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  1. new giant made. accepting ALL challenges

  2. so my schedule consists of a thursday nite class and 2 saturday classes AGAIN. lol. going to meet up with jay, the powerpoint guy tomorrow. so within this week ill let u know if i got the job. 12.50 per hr. ill keep ya posted.


  3. just when i thought it couldnt get any worse............well the vacation in alaska was nice, except the internet was limited..........

  4. may i ask how much time you have invested in DQIX? u have an extreme amount of accolades, kills (metal monsters and bosses alike), rare drops, and multiplayer time.

  5. job fair today at itt technical institute. birthday in 8 days and counting..........

  6. i appreciate everyones support. im glad i got my friends here and IRL. thnx again peeps!

  7. traded in starfox for DQMJ2. posting pic soon......

  8. lol ur birthday is 8 days after mine.......i noticed in my help thread u had a debt problem. how can i help u?

  9. i live in phoenix too. we should trade maps sometime.

  10. lol nice changing avi. looks badass

  11. good to see ppl older than me still playing DQ :P

    its funny cuz DW3 came out a lil before i was born (oct 20 1988, and DW3 is my fav by far)

  12. happy birthday. celebratin with a beer (i know it doesnt say my age but im 22). YEEEE HAAAAWWWWW!!!!!

  13. forgot to add, monster jam is here in phoenix. grave digger max destruction and madusa are gonna be here. end of jan beginning of march


  15. nice banjo playing skills. :P

  16. anyone who battles on wifi, if my FC is added plz select battle friends option. the stranger battlesa re a pain in the ass cuz i never get the opponent i want to face

  17. happy birthday dude. ill celebrate in your honor

  18. u add me as friend yesh?

    kthnxbai :P

  19. thou hast written on thy profile

    add me as a friend kthnxbai :P

  20. lol ur birthday is a week and a day after mine.

    like the site woodus, and its good to see ppl older than me love DW/DQ :D

  21. srry for sounding like a troll. i like to test ppl, but in reality im no troll :)

  22. simply put, i wasnt tryin to be a dickhead, was only trying to be funny.

    u have my sincerest apologies if i offended u in any way

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