case of wellspring, WAS) new, but theres gonna be new regions in both real world and now u know, dream world . hope u dont mind the new regions i come up with Ring Man XD
  9. (Overworld) Xiphos saw a beam of light from the sea but theres still no island. he decides to get a closer look. he swoops down to find this island. must be smaller than i thoght, xiphos thought...................
  10. (Underworld) Xiphos sensed something. it was Jay. he managed to get the sceptre to the girl and now he needs a strong power to revive Phoenix. it was weird. she should have awoken when the battle was over. he must go and find out for himself......."Excuse me My Lord, i must attend to a very important errand." Nokturnus nodded then strode to teh urn, trying to regain his power and figure out what that power was.......... Xiphos flew up in the air and vanished in a black and white light, taht seemed to rise upwards (Overworld) Xiphos flew across the sea to pick up Jays level signal. he arrived at the spot...............to find there was no island. "this is madness!" xiphos exclaimed. "well i will wait here until i see a sign.............or until he sees me. i will undo that curse. i have to.......i placed it.............." (Weavers Peak) Zoma strode to the huddled couple and demanded who was taking down lord nokturnus' army. he had a feeling they knew something so he had to press for answers. Skeleton XY was walking that chipper walk, surrounding the couple. baramos was licking his chops but then looked out the door, a stupid gaze on his face. he saw a figure approaching, flying through the air, a menacing sceptre in the figures hand, and a mysterious purple aura surrounded the figure. "baramos whimpered and motioned to zoma and pointed....................... (weavers peak Cliffs) The figure helped his love up the cliff and finally arrived at the entrance. "This should be a safe place for you. i need to be on my way." he then kissed her on the cheek, who then proceeded to cry red tears...........................
  11. yea i could use a new ally. thing is dracolord, loss leader, hargon and malroth have been killed so far. dhoulmagus, a special imp, Xiphos, malevolynx, zoma, baramos, and skeleton XY are alive. Rhapthornes sceptre possessed a girl so u know he will be released from his prison soon. neutral parties include estark starkers, celestria, godbird, zenithian dragon and Corvus. i wouldnt know how to incorporate mortamor, due to nokturnus killing him. im trying to figure out how nimzo and orgodemir will come into play as well. as for Zenus and Numen, well. im not too sure about that either. but there is gonna be 2 or 3 parts to this RP (god i hope so!!)
  12. yea i think ill send the bosses in one or 2 at a time with an army of monsters. i think baramos zoma and the skeleton XY will be the last "group" to fight. but from there on out i like Kalmanas idea. yea ill cook up something. this is also my first RP. think im doing good tho........
  13. so kid icarus uprising comes out today. and i am leaving in one hour to go get it. YEA BOY!!! see people on wifi. i will massacre you!! I WILL EFF U UP!!!!!! happy arching!

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  14. (underworld) Nokturnus awoke, dazed and confused, like he drank a large abount of alcohol and had a hangover. he rubbed his temples and stood up, legs were a bit rubbery, like jello. dhoulmagus strode through the door with his imp and stood in the middle of the arena. both of them got down to one knee and bowed. "i have news for you my lord" Dhoulmagus said "apparently there is a different realm, of which that if something happens in this world, it affects the other realm. this theory came to me from which i felt an earthquake in that realm." nokturnus looked at the urn, which all his followers were killed. he then turned to dhoulmagus and spoke "i unleashed a massive power, of which i do not know its origins. it happened when the Loss Leader was killed................conduct more research on this mysterious realm. ive heard tales about this realm. something called the Dream World. seeing as how some damage has been done, see if it exists in the dream world." dhoulmagus and the imp rose from their bowing stance. dhoulmagus said "It shall be done, My Lord." dhoulmagus then took flight and headed to the mysterious realm. nokturnus noticed something about one of the party members. he didnt seem too happy. like he was irritated. Nokturnus might have plans for this one. or maybe they are just out for their best interest. he didnt know....................but he had a funny feeling he might be meeting him in person soon.............................. (Weavers Peak) Zoma was busting pots, burning drawers, crashing through houses to find a certain couple of people. Baramos was looking around aimlessly. Skeleton XY was heading to the house on the NW corner of the town. he burst through the door, only to find a couple of people huddled, looking fearful. Skeleton XY Shouted "I FOUND THEM!!!!" zoma came rushing to the shouts. baramos looked in teh direction of the shouts, sighed and wandered towards the house. Zoma peered over the head of the Skeleton and saw 2 people clutching eachother, shaking with fear. they held eachother even more tightly. Baramos appeared at the door, as Zoma smiled at the fearful couple with a razor sharped teeth grin........................... Dhoulmagus and the imp landed in teh center of the town, looked up and the hole was still there in the sky. dhoulmagus grabbed his pet imp and shot skyward for reapers peak........................... (Reapers Peak) Dhoulmagus and the imp were in the empty town again. looking around dhoulmagus plotted a course for alltrades abbey to see if it was there, then he would plot a course for somnia and wellspring falls. he had to make sure if they existed or not then report his research to lord nokturnus (the Cliffs of weavers peak) a familiar figure was walking, a girl following him. he sensed some evil men were doing bad things and had to make sure everything was ok. he would drop off his elven girl in the safehouse then go to wellspring falls. he felt a power he hasnt felt in years. he did not like it one bit. it reminded him of......................
  15. i agree................ this is my first RP but it seems like characters are overlevelled and we are getting ahead of ourselves. bosses are supposed to win, but u come back, stronger. just my input. malevolynx xiphos and nokturnus are naturally powerful because. well. they would be my right hand men if they werent. same with estark, zenith dragon, godbird and celestria........they are naturally powerful. but eh. i guess ill still be the villians and the higher powers
  16. yea ive hinted at them so far. im still trying to cover the other god characters as well. empyrea and celestria will be the real world guardians and zenith dragon and someone else will be the dream world guardians. im still trying to figure out how starkers and his father will come into play. same with psaro, hes been mentioned
  17. old and grizzled yet can move almost as fast as the speed of light to kill a very powerful entity -.- whens my time gonna come? all ive done is destroy towns and ish..............and help possess a human for rhapthorne...............and ressurect powerful bosses. i wanna kill a god lol. maybe my time will come in part 2 or part 3
  18. rhapthorne has to be revived sooner or later. hell i gave hawkhart ace back for anna to be possessed wouldnt be fair to the demon lords xiphos and malevolynx nod in agreement
  19. (Wellspring falls ruins) Hargons robe lay on the ground. A quiet breeze flowed through the town blowing the robe away into the distance. Malroths giant necklace with the medal in the eye socket fell down and embedded itself into the ground. The medal popped out of the eye socket.................. (Underworld) Nokturnus lay in his throne, exausted. He rubbed his temples and shook his head, trying to figure out what just happened. He peered into the urn. He saw hargons robe and malroths skull necklace. He assumed they were dead. He saw something pleasing though: a figure holding the sceptre. It was anna and she had been possessed. Nokturnus was a bit dazed but malevolynx and xiphos could tell he was pleased...................... (Reapers peak) Dhoulmagus and the imp felt the ground beneath them quake. They decided it was best to wait to patrol the world. Dhoulmagus grabbed his pet imp, sprouted wings and flew up then soared through a hole in a downward spiral. (Weavers peak) The festival was over. People were sprawled out on the ground passed out drunk. Zoma was searching for people. He didnt know who but he would recognize them if he saw them. Baramos was walking towards the entrance to go practice magic. Zoma growled at him. Baramos then went to the tavern to search for people. The skeleton xy also seemed to be searching from someone. He always seemed to walk with a chipper attitude. Or maybe it was because he was just an animated skeleton with no skin muscles or tendons. A portal opened above weavers peak and dhoulmagus and the imp went spiraling through it. They had to report their finds to lord nokturnus................
  20. well battle is over, u rest up at the inn and u wake up and u see a beaked face in front of yours lol. as for malevolynx, xiphos and nokturnus well, ull see. dhoulmagus is navigating the dream world with his pet imp. celestria has been mentioned and a mysterious bird who nokturnus think is phoenix the legend but turns out hes wrong. im just building up suspense. psaro has also been mentioned. estark and starkers have been mentioned earlier.
  21. yea thats true that would end the battle pretty quickly. loss leaders dead and hargon dying would send malroth in a fit of rage. end of battle 2. ive done a couple drastic things but still, havent won one battle yet lol. the battle between nokturnus and the party will be much longer
  22. (Wellspring Falls Ruins) The Loss Leader looked stunned................how could he have moved that quickly if he had his arm broken earlier? The loss leader took the blade out, choked on some blood and fell. he disintegrated into the ground and what was left of nokturnus' power soared into the sky and lit it up like a firework. Hargon was stunned. he cowered in fear and malroth sensed something was about to happen.............. (Underworld) Nokturnus stood back and fell down to one knee. he started gasping for air. a single tear rolled off his cheek. he was in severe pain. he then unleashed a power that has never been seen before. theres not even a name for it, this power was so massive. it shook the world to its very core. even dhoulmagus and the imp felt it way out in the dream world. cracks started to appear on the map and some areas were even inaccessible now. deep fissure were carved into the earth. nokturnus lay down in the middle of the arena, completely exausted. he wanted to get up but couldnt. nokturnus fell into a deep sleep. xiphos grabbed his second in command and set him on his throne, until he wakes.......................
  23. (Wellspring Falls Ruins) Malevolynx saw the care that jay was showing his beloved Incarni. he spoke to him telepathically "Grrrr. your love sickens be but she is not dead. xiphos had her unconscious for this battle, when its over Phoenix will awaken. yes. XIPHOS had her be put to sleep for this battle. to ensure u live up to your end of ur bargain." With that Malevolynx put his hands to his sides, similar to hadoken or kamehameha wave. he then casts big banga, then departs for the Underworld to report back to nokturnus The Loss Leader was amazed at the Kaboomle. he wishes he can do that. unfortunately he was a physical fighter. only spells he knew were kafrizzle, kazing, and he was still working on what malroth did. the towering pyre.................... the loss leader then went to hargon to see if he was ok. malroth then resumed flainilng, multifisting and roundhouse kicking.............
  24. Loss Leader paused. "who is this Goddess they talk about?!?!?!?! I dont know who she is........but if there is a goddess that that means..........." the Loss Leader had almost no time to react for what was about to happen. Hargon was still jabbing away and malroth was running out of ideas. he started flailing around the whole party punching and kicking anyone who was near him. (Underworld) Nokturnus hand his arms folded as he was watching the ensuing battle. he then had one hand on his chin as if thinking........."great.......goddess? who is this great goddess they are referring to? Ive heard of tales about a Celestrian who killed God himself.............but he also had a...........daughter..........that cant be the great goddess.............celestria?" Nokturnus turned sharply, cape flowing and stood by a pile of books. he closed his eyes and stabbed the first book he "saw". it read "A COMPLETE HISTORY OF THE WORLD" nokturnus held the book with his sword and peeled it off the blade. he flipped through pages and pages until he came across what hes looking for. "AHA!!! here it is. Celestria is indeed the great goddess. she also had a pet bird who has since long disappeared, but will................." his voice trailed off. he recontinued "the bird will resurface when the world is in great peril...................." Nokturnus threw the book back down. he couldnt believe what he had just read. "so there are other powers in this world........." Nokturnus resumed the ensuing battle, still pondering Celestria and whoever this bird is..............................it cant be.............Phoenix????? (WellSpring Falls Ruins 250 feet away) a giant massive figure appeared out of nowhere, his lion face and red eyes twitched at the sight. he strode to the ruined town, earth shaking everytime he took a step. Malevolynx was at wellspring falls, he was not happy, he was never happy, but yet he had to make a delivery and ensure things go according to planned. he had a bird with him, unconscious. Malevolynx would make the delivery then station himself at alltrades abbey ruins. Malevolynx approached the entrance and let out a roar so deafening that hargons ears started to bleed. (WellSpring Falls Ruins) Hargon immediately dropped his staff and cowered in fear at the roar. it was not Malroths. he covered his ears and felt something wet. Blood. The Loss Leader felt a powerful presence even more powerful than himself! the loss leader didnt know who it was but he was ready for anything. he saw the figure and sighed with relief "good, nokturnus must have seen we were in trouble and decided to send some help". Malroth recognized the Lion and growled. he wasnt a fan of lions. although he did recognize him. Malevolynx approached the party and turned to jay. he then held up phoenix by the feet, like a chicken being cooked in boiling oil, and dropped her. he then spoke to Jay telepathically "our end of the bargain has been fulfilled. u best be sure u hold up your end". Malevolynx then roared and slammed his palm into the ground and casted kaboomle. the ground beneath the party started to glow and rise, like a bubble..................................
  25. Hargon kept poking Kazuma with his staff dealing minimal damage. The Loss Leader heard Portal to teh Heavens and said "Those Fools, lets see how they do it......." The Loss Leader jumped, flipped and dashed towards Jay and started to swipe constantly with his double bladed sword. Malroth Stomped on the ground and created another Earth splitting earthquake. Malroth then took a deep breath and unleashed a breath s-s-so c-c-cold the stumps were starting to crystallize.................
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