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    DQ, weightlifting, DJing, partying here and there, school, electronics/hardware, getting inked (tattooed), Pokemon, Street Fighter, Tekken, Kid Icarus Mario, Zelda and best of all, Metroid
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  1. heh. homeless again..........glad i got only 4 months of school. yall wont lose me tho. still got a laptop. if yall wanna know the situation let me know and ill post a topic...........

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    2. DJ BlackJack

      DJ BlackJack

      Yea im fine hero, landlord renegged on his deal no biggie. I got 3 weeks to wait to get a new place kale then ill be back in business till i graduate then back to alaska to take care of my dad whos 61 and a vienam veteran. And ive been there and done that hawkeye. Had to work at circle k while livin at motel 6 and still went to school. Ill keep yall posted. Still got a laptop ya know ;). But im on my smartphone now.............

    3. 123321


      I hope you get a house again soon, or atleast a hotel!

    4. Ace_of_Spades


      dude, i thought having no food sucked, but i could never live without a house! Dude, i sincerally hope you find a nice, cheap house soon!

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