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  1. gettin back into weightlifting. pretty soon ill have a bod like ol nokturnus. legs are already pretty darn close, so are the abs................

    1. mortawort552


      kant wait 2 see ya man

  2. so my schedule consists of a thursday nite class and 2 saturday classes AGAIN. lol. going to meet up with jay, the powerpoint guy tomorrow. so within this week ill let u know if i got the job. 12.50 per hr. ill keep ya posted.


  3. Might I say welcome to the den. Enjoy ur stay and if u need Assistance let me know. Only thing I mentioned bout my situation can be found in the im goin thru changes thread. Post if ya want to. Still love ya and ill txt in a bit

    P.s. Be sure to introduce urself to the rest of the board ;)

  4. found an instrumental i havent been able to find in 3 yrs. im so happy i could cry

    1. BabyGurl


      Good luck with the job love you i pray you get it

    2. BabyGurl


      Good luck with the job love you i pray you get it

  5. DQIV is surprisingly easy and kind of a pain when working with the individual character from chapters 1-4. zenithian armor and shield acquired 20 hrs in the game :D

    1. mortawort552


      I had the game 4 like 3 or 4 days.I wasn't much of an RPG player back then and got stuck so I returned it 2 Gamestop 4 store-credit.

  6. i dont mean to get a spoiler from u but i was curious about ur slime scores. or will i find out after contest? :P

  7. if u could send me a PM on the contest scores that i submitted, itd be greatly appreciated :D

    just wanted to see which one u chose to go with (i didnt think it was fair that i sent my final score then got another 20 so if we could clear that up, itd be nice :D, its gonna bug me till i c the scores at the end of the contest :P)

  8. no street date for DQVI :( ill live........

  9. i do voice impersonations but i wouldnt mock the other person. i quote, mainly to respond to what someone said, one step at a time, ya know, just in case i forget to add something (i hate doing things twice, ill make exceptions ;p)

    and that is so true..........

  10. ah i understand now.

    its good to find humor in things, like quoting ppl in forums :P. in reality, quoting is a habit for me :(

  11. i hear ya, ive been there (never to jail but once in juve and twice in a psychiatric ward) and kind of understand what u went thru with being falsely diagnosed with things u dont have and being provided medication for those things, which ended up twisting ur mind into thinking u have them.

    and jumping ppl is cowardice, just hope u have someone to protect u or u can protect urself nex...

  12. Downloading quest tonight. picking up DQVI monday. life is good :D

  13. its not like FBI is watching what u do online 24/7. no big worry about downloading movies.

    ok. ur choice to tell me or not.

    and yes im still alive...........cuz i wasnt in arizona when i was selling. i was in Portland, Oregon and Lewiston, Idaho. but thats not even my home state. im originally from Seattle Washington, i just moved around a lot as a kid. not to mention...

  14. guess i gotta start asking u whats truth and whats not, but ur choice to tell me or not.

    and it sounds like uve seen a fair share of hardship or broke the law at some point or another but who hasnt these days? watching a movie online or downloading something is considered illegal now.............not as serious as harboring an escaped convict or selling dope but eh........

  15. tomorrow i can say helloooooo aquila. monday i can say helooooo DQVI and my first piece of DQ merchandise. and hopefully a little girls tears will stop falling.......................

  16. eh its no surprise, ive been accused of worse........

    this wasnt a test to see how strong u were, i honestly thought u were a horrible person for using ur now Ex BF to get something because ive been there, ive been used and i didnt deserve it.

    again, read my response, maybe ull feel better, maybe u wont.

  17. no prob

    i have a shiny mew lol. i can get more thnx to the AR device i have :D.

    did u go to the shiny dog event? if u get at least one of them, u can trade them over to B&W to catch zoroark!!

    im trading my entei (i got all 3 and i want to keep raikou with zap cannon and suicune with sheer cold on my HG lol)

  18. happy birthday. dont party too hard

  19. awesome! i miss the old castlevania series :(

  20. id DEFINITELY recommend chocolate raspberry.

    best place to go is the cheesecake factory :D

  21. c u got a bday comin up. happy early birthday

    thou hadst commented on thy profile :D

    p.s. isnt ur avi the dude from castlevania?

  22. what kind of cheesecake? im a huuuuuuuge cheesecake buff. chocolate raspberry is the best. or turtle

    wbu? whats ur poison?

  23. lmao at ur sig. surprisingly, i can recite the whole whacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man infommercial. thought u might find that funny lol

  24. simply put, i wasnt tryin to be a dickhead, was only trying to be funny.

    u have my sincerest apologies if i offended u in any way

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