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  1. found an instrumental i havent been able to find in 3 yrs. im so happy i could cry

    1. BabyGurl


      Good luck with the job love you i pray you get it

    2. BabyGurl


      Good luck with the job love you i pray you get it

  2. 109 hours, 21 minutes and 43 seconds...................nokturnus is at my command..............i didnt know it would be that hard. i didnt put my mind to making him until the last minute. hes very good but could use some work.......

    1. 123321


      To be fair it really took that time to synth snapped.

    2. DJ BlackJack

      DJ BlackJack

      and another dhuran.......i still have my spellcaster dhuran

  3. set your clocks to Arizona time or Mountain time (AZ & Canada). cuz at 10:30 pm i that time zone is when i will be available to battle tonight!!!!!! i am FULLY prepared. yami, sandy and kaizzer, may the best scout win and good luck!!!!! follow the battle on freenode for those who arent battling

  4. welcome to the team Barbarus ;)

    1. ethanej


      Well I have two new members to my team today as well Darkonium Slime and Maniacal Mole

    2. DJ BlackJack

      DJ BlackJack

      congrats dude, i also got my second mole today. dont forget to synth with phoenix sceptre if you want wonder construction which holds the lovely dance of the wicked waltz. if you knew that srry for the reminder :P

  5. 4 wins 1 loss in the tournament. network kicks me off. dunno what i ranked. FUUUUUUUU!!!!!!

    1. 123321


      You can replay it..

  6. gonna get super effed up tonight. i will be back saturday.......

    1. Dwaine


      You are a prince among men.

  7. ugh. hungover. partied hard these past 2 days................and 85 bucks for DQMJ2P. 25 more bucks to reach my goal.

    1. Havoccultist


      Hung over? You ditched your old ways, man I'm proud of you.

  8. Welcome back farting ferret...............bahahahhaa

    1. Lord_Rigor_Mortex


      yep its gonna be stuck with me for a long time...

  9. synthesizing, synthesizing, and more synthesizing.........nokturnus ur a pain in my ass to get.............same with the other high rank monsters such as rhapthorne 2, dhoulmagus, dr snapped, etc.

    1. Ace_of_Spades


      i hear ya, brother!

  10. DQIV is surprisingly easy and kind of a pain when working with the individual character from chapters 1-4. zenithian armor and shield acquired 20 hrs in the game :D

    1. mortawort552


      I had the game 4 like 3 or 4 days.I wasn't much of an RPG player back then and got stuck so I returned it 2 Gamestop 4 store-credit.

  11. job fair today at itt technical institute. birthday in 8 days and counting..........

  12. currently researching how to get crow, snapped, dhuran and finally nokturnus. wants to create the ultimate team when the time comes

    1. kalethe quest mister

      kalethe quest mister

      you beat him the last time and bam he jion your team only after you beat the blue lion then battle him the fainly time


  13. gettin back into weightlifting. pretty soon ill have a bod like ol nokturnus. legs are already pretty darn close, so are the abs................

    1. mortawort552


      kant wait 2 see ya man

  14. what a GIANT disappointment :P. congrats tho

  15. yay! no farting ferret today XD

  16. if u could send me a PM on the contest scores that i submitted, itd be greatly appreciated :D

    just wanted to see which one u chose to go with (i didnt think it was fair that i sent my final score then got another 20 so if we could clear that up, itd be nice :D, its gonna bug me till i c the scores at the end of the contest :P)

  17. i dont mean to get a spoiler from u but i was curious about ur slime scores. or will i find out after contest? :P

  18. tomorrow i can say helloooooo aquila. monday i can say helooooo DQVI and my first piece of DQ merchandise. and hopefully a little girls tears will stop falling.......................

  19. Downloading quest tonight. picking up DQVI monday. life is good :D

  20. no street date for DQVI :( ill live........

  21. im thinking about staying away from the chat for a little while or not go when its overcrowded. or just not coming when certain people are on. not gonna list issues, just think with my situation right now, its a bit of a hassle being on chat and tryin to make myself heard, so...........

  22. hmm..............maybe i should load my sig with farting ferrets. bet ud like that wouldnt u Z man? its a farting ferret orgy!!!! :P

  23. java script not working for some reason. grrrrrrr

  24. Might I say welcome to the den. Enjoy ur stay and if u need Assistance let me know. Only thing I mentioned bout my situation can be found in the im goin thru changes thread. Post if ya want to. Still love ya and ill txt in a bit

    P.s. Be sure to introduce urself to the rest of the board ;)

  25. new giant made. accepting ALL challenges

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