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  1. (Underworld) Nokturnus continued to peer through the urn, noting any signs of activity. he saw the bloody mass that was on the ground. "So..........Rhapthorne is dead, my plans snuffed out once again." Nokturnus balled his fists. "It seems as if I can't send anyone to do anything right, i MUST do it MYSELF!" Nokturnus proceeded to walk to the Crystal Room (Underworld - Crystal Room) Zoma gradually sealed the cracks that Nokturnus left in the crystal. The crystal glowed and hummed vibrantly, turning various shades of Blood-Red, Electric Blue, and Poisonous Green. Zoma conti
  2. (Dharma Temple) Rhapthorne's eyes got extremely large, as he felt excruciating pain. he felt his heart pop like bubble wrap. Choking on purple blood, he said, "Heh. Lord Nokturnus will wonder where I've gone..........." Rhapthorne fell to the ground below, dead before he hit the ground. when he hit the ground, his stomach exploded, showering anything within range with purple blood and entrails. The Sceptre glowed with a faint purple light, before disappearing into nothingness. (Underworld) Nokturnus was moving swiftly, avoiding being hit by magic from the wight kings and dodging
  3. (Dharma Temple, Outside) The Beings words lashed out at Rhapthorne, like fire licking at paper. Rhapthorne was now face to face with the being, inches away from his face. "At least DOGS are loyal to their masters and know where they lay down their true allegiance" Rhapthorne said darkly. "If you must know, Lord Nokturnus sent me here to deposit some summoning materials. So explain this to me. Why would he send you here if he planned to destroy this Temple Himself?" Rhapthorne eyed him suspiciously, sighed, then said "If its Lord Nokturnus' will, then His Will must be done. I must re
  4. (Dharma Temple, Outside) Rhapthorne sensed great power from this one, enough to possibly surpass his own. he must bluff to scare this one off from his duty "So.......you DO know Lord Nokturnus..........." Rhapthorne seemed disappointed. "This was supposed to be HIS job. To be summoned and destroy this blasted Temple." He looked down at the partially destroyed temple. Partially destroyed, yet stable. He then glared at the being in front of him. "Why must you know? He set me free by default. Freedom is what he gave me! And what of you? You look pathetic! A mutated human!" Rhapthorne po
  5. (Dharma Temple) Rhapthorne floated to the door and squeezed himself through it, breaking the frame in the process. he took the sceptre out of his mouth and looked around for the voice that called out to him. Rhapthorne felt the power from overhead, looked up, and saw the figure. "Lord Nokturnus must have sent this reinforcement" Rhapthorne thought to himself. something seemed off about the being, as if his skin had melted and held its shape in some mysterious way. Rhapthorne floated up to the figure. he eyed him with suspicion and asked "Did Lord Nokturnus send you?".............
  6. (Underworld) Nokturnus opened his eyes suddenly and felt something towards the northeast. nokturnus stood up sharply and looked in the urn, trying to focus on the source of energy.......... (Dharma Temple) Rhapthorne heard the shouts of another being. Rhapthorne brought his left hand up to his mouth and continued to laugh. in a loud, guttural voice, he shouted, "TIME TO END THIS NOW!" he put the sceptre in his mouth, put his hands together with fingers extended and turned his hands sideways, so his palms were facing upward and downward. Purple and black energy developed in betwe
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  9. (Dharma Temple) Rhapthorne continued to smile darkly "You Fools!" Rhapthornes skin turned from a pale to dark purple, his horns protruding from his head turned black. his eyes turned red and he grew massive in size. "You should have left the materials alone!" Rhaphorne towered over everyone. he lifted his hand towards his mouth and laughed. he then made to orb float like magic and hit everyone in the temple. "BLAZEMOST!" Rhapthorne shouted.................................... (Underworld) Nokturnus calmed himself. He was supposed to be summoned to destroy the temple itse
  10. (Dharma Temple) Rhapthorne saw the materials fly off from the altar, the dried frog was burnt to ashes and the venom spilt all over the neat rug. the letter he wrote also was burnt to ashes. Rhapthorne now turned his attention to the guards, smiled, then frowned and shrugged. He proceeded to read the book, not caring about who stood before him. "Mere parasites, doing everything they can to get 'stronger', but not realizing what true strength is", Rhapthorne thought to himself. "These pathetic life forms...........they are like a disease........i feel...........saturated by it......
  11. (Dharma Temple) (You finally know what the materials are in this section and what the plan is for the materials) Rhapthorne in his human disguise looked around. everything seemed so...................clean. he retched in disgust. Rhapthorne saw different party members, bustling around, trying out their new classes and weapons. Rhapthorne saw someone take a group of party members to a back room. the party looked familiar. Rhapthorne shrugged and walked to the pedestal and set the 2 materials on the pedestal. he then took a book, ripped a page out from it and, with his own blood, wrote
  12. (Underworld) Nokturnus sat in his throne with closed eyes, as if concentrating. he saw a dark void, and visions of a giant head with 2 hands, and yet again the golden tower with mirrors. He opened his eyes and smiled darkly. the time has almost come. he stood up and folded his arms and waited.................. (Overworld) Rhapthorne could see the Temple of Dharma straight ahead. he carefully cuddled the materials and held his sceptre. He approached the doors, shifted the materials to his sceptre hand, careful not to spill them, and opened the door..............................
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  14. (Underworld) Rhapthorne had just finished his story with, "...................and the so called hero had the giant godbird with them and with help from some sages, i disappeared in an explosion of light." Rhapthorne munched loudly. He swallowed then told Nokturnus, "i saw some humans with a horse carriage on my way here not too long ago. a mermaid and a few fair-fitted fighters. one is a cripple, it seems. another is a young boy, and another person had a shadowy like creature with him." Nokturnus listened. he then narrowed his eyes at the mention of a being with a shadowy like crea
  15. (Nokturnus indeed knew about rhapthorne, but the final formed, heavyset one. nokturnus had never seen Rhap1. hes seen rhap2 and the sceptre) (Underworld) Nokturnus heard the name. "Thats why the sceptre looked familiar!" Nokturnus thought. "But the last time i saw Rhap, he was massive in size. hes pitiful looking now." Nokturnus straightened up from his intimidating stance and his sword disappeared with a purple flash. He strode down the stairs and shook Rhapthorne's tiny hand, as if welcoming back an old friend. "Rhapthorne!" Nokturnus exclaimed. "Its been ages, old friend.
  16. (Underworld) Nokturnus paced back and forth, trying to devise a plan, then he sensed it. something that somehow made it through the castle walls. He looked at the doorway with pupilless eyes and noticed something floating in the archway. he was a purple demon with a yellow electric abdomen and carrying a sceptre. Nokturnus recognized the sceptre immediately, but was surprised, as he didnt know what the being holding the staff was. Nokturnus folded his arms and stood, looking at the being. The being shrieked and flew straight at nokturnus, waving his sceptre wildly. Nokturnus outstr
  17. (Underworld) Nokturnus couldnt believe what he saw. "what was that magma doing ont he surface?!" nokturnus thought. there was nothing left of whatever town he was looking at, just 2 giant craters where the magma exploded out of the ground. Nokturnus sat and pondered. he thought of all possibilities, but the only logical explanation was that his new minion has gone rogue. "could it be possible that Kazuma has lost control?" Nokturnus asked himself. Nokturnus felt sick for the first time in centuries. he had to explore his options and devise a plan, and fast............................
  18. (Underworld) Nokturnus peered in his urn as he saw the tower yet again. he was not sure of its meaning, but he had to find out somehow. Nokturnus then felt a small quake and it died down a bit. the magma surrounding the foundation of the castle seemed to have lowered in level 1/64ths of an inch. Nokturnus was pleased, yet uneasy, about the amount of energy it took for something of that magnitude to happen; it almost rivaled his 3rd in command's power!! Nokturnus had to train, fast. he stood up quickly and looked around. "How am i going to train if i dont have anything that rivals my
  19. (Underworld) Nokturnus was focused on the urn. People were moving, and yet these people seemed all too......................familiar. like the ones way back when............. Nokturnus beckoned to Zoma. Zoma got to one knee and bowed. Nokturnus spoke, "Apparently they are alive. your magic did not seal them in stone forever........" Nokturnus got to both knees and slammed both of his fists on the ground, which created a quake so powerful, the whole of the overworld could feel it. nokturnus stood back up, brushed off his knees and pointed at Zoma. "Go now! find this place i keep seei
  20. (Underworld) Nokturnus frowned, as if considering the idea. "Very well. you may go. report to me when finished. i may have another mission for you once this one is complete. Also, take Ladja with you. im sure he can be of some assistance to you." Ladja sneered at Kazuma with disgust, but did as his master told him. he also knelt to one knee and bowed....................
  21. (Underworld) Nokturnus watched as Kazuma knelt to one knee. nokturnus folded his arms yet again. "We had a prisoner escape. your mission is to retrieve her, by any means necessary." he turned swiftly, letting his cape flow from the breeze, walked to his throne and sat down, resting his cheek against his fist. Nokturnus continued calmly, "Apparently, she used what is known as a Sacrifice Bracelet to break free from her prison. How she did it is unknown, as these walls are nigh impenetrable, but she definitely found a way.............." nokturnus closed his eyes. "I'd prefer if s
  22. (Underworld) Nokturnus heard a loud boom and someone yelled twice. nokturnus stood up straight and tossed the bone aside. he stood with his arms folded staring intently at anyone who would walk thru the doors. Ladja came back, stunned, as if he couldnt believe what he just witnessed. "Explain." nokturnus commanded, pointing at Ladja. Ladja explained what he saw, in detail. when ladja was finished, he bowed, as if accepting whatever fate Nokturnus was going to bestow upon him. Nokturnus stood there, folded his arms and chuckled. "that girl is a feisty one! i like that....." h
  23. (Underworld) As nokturnus was staring intently at the urn, he had a strange feeling, as if some unknown force was brewing somewhere. it was nearby, as he could sense that much. he heard a loud thud, as if a body had been dropped. he glanced to Ladja and beckoned him to go check out the disturbance. a guard came out, rushed to the table, placed a whole bunch of food from the table on a platter in a rush and ran out, dropping a peacock drumstick along the way. nokturnus walked calmly to the dropped drumstick and picked it up at the bone. he walked back to his throne and sat down and
  24. (Underworld) Nokturnus sat with his eyes closed, still envisioning this tower he saw. he had no clue what it meant, nor of its meaning. it was a large golden tower with thousands upon thousands of mirrors inside, with golden pillars and a simple staircase leading upstairs and downstairs. Nokturnus opened his eyes and attempted to focus his thoughts into the urn, but failed. this is a skill he has not yet attempted and therefore just made the urn bubble and froth. he then focused on a castle town and it appeared in the urn. he stared at it and waited for any activity.........
  25. (Underworld) Nokturnus stood, arms folded, watching as Kazuma walked away, exausted. at least he THINKS he would still liked to be called Kazuma. he narrowed his eyes at the other demon lords, who then silenced their laughter. he then motioned for Zoma to stand in front of him. "Hmph! care to explain what happened at the Peak?!" nokturnus was furious. he shouted at Zoma, flecks of froth were flying from Nokturnus' mouth Zoma was speechless. all he could do was kneel to one knee and look down at the ground. he tried to speak but nokturnus put a hand up, as if to silence him. N
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