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  1. i do voice impersonations but i wouldnt mock the other person. i quote, mainly to respond to what someone said, one step at a time, ya know, just in case i forget to add something (i hate doing things twice, ill make exceptions ;p)

    and that is so true..........

  2. ah i understand now.

    its good to find humor in things, like quoting ppl in forums :P. in reality, quoting is a habit for me :(

  3. i hear ya, ive been there (never to jail but once in juve and twice in a psychiatric ward) and kind of understand what u went thru with being falsely diagnosed with things u dont have and being provided medication for those things, which ended up twisting ur mind into thinking u have them.

    and jumping ppl is cowardice, just hope u have someone to protect u or u can protect urself nex...

  4. good thing i got a lvl 88, 16 floor cave/nature map with excaliburr at the end
  5. im eyeballin the chocolate, sage elixir, lucida shards, yggdrasil leaves, biscuits and saints ashes soon
  6. Downloading quest tonight. picking up DQVI monday. life is good :D

  7. its not like FBI is watching what u do online 24/7. no big worry about downloading movies.

    ok. ur choice to tell me or not.

    and yes im still alive...........cuz i wasnt in arizona when i was selling. i was in Portland, Oregon and Lewiston, Idaho. but thats not even my home state. im originally from Seattle Washington, i just moved around a lot as a kid. not to mention...

  8. guess i gotta start asking u whats truth and whats not, but ur choice to tell me or not.

    and it sounds like uve seen a fair share of hardship or broke the law at some point or another but who hasnt these days? watching a movie online or downloading something is considered illegal now.............not as serious as harboring an escaped convict or selling dope but eh........

  9. tomorrow i can say helloooooo aquila. monday i can say helooooo DQVI and my first piece of DQ merchandise. and hopefully a little girls tears will stop falling.......................

  10. eh its no surprise, ive been accused of worse........

    this wasnt a test to see how strong u were, i honestly thought u were a horrible person for using ur now Ex BF to get something because ive been there, ive been used and i didnt deserve it.

    again, read my response, maybe ull feel better, maybe u wont.

  11. ive visited multiple forums and every one of them had a thread like this. u dont have to post a pic, just provide a description ill start. birthdate: 10/20/1988 age: 22 height: 6'4 weight: 230 ethnicity: african american mixed hair color/style: curly/pulled back, brown eye color: brown shoe size: 14E (US Standard) (yeah its hard to find shoes that are wide enough.......) a college student, weightlifter, and avid gamer. ill post a pic the day i get DQVI with my slime doll, with 2 of my 6 tattoos showing (i have a lizard on my leg, writing on my upper back, a cross on my shoulder, a dragon on my chest, left forearm on the inside and my right forearm on the inside) post ur pics and/or a brief description
  12. no prob

    i have a shiny mew lol. i can get more thnx to the AR device i have :D.

    did u go to the shiny dog event? if u get at least one of them, u can trade them over to B&W to catch zoroark!!

    im trading my entei (i got all 3 and i want to keep raikou with zap cannon and suicune with sheer cold on my HG lol)

  13. ill prolly see what DQVC has to offer tomorrow night or sat morning......... all i know is
  14. I think we're all waiting till friday COME ON AQUILA QUEST!!! Yay. WOO HOO!!! 2 days left!!!! im waitin for the
  15. happy birthday. dont party too hard

  16. awesome! i miss the old castlevania series :(

  17. id DEFINITELY recommend chocolate raspberry.

    best place to go is the cheesecake factory :D

  18. c u got a bday comin up. happy early birthday

    thou hadst commented on thy profile :D

    p.s. isnt ur avi the dude from castlevania?

  19. what kind of cheesecake? im a huuuuuuuge cheesecake buff. chocolate raspberry is the best. or turtle

    wbu? whats ur poison?

  20. You could use the English version instead of going through all that. greatly appreciated
  21. whoa sounds complicated lol got zenthinian clothes and estard clothes today, along with a dragons robe (which doesnt help, i already have a xenlon robe lol)
  22. got an angels robe yesterday and nothing today , other than a prince peas coat and a twinkling tuxedo better luck tomorrow
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