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  1. (Underworld) Nokturnus stood, arms folded, watching as Kazuma walked away, exausted. at least he THINKS he would still liked to be called Kazuma. he narrowed his eyes at the other demon lords, who then silenced their laughter. he then motioned for Zoma to stand in front of him. "Hmph! care to explain what happened at the Peak?!" nokturnus was furious. he shouted at Zoma, flecks of froth were flying from Nokturnus' mouth Zoma was speechless. all he could do was kneel to one knee and look down at the ground. he tried to speak but nokturnus put a hand up, as if to silence him. Nokturnus turned swiftly, letting his cape flow. he walked to his throne, calmly sat down and rested his chin and cheek on his fist, thinking to himself. he considered the possibility of kazuma being a thorn in his backside. he also considered the missions he sent xiphos and malevolynx on, where dhoulmagus and rhapthorne were, and if there was any more info on the surface world. he then motioned for the urn, which floated towards him. a vision of a very large castled town appeared, followed by a giant tower. he had no clue of their meanings but the castle town seemed familiar. he proceeded to watch for any activity regarding the castle town before making a decision, as zoma and his henchmen awaited orders................................
  2. nokturnus could be trying to fond the maps. after all there are some demons who have died or are lost in time and space. so ya never know lol
  3. well dhoulamgus is dream world, rhap is somewhere else, orgod we are getting to, nimzo status is unknown, greygnarl is unknown, sir sanguin, atlas, equinox, etc are all unknown to my knowledge. maybe hes fighting one of the lower ones?
  4. well id like to resume doing the villians but there is one villian exception that i will let kalmana do. but eh, hope we decide on something, that way everyones happy
  5. depending on what is to be decided, id love to resume control and let u have control of orgodemir (as said in the PM) thnx for the welcome back *snatches up deeds and rubs face with them with eyes closed*
  6. alright well hopefully we can agree on something. i got sucked into the villians role lol.
  7. Welcome! please, enjoy your stay
  8. i just graduated. stick with school my friend and things will pan out. weve never officially met, i used to be very active until personal things got in the way hope we can meet again in the future, but for now, farewell
  9. what have i missed? shall i resume my duties as the god of demons and the rest of the villians?
  10. i cant wait for that new SMB2 3d. game looks amazing. luigis masion 2 as well looked good
  11. Rage of bahamut is a free trading card game for your android smart phone or tablet. join orders and participate in holy wars. complete quests and level up and get cards to use in battles and earn honor points for free stuff. post on twitter for free stuff. sign in everyday for free stuff. free stuff and cards for signing up and levelling up. interested? search rage of bahamut in the google play store, download it and install. when you are ready to join in the millions of users online, simply create a username, password and choose which realm u want your army to flourish in. complete the tutorial, enter in a referral code when prompted (LHC33412), and register your device. you will join the millions of users in a fun and addicting game, whereever you go!!!
  12. sigh. srry i havent been on as much as i used to.............heres some things that have been going on these past couple months. 1. attended school and graduated with my associates degree 2. moved back to BFE henceforth known as Juneau Alaska 3. Father died july 2nd 2012 4. have been buried nuts deep in paperwork 5. might not have a place to live anymore basically im a college graduate to be faced with even more problems and life is a b***h.......... so im coming back here to be more active hopefully and share what ive been up to and let people know i havent died lol.
  13. my dad died 2 weeks ago. i graduated itt tech with a degree and now im up in alaska. just got wifi again. ill try to be more active within the coming weeks

    1. Mimas


      My sympathies for your father, but congratulations on your degree!

    2. PantheonSasuke


      Yeah, sorry about your dad, but getting that degree sounds awesome.

    3. DJ BlackJack

      DJ BlackJack

      thnx for the support peoples. ill make a thread about my absence.......

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  14. (Weaver's Peak) baraBomus and BaraGonus dropped the figures next to another slimmer one (the body of anna, but she was facedown). Bomus and Gonus raised their arms in a weird fashion then suddenly dropped them. they then raised their right fist sharply with index and middle fingers extended. 35 skeletons rose from the ground, eyes glowing red, holding swords and charged after their other superior undead counterpart, with zoma cackling in the background, waving his arms and imbuing the legion with the power of darkness and increasing bomus and gonus speed and defense................................
  15. (Weavers Peak) baramos bomus and baramos gonus turned around, looking at the people that shouted with cold dead eyes. they didnt have anytime to move, as they were dead. a wall of electric blue light appeared before then, casted by zoma. a bony figure (skeleton XY) dashed out from the house and charged at the 2 figures, screaming a bloody scream, enough to pierce the ears of anyone................
  16. yea im almost done with school, i graduate the 18th but still. i got time to come here
  17. think ashlynn would be good. im trying to get the things necessary for me to do a cosplay of nokturnus still.....................
  18. speaking of DQ announcements at E3 i hope they announce something more about TW3d in the near future if not next year. but also DQX. all i know is that nintendo is really shooting themselves in the foot right now with the fact that there is not really any games coming out until after E3. and DQ needs to get out of the whole MMORPG phase. seems like every game is on the bandwagon on that now. which is why im sticking with handhelds
  19. well its basically like ring man said i was afraid this RP died. that would sadden me lol
  20. hmm seems like yall are still stuck at the base of weavers peak, rhapthorne escaped, baramos has 2 forms, zoma is still alive, nokturnus xiphos and malevolynx are getting their army ready, psaro has been oficially been introduced, starkers and estark have been mentioned...............etc, etc. so what now?
  21. Haha, yeah but I wasn't as active as before. Used to post daily and yeap, the trio that attacked Lifecod/Weaver's Peak. Heya. Been busy with studies and other stuff. Been bored and currently quite free so I'm playing DQ again awready know
  22. i just want the game to be released here in the near future. this game looks kickass and cant wait to see how some monsters look in 3d btw where ya been Lord A-Clan?!
  23. found some new Images for my Sig. like they say, out with the old, in with the new :D

    1. DJ BlackJack

      DJ BlackJack

      still trying to find a nokturnus gif tho from joker 2. when he intimidates at start of battle. thatd be cool :D

    2. Thunderbolta


      You could record it and turn it into a GIF.

    3. DJ BlackJack

      DJ BlackJack

      might need assistance with that. i got a smartphone so it can be in good quality but then i gotta cut out the background layers and well photoshop isnt my strong suit. ill make a thread on it, maybe king zenith can assist me :)

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  24. eh looks better dancing with the party hat. gets me cracking up every time.
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