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  1. think ashlynn would be good. im trying to get the things necessary for me to do a cosplay of nokturnus still.....................
  2. behemoth + behemoth postgame scout outside the ship at night
  3. speaking of DQ announcements at E3 i hope they announce something more about TW3d in the near future if not next year. but also DQX. all i know is that nintendo is really shooting themselves in the foot right now with the fact that there is not really any games coming out until after E3. and DQ needs to get out of the whole MMORPG phase. seems like every game is on the bandwagon on that now. which is why im sticking with handhelds
  4. well its basically like ring man said i was afraid this RP died. that would sadden me lol
  5. interesting stuff. i had no prob with the DW. its this dream radar taht i have an issue with in poke black white 2. this should be just as fun. besides its DQ!!!
  6. hmm seems like yall are still stuck at the base of weavers peak, rhapthorne escaped, baramos has 2 forms, zoma is still alive, nokturnus xiphos and malevolynx are getting their army ready, psaro has been oficially been introduced, starkers and estark have been mentioned...............etc, etc. so what now?
  7. just transfer a couple monsters from your old copy tot he new one, complete everything u need to then send them back with the new mons thats what i do
  8. just as long as it doesnt involve creating artwork -.- hate those ones cuz i cant participate!!! well i could if king zenith had a 3ds, then i can do swapnotes
  9. welcome back. im a fresh new member but dragons den loyal. maybe u can enlighten me on the "arena" thing. ill check it out if its interesting
  10. yea, the claw............ dammit jim carrey from liar liar!!!!!! THE CLAAAAW!!!!!!!!
  11. yea thats one thing ive noticed is marvel ALWAYS has post credits scenes. sometimes the bootleggers get it, sometimes they dont
  12. Haha, yeah but I wasn't as active as before. Used to post daily and yeap, the trio that attacked Lifecod/Weaver's Peak. Heya. Been busy with studies and other stuff. Been bored and currently quite free so I'm playing DQ again awready know
  13. i just want the game to be released here in the near future. this game looks kickass and cant wait to see how some monsters look in 3d btw where ya been Lord A-Clan?!
  14. found some new Images for my Sig. like they say, out with the old, in with the new :D

    1. DJ BlackJack

      DJ BlackJack

      still trying to find a nokturnus gif tho from joker 2. when he intimidates at start of battle. thatd be cool :D

    2. Thunderbolta


      You could record it and turn it into a GIF.

    3. DJ BlackJack

      DJ BlackJack

      might need assistance with that. i got a smartphone so it can be in good quality but then i gotta cut out the background layers and well photoshop isnt my strong suit. ill make a thread on it, maybe king zenith can assist me :)

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  15. eh looks better dancing with the party hat. gets me cracking up every time.
  16. im a huge marvel fan and im seeing this tomorrow. it looked amazing and i cant wait to see it
  17. still cant believe nokturnus got beat by a cockney brute twas fun regardless
  18. happy friggin birthday celebrate it well
  19. uh no nokturnus would DEF be king, seeins as how hes the most powerful boss in every game he appears in sag i like as the knights, it fits them, just like the rooks. hmm as for queen im not too sure. i dont think trode would fit the role of queen lol. lethal armours as pawns would def work. regardless i love chess and i lve DQ so this would be a dream come true if it was ever made lol
  20. u pricks!! how could u betray me like that?! beaten by a cockney scarred brute?!!?! MADNESS!
  21. THANK YOU!!!!!! for mentioning nokturnus. i second that choice i also would like to Second corvus. as for my own choice? Psaro and Aamon from dq4
  22. Good Day To You and Welcome! enjoy your stay. summon me if needed, i promise i wont kazapple you >: )
  23. (Weavers Peak Base) Psaro put the quill and the parchment back in the bag. he then turned to the party and said "I must be leaving now. whenever you are in the south region, try visting the land of elves. they might have some more info for you. i will send a word to them. i wish you luck on your journey and maybe we will run into eachother again." Psaro then turned and ascended the base up to the summit with one powerful jump................ Just then a very powerful bolt of purple and yellow lightning struck the ground in fromt of the party. it came from the clouds................... (Underworld) Nokturnus then opened his eyes, a little dazed...........nokturnus removed his helm to reveal a shiny bald head he shook his head then put his helm back on. he went to the middle of the room, in the middle of the Arena, and began searching for more lost souls to reconstruct................... (Weaver's Peak) Baramos/Rhapthorne walked over to the edge of the cliffs and looked down, only to see a forested area. he then went back to the house. "Zoma, dispatch of the heroes" Rhapthorne pointed at Zoma. Zoma only shook his head, as he was still in shock and awe about rhapthornes terrific power. then Baramos/Rhapthorne shook violently, as if he was having a seizure. Baramos/Rhapthorne's chest opened and a small little demon ripped out of baramos. Baramos crumpled to the ground and the little purple demon with an electric abdomen simply hovered in the air, holding the sceptre. "AT last the transformation is complete, but still..............im sooooooo hungry for power!" Cackling, the demon soared up in the air and flew down the summit of Weaver's Peak, passing a silver haired being. the two shared glances then sped up. Rhapthorne noticed party members at the base and flew directly at them while cackling, which turned into a shriek. rhapthorne then flew up in front of Dai, turned then flew south. Zoma was shocked at his faithful Archfiends lifeless husk. he put his hands over Baramos and casts Kazing. The Kazing worked but baramos was different somehow. this baramos broke off his own arm and threw it at Zomas feet. the arm mutated into another Baramos and the other baramos' arm regenerated. Barabomus and Baragonus were born and zomas grin grew wide............................................
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